Thursday, December 11, 2008


Anyways, instructions:

a. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
d. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
e. Put this on your blog.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?"
失败者的飞翔 - 陈绮贞 (lol.. no meaning)

2. How would you describe yourself?
眼泪笑了 - 刘力扬 (hmm.. )

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
带我走 - 杨丞琳 (someone that bring me away? lols)

4. How do you feel today?
差一点 - 阿杜 (lol!)

5. What is your life's purpose?
床边故事 - 张韶涵 (sleeping all the way~~~)

6. What is your motto?
烟火 - 光良 (no meaning again.. lol)

7. What do your friends think of you?
半情歌 - 元若蓝 (no comment = =)

8. What do you think of your parents?
认错 - 优客李林 (lol.. I did nothing wrong to my parents)

9. What do you think about very often?
爱情不能做比较 - 品冠 (ya...)

10. What is 2+2?
心型圈 - 蔡依林

11. What do you think of your best friends?
Save Me - 卓文宣 (no thanks...)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
天亮了 - S.H.E (swt...)

13. What is your life?
找不到 - S.H.E (lol. lifeless =D)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
当你离开的时候 - 蔡健雅 (no meaning ._.)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
一刀两断 - 陈慧琳 ( lol.. so funny)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
麻雀 - 郭静 ( lack of dancing song in my playlist haha)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
爱我别走 - 张震岳 (LOL! Best answer of the day! haha. Really suitable. Play it at my funeral please =x)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
活着多好 - 陈奕迅 (my hobby=live my life?)

19. What is your biggest fear?
珊瑚海 - 周杰伦 (lol.. no no no.. i want to go coral beach la = =)

20. What is your biggest secret?
安静 - 周杰伦 (see anot? call you shuddup ar~ ^^)

21. What do you think of your friends?
完整 - 郑秀文 (ya.. quite suitable)

22. What will you post this as?
分开旅行 - 黄立行/刘若英

This tag is fun~ But hard to get suitable answer lol. Anyway thx yongqian for tagging me.

I tag:

1) KaiZhen
2) Shawn
3) Kok Thong
4) PeySien
5) MayMay

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Final Examination = Final Destination ?

Tomorrow... FINAL examination of my 2nd semester starts. Scaaaary. Wuuuuuuuuuu~

9th Dec - Malaysian Studies

Good Luck to everyone. Hope I can tikam correctly with my mighty pen! Remember to bring your examination token, writing utensils, cheat paper ~ Duh I don't cheat okay, especially in final~

Study abit more 1st, ciao~

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday I had a quite scary dream.

In that dream, I saw a baby flushed himself in the toilet bowl then disappeared. His mum and a guy (no idea who he is) were searching for him. Then when they searched the lake/water dam, suddenly a shark came out with a human head clogged between the shark's jaw. I couldn't see clearly whether it's the baby's head. Walao. Undescribable geli-ness.

Then this part end. (lol dont ask me why, this is a dream anyway) Then it's my turn~ Nicole and Christine and me were chatting in the kitchen then suddenly a small cockroach came out. Both of them were shouting then I killed the cockroach. After that a bigger one came out and I killed it again. Muahaha.

Then I don't know why but it suddenly jump to another part. Kaizhen was walking in the New York streets wearing winter suit, then she saw a pile of 'paper skin' (direct translate from canto/mandarin please), I don't know why she will go and collect it. Then beside the pile of paper skin, got a big van. When Kaizhen picking paper skin, the big van shaked and I saw a big tail through the window. Then a few human bones dropped to the ground from the semi-open van door. Then she started to run, run very fast. And a huge zombie-like-wolf was chasing over her. Chase till half way then my dream ends. x_x Lucky, cause I don't want to see somebody being tear into half by the wolf.

What a scary dream.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sorry guys, didn't update lately due to extreme lazyness and final exam is coming soon~! And I am addicted with MillionStar超级星光大道 lately. They can really sing well and the judges are very professional. Unlike Astro's...

Still remember the 3rd season, got a girl name Ivy 黎础宁 who commited suicide last month? At first I don't know who is she, but after I watch Million Star, I realize that she's one of the best singer in that season, although she get 3rd place at last.

Many people will think that commit suicide for love is a very stupid thing to do... But for me, I didn't think that's stupid, for me, everyone don't have the rights to talk about what she did and why she did that. You're not her. Of course you will not know what's really happening and cause this tragedy. Maybe in some cases, it hurts until you don't wanna live anymore. Anyway, I am not encouraging anyone to commit suicide, life is very precious. But since she did that already, we should respect her decision, and not discussing about how stupid and silly she was...

I wonder how it feels when your close friend GONE FOREVER... Imagine today he is still here, chatting with you, playing with you.. Then the next day, he's gone.. I bet it's very saddening. For example Ivy's friends, if I am one of them, I think I will emo for a very long time. Hmm.. why am I talking about this all of a sudden? I also don't know actually haha. Anyway, think before you commit suicide. Appreciate LIFE.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Animals are cute.

After a tongue war with my friends about whether to watch Quarantine and Madagascar 2, finally we decided to watch the cute animals, not the horrible-terrible-vegetable-zombie/undead/wadeva u call it. On wednesday, Shawn, Berry, Kaizhen, Christine, Nicole and I went to Midvalley to watch this movie.

If you watched episode 1 before, maybe some of you will said that it's BORING and seriously not that funny... Well, at least I am one of those people.

WARNING: I will talk abit about the story so if you don't want to know the story before you watch it, simply click the small 'x' top right of your screen. (Simply because me myself don't like to know the story and ending before I watch a movie too)

This is one of the funniest animation I've ever seen, as funny as Open Season. Seriously if you're emo-ing, sad-ing, crestfallen-ing, a great movie like this can simply brighten your day~! Compare to episode 1, this episode is a lot more funnier. The opening is so stupidly and creatively funny, when the 4 penguins beat up the DreamWork's boy. HAHA.

Something I notice in the movie, FAT=BEAUTY in the world of Hippo. When Gloria asked Moto Moto why he loves her, his answers were 'You're big~' 'You're huge~' LOL. For those who are desperate to slim down like me, don't worry cause you're still an eyecandy ---- for hippos.

The little animals (not the four main character) are cuter and funnier especially the 4 penguins, King Julian and Mort. Mort have a freaking cute look but he's a weirdo. Still remember when he was running away from the shark, he said 'Ahahaha! Why am I laughing? Haha' King Julian's voice is very funny and his whistling skill... Haha. The 4 penguins are the cutest animals! They are very cooperative and clever too. 'How do we fix the aeroplane?' 'Use lots of tape.' HAHA. They're really... bad until very cute =D
This is definately a must-watch movie! Go to your nearest cinema now~!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Everyone, Physics midterm's marks is out! Can't imagine how she mark so fast lol. But my result still ok haha, 13/20. I expected 10/20 or less. Cheh waste my mood for being emo for that whole day. Check your marks classmates. ^^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Malaysian Studies Presentation

Today is my group, F.I.S (Foundation in Science) 's turn to present. Hmm we prepared this sketch since last week, kinda well prepared haha. I am glad that everything turned out well. This is the my most successful presentation since I came to UCSI. But still, a lot more to learn ~

Actually I was very nervous today even though I am just the narrator, because I am the one writing the script and lead everyone in the rehearsals... Luckily, the sketch was funny and most of the audience laughed. Hehe. Here's the video, enjoy! Please give me some comments about it. Thanks Berry for recording!

Turn your speaker louder if you can't hear, sorry for the poor quality xP

The character list (Arranged according to the scene):

Narrator: Choong Yew Hong & Kelly Chan

Japanese: Shawn Tan, Caglvine Koh & KaiZhen

Communist: James Wong, TzeYing & Adelene

Malay Women: YongXin & MeeMay

Sir Henry Gurney: YongXin

Bodyguard: MeeMay

British Guard: Caglvine Koh

Citizens: Kaizhen, Shawn Tan & MeeMay

Helicopter: YongXin

Yay~! Some of my friends told me very sayang I didn't act. Hmm since I am in such high demand.. next time i maybe will act. HAHA (perasannya)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

People do change

When you thought that dramatic situations in Moonlight Resonance can only appear in drama, YOU ARE WRONG! In this sem, there's a lecturer which reminds me of Sa Yi, and a lecturer which reminds me of Hong Yi.

Sa Yi

Hong Yi

From the beginning, frankly speaking, I don't like Sa Yi at all at the beginning. Especially all her class are morning class, duhs. Like the drama, Sa Yi used to shout at everyone and cause troubles. I still remembered.. that day, everyone looked moody and tired (because of morning class i guess), then she suddenly scold everyone and dismiss the class. What the.. Another time, she refused to talk and can you imagine how she teached? She used a stick to tuk tuk tuk the slide.

But lately, I can see that she changed a lot. Like the drama, she became more humourous and did not scold people without reason anymore. At least I listened to part of her lecture this morning. And I understand about it. Because of this, I need to write a blog about her. I hope she can continue like this till the end of the semester.
Let's talk about HongYi now. Firstly I tried to listen to her lecture, but seriously it's too freaking boring. The only lecture that's more boring then her's is the driving theory class. You can ask all my coursemate, I bet everyone of them will agree, and even will give me a round of applause, duhx. What she did is just talk talk talk explain explain explain teach teach teach. She did not care whether we understand anot. She teaches at the speed of light.
Lately, she's becoming more and more fierce like HongYi. She threw tantrums to us. For example, last week she threw the whiteboard brush to the whiteboard because she realize no one was actually paying attention and said what we did in the previous test is RUBBISH! Then like HongYi in the drama, she's too strict! She gave us 3 assignment question to be done in approximately 20minutes. You know la, her questions was like so damn hard. Almost the whole class cannot finish in time, so when she said pass up, just a few of us actually passed up the paper. Then she shouted at us, 'Okay, if you all don't pass up now, then you will not get any marks.' something like that. Phew, I just hope she can make the exam question easier... Sorry to say that but... seriously I don't want to see her again in the next sem!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Art of Talking (2)

Just a short post. =x

I was chatting with Lo Zai just now. Yesterday i told him I dreamt about him kena shoot by terrorist, then today he told me he dreamt about me too.

This is what the dream about:
He told me Tuesday is Secret Recipe 11th Anniversary, buy 1 free 1. (omg terpengaruh oleh Lo Lou, in dream also want LO.) Then i replied:'So what...' lol really like me in real life leh. Haha.

But this is not the main point... the main point is.. after that, he said:'YOU LOOKED FATTER IN MY DREAM..'

Now let us discuss about what's wrong with this sentence. Let's say somebody tell you this sentence, of course you will feel annoyed right? Me too! =x

But then, if Lo Zai said:'Eh, YOU LOOKED THINNER IN REAL LIFE!' then it's a completely different case. I will be overjoyed! =D

Get the concept of Art of Talking? Think again before you talk to please someone rather than infuriate him/her. Haha.

Class dismiss~

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Menu of the day

Well, today I cooked again due to extreme lazyness to walk out from my condo. Shall I introduce the ingredients? HAHA *act like a pro chef lol*

I am not going to teach you guys how to cook JiBaoKai (Paper Wrapped Chicken) like Mrs.Mak lol.

Menu of the day:
Braised Vermicilli Chicken Wings & Ice Lemon Tea

Thick vermicilli (something like the laksa noodle), chicken wings, black pepper sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce pekat, salt, sugar, white pepper.

Instant 3 in 1 lemon tea, ice cubes, water. HAHA.

Procedure: (aftermath of doing too much reports X_X)
1) Boil the vermicilli in water until it becomes soft. Put the chicken wings into the boiling water for awhile so that the bloody smell can be removed.

2) Marinate the chicken wings with all the flavouring ingredients.

3) Heat some oil in a pan. Put in the chicken wings and fry for awhile.

4) Put all the marinate sauce and vermicilli into the pan.

5) Add around half cup of water and braised it for about 10minutes, until the water dry up and the vermicilli turn to brown colour.

6) Pour it into a bowl. Done! =D

7) Oops.. for the ice lemon tea. Just pour the instant lemon tea pack into a cup. Add some water and ice cubes. Stir and enjoy!

*Step 7 is definitely a sarcastic one for those who cannot even make ice lemon tea*

Here's what it should looks like. And seriously it taste good. That's why i am sharing the recipe here. Haha.

Some of you must be thinking, 'OH i wish i am living with yewhong!' HAHA *perasannya~*

I must use this malay phrase to describe this dish: 'Ini bukan main-main ni!' HAHA

Cheap and Shameless

I was surfing in Innit Nuffnang just now. And I was attracted by a post titled 'The Most Sickening Blog I've Ever Read!' Well thanks to BL (thread starter) I managed to view this SHAMELESS AND PERVERTED GUY's blog. You can click the link because there's nothing 18sx in the blog, it's just that... He's so cheap. Becareful when hanging out with friends especially you guys in Kelantan. He's such a pervert. Taking the other's picture without their notice and post it on blog.

Last but not least, congratulation to myself reaching 1ooth post! I know I shouldn't post this on my 100th post, but, I BEH TAHAN this pervert. Do you guys think he can be jailed or what?

Hey, the link is not functioning anymore due to this reason. This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service. Hmm.. I guess it's a good thing, but at the same time I feel quite disappointing as you guys cannot see how cheap is him already. =x

Friday, November 7, 2008

About Cooking and OO7

Yesterday, Shawn and Berry went to my house to study play i guess... And we cooked a damn nice dinner. Shall we let the pictures talk? =D

Seriously, the curry chicken taste as good as it looks like. We even remove the fats and the skins, because that's what a healthy nutritionist will do xD
The cheap fried tauges.. This whole plate of taugeh only cost us RM1.70. And this was fried by KaiZhen~The fishball and mushroom soup. The mushrooms sink to the bottom already. And this time we didn't use any tomyam cube, ayam cube, wadevaaa cube, WE USE IKAN BILIS to flavour the soup! Haha :D

What I want to tell you guys who wanna try out cooking at home are:
1) It's really a good way to save money
2) Make sure you have enough time, like around 1 and a half hours
3) Make sure you got the patience to clean the kitchen after the cooking session
4) Gosh. It's really tiring. I slept everytime after I cooked =x

I should introduce Berry and Shawn btw...

Shawn the terrorist aka LoZai.

Berry the PatLiongKam's wife aka Lo Po.

Well, that's all about yesterday. Let's talk about today.

I went to Midvalley with Shawn Berry KaiZhen just now, to watch OO7. Before I watch the movie, I thought the movie will be a boring and commercial film. Wah.. after I watched the movie, now I know IT'S REALLY BORING. I yawned several times in the cinema and I even listen to my mp3 for awhile due to extreme boredom. Perhaps I didn't watch the previous episode, that's why.

By the way, Munnie and Joanne, the 'hamsup' scene you two desperate for... for me, it's abit disappointing lol. He only hamsup with a kelefeh girl, not the main actress leh. Then i guess you two won't go and watch the movie already? =D

Before the movie, we actually went to play bowling. Since it's still early, we play the 'early bird promotion' 3 games for 10 bucks. Today's bowling was so fun. You know why?

See my marks!~ (Btw I am Lo Lou. Erm, I am not really Lo Lou actually, only in this game I am Lo Lou) 99! Dang... 1 mark to 100. sobs. Btw i am still happy cause it's my 1st time to get to 99. And this is my 99th post =D2nd round wasn't that good, 99 drop to 66. But Shawn did well, 97. Lol. Don't miss out Berry the Lo Po's marks. 12! JOANNE remember last time you get 21? She just broke your record! =D Third round. Everyone scored low marks due to fatigue. Haha. But Berry the Lo Po improved a lot after Kaizhen the Lo Nui give some tips to her.

After that, I went back to Bandar Tasik Selatan and the others went back to their home. And guess what I saw in Midvalley Station?

Rakyat Malaysia sedang beratur! Saw that big-size guy in blue unifrom? He told us how to queue according to the stickers. Although firstly everyone queue, but as expected, when the KTM reached, some of them still rush to the front. Let's see when the stickers will be remove. Lol. I know what I said is discouraging, but KL people are so you-know-lah.

Phew, what a long post. I gotta get some drinks. Byeeeeee

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joseph said something funny but true thing today.

A dog no matter it is male or female, it gives you a man feeling.

A cat no matter it is male or female, it gives you a woman feeling.

A rabbit no matter how it is, it gives you a children feeling.

An iguana no matter how it looks like, it gives you a devil feeling.

A turtle... Joseph said it gives people a 'fly' feeling, I seriously don't know why. For me, a turtle looks like a old maid/driver. o.O

New Formula: Dog+Cat --> Rabbit

What do you think? It's crap obviously, but it did make sense right?

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Coffin

I went Midvalley to watch a horror movie 'The Coffin' the day before yesterday. I am not really having an affinity to horror movies, especially in the cinema. What I previously thought was, WHY PAY MONEY TO SCARE YOURSELF?! Somemore not worth cause you gonna close your eyes most of the time. Lol. But because everyone wants to watch it, I don't have much choices.

Although some of my friends said it's not that nice, but somehow... I like it. Trust me, it's not as scary as it looks like. But there's a lot of messages in this movie. At first it was scary, yeah i admit i'm timid =x Wadevaaaa~
But it's actually quite sad too. This movie shows how human want to change their lifes, but end up in vain, and you lost more. Life is a FIXED variable. I can't believed it, this horror movie actually makes me emo for awhile. Lol.

p/s: wow i post twice in a day. =D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Smoking For?

Look here and here. Kuantan citizens are really nice and concern to the environment. HAHA. Well, TingYee just told me to post an antismoking post, not sure about the reason, but, i think it's a good thing to do.

Ok, let's start. Seriously, I don't know why people smoke. For the smell? For the price? For health? For fun? I guess people smoke because they WANT TO TRY and because THEIR FRIENDS SMOKE TOO. And because of curiousity, they need to sacrifice a lot of valuable things in their life.

They lost some of their good friends, who wanna stick to a smoker? They waste tons of money, cigarettes aren't cheap. They lost their healthy body, this is what you get after you smoke for a long time.

Left: Healthy Lung Right: Smoker's lung

Scary huh? I know what you smokers want to say. It's not easy to stop it. EXCUSES! For the sake of your beloved family and friends, STOP smoking. For teens who wanna try smoking,PLEASE THINK USING YOUR BRAIN. Smoking aren't as cool as you thought, and no girls want you if you're a smoker.

Personally, I am not a smoker and I believe I won't smoke in the future. Frankly speaking, I dislike smokers especially when they are smoking infront of me. However, I don't hate smokers because I believe they CAN CHANGE. And I believe you can, too. =D

SPREAD THE ANTI-SMOKING POST CAMPAIGN~ Bloggers reading this post, you can post something about anti smoking too! Remember, with a short post you might help many teens and smokers!

Off topic:
If you really can't resist the smoky feeling like I do...

Start a fire/poison mage in MapleSEA and get youself POISON MIST! HAHAHAHAHA.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tagged by Etsu

Finally the exam week is over... so now i can do the taggie xD

1. Whats your ambition?
Earn MONEY!!! $$$

2. How often do you think of commiting suicide?
When I did something with lots of effort but still not work well.

3. Do you think you have enough confidence?
Depends on the situation actually...

4. How many babies you want?
Not sure yet. I am still young~

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
I believed there is a rainbow somewhere else after the rain, but perhaps I won't see it everytime.

6. What is your goal for this year?
I wanna pass every subject and proceed to Year 1!

7. Do you believe in eternity love?

9. What feeling do you love most?
Hmm... sleeping is the happiest moment after a tiring day.

10. What are the requirements you wish from the other half
I believed if x love y, x will not care about any requirements, as love is blind.

11. Is there anything u wanna tell the ppl u hate?
Don't make me hate you more please.

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
I hope I can. But as time goes by, some will change...

13. What does flying means to you?
Human can't fly. If he can fly, means that he's a monster.(Quoted from FF7:Crisis Core)

14. What do you crave for the most currently?
Mapling mapling and more mapling.

15. Where would ur ultimate vacation spot be?
A place with less crowd, large green field with rabbits and cows, medium cold temperature, windy, comfortable bed and delicious food.

16. Describe the person who tagged u in 7 words.
A malay girl who listen JJLin's song. =D

17. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
Think more happy things~

18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
Don't know~ Only time will tell.

19. What is your lucky number?
25 and 9. Last time when I was small my dad used to ask me what number to buy when he going to play Roulette in Genting. 25 always win, and when he win money, we got good food to eat haha. 9/9/90 is my birthday~ of course its my lucky number.

20. What is your favourite food?
Sushi, kiwi~

Instructions : Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. Calvin
2. JyoLyn
3. Shawn
4. Edwinson
5. Berry
6. Christine
7. Mei Mei
8. Joanne

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st Self-made Dinner

Today, Christine, Kaizhen and me decided to cook the dinner for everyone, since Kelly and James cooked last time. So after class, we went to Giant Supermarket to buy the ingredients~
We walked for a long time to decide what dishes should we cook... And now I know its not an easy task for the housewives to cook everyday @.@ We finally bought these...
Long beans, garlic, egg tofu, minced chicken meat, tomyam cube, oyster mushroom, cabbage~

Washing cabbage and get all the ingredients ready~ The cabbage and oyster mushrooms were cooked together in a tomyam soup. Sounds mouth-watering right? =D

We also cooked fried egg with long beans~ the easiest to do, but nice also xD
This is the toughest part, frying the soft tofu. We coated a layer of flour on the tofu so that it will turn golden brown in colour after we fried it. We made a gravy with minced meat and soy souce, to pour on the tofu.

TA DANG~! Here's the end result! Tomyam soup with oyster mushrooms and cabbage, abit spicy but nice.

Tofu with minced meat. It looks not so good in this photo, too close =x so proceed to the next next picture to have a clearer shot. But this is the nicest dish today!
Long bean fried with egg, seriously this remind me of my mum cooking, cause really look quite alike with her cooking, I'll show her how good i can cook later. HAHAHA Nicer shot of the dishes! I know it looks damn nice, HAHA.

1st Self-made dinner, SUCCESS!
Tomorrow is the other 3 housemate turn to cook. Looking forward to it, HAHA.
P/S: No anyone was injured and no any cooking utensil was damaged during the cooking session.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Bro's Convo

Ehm. I knew many people were very worry yesterday because of my absence in the college. Don't have to say it out, I knew it. HAHAHAHAHA. Well I ponteng-ed because I went to my Big Bro's convo in UPM. My cousin and relatives in KL all went there too. Around 20 family members went there. Lol.

It was fun, not the convo of course super hot and boring waiting there for few hours , I went to the studio to take photo with my family. Wheee~ Although it was fun, but the lightning of the camera.. duhx... make my eye so pain @_@ Really, being an artist is not easy as it seems to be. =P

I cut my hair, and I was damn syok cause my relatives said I slim down already *looks at the ceiling and laugh* then my 2nd bro help me to set my hair... Hmm, I don't want to say this, but really looks nicer. HAHA.

See the photos if you can't stand my perasan-ness. HAHAHA

Look at the crowd. Only parent can go into the hall, so the other yimagujie sukpakhengdai need to wait outside. *yimakujie sukpakhengdai simply means relative =P

Some sorts of 'marry to me' feel? haha

In the car waiting...

Started to camwhore due to extreme boredom. =P

Happy graduation everyone!

Popo, Mummy, Me, Big Bro, Daddy, 2nd Bro, Ye Ye.

Well, that's all about it. Back to super wadevaaaaaa college life!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


CS stands for computing studies, not counter strike you know... Well today I did my CS test quite well, I am very happy with it. Hehe. People always say that when you've met the worst thing in your life, good things start to come. Maybe the worst thing is the account mid term.. dang.. = = Today, our lecturer...erm.. actually up to now I still dont know what's his name LOL. He shouted early at the morning like kena mad cow disease like that.. swt!

'You guys dont have common sense 1 ar?! Sit orderly la!'

'There's no problem with the question, JUST DO IT and DONT ASK SILLY QUESTIONS!'

'Why you all want come so late!?'

The face is just like...


Anyway, I wanna thanks Christine. She is the one who teach me at early 6.30am. If not, I might just screwed up another paper. Because i am quite blur at computing studies @_@

Now my mind is filled with RXY, RST, ROX, OST................ >_<

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sigh... Dying..

Today's account mid term was super hard. I didn't know to do at all. Everything in my mind blended together, I mix up T-accounts, Balance sheet, Trial balance, T&P&L account... The others calculate until gain profit but I loss... The others go and add I go and minus... For the 1st time I did an exam so poorly I guess...

Nuffsaid, I did it badly. And I missed out something, they said Q2 need to do balance sheet, but i didn't see it. Sigh... I hope I can get 10/30... D':

Monday, October 13, 2008

BuddY Campfire

Yesterday night, I went to BuddY (Buddhist Youth) Campfire with Shawn, KaiZhen, Christine, Kelly, Nicole and MeeMay. The ticket price was cheap, only 5 bucks, BBQ included.
I was quite worry that the event will be cancelled due to the heavy rain, but luckily they changed it from soccer field to Block A. Around 100 students joined last night event. Hmm.. compare to the CCS Mid Autumn Event, I prefer this. Maybe because I am a commitee in CCS event, need to work more than play. T_T
I really enjoyed throughout the whole night. The games and dance were fun and we can interact with one another. After that got BBQ somemore! Woots~ Firstly when we asked the commitee about the food, they said must eat before come because there are only 'light snack'. But I guess he's wayyyy too generous to say that... because...

See! Lots of food. Ignore the purple flame, it supposed to be reddish-orange in colour =x
Besides that, we also had candle lighting activity. Time to camwhore with candle! HAHAHAHA

From left to right: KaiZhen, Kelly, ME, MeeMay, Shawn!

Christine, MeeMay, Me, Shawn.

In conclusion, this event was very nice and worthy! But all thanks to it, I slept at 4.30am. Dang...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday !

11th October is the birthday of one of the most important person in my life. Too bad I can't accompany him this year, for the 1st time. And I did something horrible today, I forget his birthday! =(

I am very concern about his birthday every year. Last month I asked my mum again when is his birthday. Sigh... Perhaps because of today's Malaysian Sudies Midterm examination, I was quite nervous and my mind was blank at that time. Luckily the exam wasn't that hard.

Just now mum called me and remind me about daddy birthday, then only I realise. Aww.. Then I called daddy immediately after I finally reached home (you won't believe this, I wait for the taxi for almost 2 hours!). Luckily he did not angry, phew...

Yay next next monday I won't go to college because I am LAZY my eldest bro convo is on that day. And most probably my parent will come and fetch me on Saturday or Sunday. ^^


Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday once more

Since form four, I started to play Maplesea. It was fun and addictive. I wanna to blog about my feeling now, the sudden urge to play back to real maple... Yup, in private server basically you get everything, mesos, items, every skill, godly damage, everything. So? SO WHAT? You don't have friends. Everyone playing like nerd, and no one will crap with you in PQ, no one will hunt item together with you. Only one song can describe my feelings right now...

Yesterday Once More (lyric was editted for maple haha)

When I was young
I'd play maple with my friends
Falling for my favorite game
When they played I'd played along
It made me smile
Those were such happy times
And not so long ago
How I wonder where they'd gone
But they're back again
Just like a long lost friend
All the skills I love so well

Every savage blow
Every holy symbol still shine
Every meso explosion
That I started to bomb so pro
When I was divorced
Where she's breaking my heart
It can really make me cry
Just like before
It's yesterday once more

Looking back on how it was in years gone by
And the good time that I had
Makes today seem rather sad
So much has changed
It was private servers
That I addicted to them
And I forget maplesea
The old maplesea
Still sound so good to me
I can't believe I so bad

Every lucky seven
Every hyperbody still shine
Every puppet and blizzard
That I starting to use
So fine
All my best memories
Come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry
Just like before
It's yesterday once more

I will be back, MapleSEA!


Last time, I thought everything I learned in Form5 can give back to the teacher, or burn all the notes and text books with the rubbish dump, now I realise that I was too naive at that time. Because, MALAYSIAN STUDIES=SEJARAH.

I am pretty sure that almost 60% of Malaysian students hate sejarah. The only thing good about sejarah is, it's the most natural lullaby for human being as it does not produce any harmful radioactive rays/light (ah, wadevaa u call it) to human. And I don't know why, but sejarah text book was a very good pillow during my school time. Haha.

Since I started to study sejarah, I asked myself many times, why must we study sejarah? Why must we memorize all those facts that's not really useful? But now I've gave up. We must study sejarah because the government want us to study, because we want to pass the exam, because everyone did, because of kiasu-ism. Pathetic isn't it?

Well, I guess that's why everyone hates sejarah. And tomorrow is my Malaysian studies mid term examination. duh.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heroine of the day!

After we all discussed about SiWong, we decided to give back to the pet shop owner. When we asked her about SiWong's hair problem, she said will grow back one... *Grow back her head la.. see it becoming worse still want say will grow back...* But she still accept it since we did not ask for any refund. Well, at least the big problem solved..

After that, I went to Fook Seng Restaurant for dinner with Berry and Joseph. When I am walking back to Puncak Banyan Condo (the place I live now), I managed to pass through the Angkasa Condo guard station. Ehem, before I continue, I should show you guys the path from Angkasa Condo to my condo, and you will know why I have to pass through Angkasa Condo.

Actually there is another path to go to my condo, that is to walk the long and high stairs to the other side, but it's super tiring. That's why I lost 2kg. Haha. Normally the Angkasa Condo entrance guard station is easier to pass through compare to the exit, anyway, I don't know the reason. So every morning when we coming from Puncak Banyan Condo to Angkasa Condo, we have to walk the stairs.

Okay, my story continues. Then when I walked towards the Angkasa exit, the guard blocked me at the exit. He spoke English firstly but seriously I cannot understand what he talking about. Then he spoke in Malay, 'Tanpa resident card, kamu tak boleh masuk...'

Suddenly, someone SHOUT behind me. It's a woman, I guess she is 30 something. She scolded the guard very loud.

'Why we can go in from there (angkasa entrance) but cannot come out from here (angkasa exit) ?!'

'You don't purposely waste my time I tell you, I already told the management then they said still in processing!'

'If you want to block us, you should do it at the entrance, not the exit!'

'You don't talk so much and waste my time!'

Then she just langgar the guard and I followed her also. She really very yeng! HAHAHA. It's so fun when the guard have nothing to said. By the way, I thinks what the woman said is absolutely correct. Why didn't block us at the entrance but the exit? That means, if I go in Angkasa and rompak somebody, then I wanna go out, you don't let me to go out but want me to go in and rompak somebody else again? Don't make any sense right?

Then the woman told me, 'You no need to scare one, they purposely want to make trouble one, if you can get through the entrance then u can go out from here, this type of people you must be more fierce then him one.' After that she even scold the guard in Puncak Banyan, so cool la wei! Haha. She's my idol!

Messy Day

Yesterday night, I was watching drama 'Miss No Good' (Bu Liang Xiao Hua) with my housemates, haha, a very funny drama. Although I knew today I need to submit my Physics report, I kept procrastinating until the very last minute.

I thought Experiment 1 report will be easy to do.. mana tau........ The conclusion is 'I didnt sleep at all'. So you can imagine how I looked like, and how 'layu' I was, especially during lecture class. Actually I managed to finish the report earlier, but I want to watch drama and do report at the same time, hmmm... that's why...

Finally! I can went back home after Physics Lab. I tabao-ed a chicken rice but I was too tired so I slept off at around 6pm. Then I woke up at 10.30pm to eat my chicken rice. HAHA. If not because of the chicken rice definately I wont wake up. =P

Well, tonight I planned to sleep earlier, but since tomorrow don't have morning class, hmm... later only sleep lah. xD

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What happened to Si Wong...

Yesterday night I had a very nice steamboat and gathering with my friends in Kuantan. Firstly I wanna blog about it, but when I reached KL just now, I saw Si Wong, and I was SHOCKED. My happy mood suddenly flew away, leaving the sadness behind...

He's still here, of course. But he looked so weak and not energetic at all. When I looked at him closer, I realise that some of his fur around his neck and legs are gone, and there's definately something wrong with his skin, it's like dried wound. Around his neck, ears, legs... I felt so sad. I don't know what's wrong with this bunny, but I think it's infected with some diseases....

I still remember that day, when Berry told me that there's no hair behind the neck of Si Wong. We asked the pet shop owner, she said it will grow back. But until now, it's becoming worse instead of growing back. Is this means... we are cheated? Is Si Wong really a healthy rabbit when we bought it? I felt crestfallen, what should I do, or what can I do...?

I really took care of him with lots of love, feed him everyday, and clean him every week... I dare to say that I never did anything wrong to him. I don't know why these would happen... Or perhaps it's fated that I should not keep a pet? I really don't know how to do... Let him continue to sick and suffer? Let him go himself? Give back to the shop owner? I feel lifeless......

Edit: Shawn found the problem. It's most probably something known as fur mites. I'll call Edwinson to bring it to the vet later. Hopefully it will be ok..

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today, because JunJun, Sookmun and Sinmun no transport, they called me to fetch them to Teluk Chempedak to have breakfast with Thongyang and Yuanting. Well, my driving skill was so you-know-la... So I called JunJun sat beside me to teach me about anything I did wrongly.

Phew, luckily we managed to reach TC at last. You know what's the first sentence my friend said when she reached? 'Yeah, reach safely!' Ehm... that was pretty discouraging. So we went to walk walk around the beach and ate breakfast at KFC.

After that, guess what? I drove to east coast mall! Haha. We bought nothing there, I wonder when will the Red Box open.. When my friend told me that don't know MPK or what maybe won't give license to east coast mall to open redbox, I was like 'HAR?!' Red Box at least is healthy and 'clean' place mah, if like that also cannot open, then how can Kuantan improve? Seriously ki siao... Eat rice until kenyang nothing to do izzit?

Then i fetch sinmun back too. Haha. But the journey was kinda dangerous also, i guess i need to practice more! =D

p/s: btw, anyone knows why my cbox suddenly drop down there..? Any solution? Weird..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today, I bought 1 tong of 1kg Quaker oatmeal. The reason is, I wanna save money and eat more healthy. Obviously the Quaker old man looks not appetising at all. I know to eat this everyday for breakfast, and maybe dinner as well, is definately a challenge for myself. I've heard rumors of how terrible this oatmeal is, but also how good is its nutritional values.

I've just tried some of it, actually not that bad la. Maybe one day you will see me in advertisement like this.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Physics is sickening...

I just had my Physic test 1 today, seriously it was tough, both objective and subjective questions. Well, I think i can't blame anyone, cause I did not prepare very much before the test :P All thanks to Berry's 'dan yat dan' and 'tin si kuang' jokes, Joanne transformed to Soanne. It's so damn funny seriously, i can't type it out here, cause it's in cantonese. Ask me, Berry or Soanne personally.

Today at college, everyone's discussing where to go during Raya holidays. At first I thought I'll be sticking with Si Wong in my Cheras house... BUT my dad called me just now, he asked whether I really wanna go back, if yes, he's coming to fetch me tomorrow morning! Yippee~ I am super high now! HAHAHAHAHA.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Friday~!

I bought my black bunny for 3 days already. At first I have no idea what to name it.. But after these days, I've realised something. It really shits a lot, duhh. So I decided to name it Si Wong, which means King Of Shit in cantonese. Not bad right, haha.

I don't know why but it seems he like to pee in the corner of his cage, which cause great trouble to me. I need to mop the floor and clean the whole cage everytime he did that. But anyway, I still will take good care of him, really, keeping a pet can train your patience and responsiblity.

Today, I went to Neway with Joseph, Edwinson, Munnie, Berry, Kelly, Kaizhen, and 3 Edwinson's friends. Me, Joseph, Berry and Munnie and Kaizhen in 1 room where another 5 of them in another room. Today singk session was very nice! Perhaps because there was less people in a room, so we can sing more song and no need to rebut the mike like football. We went there at about 1.30pm, supposed to end at 5.30, but we managed to drag until 7pm. Haha. And I felt that I sang better already, but still, Joseph is pro-er. Haha. Practices make perfect! xD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My birthday celebration

Here's a video about my birthday 9/9/08 to let you guys in Kuantan or studying somewhere else know how I celebrate with my new friends this year. Thanks for the warm wishes! For my new friends, thanks for everything!


Today Shawn, Edwinson and me joined the 'Pet Lovers Club' at block A before we went home Except the kiamsiap Berry who refuse to join simply because the annual fee Rm10 -___-

When we filling the form, there was a 'Pet' blank there. After me, Shawn, Berry and Edwinson discussed for a long time, we decided to went to shops near Giant to buy a pet. At last we decided to buy a 2 months old bunny! It is black and white in colour. It's triangular pink nose is so cute! Haha.

Yea that's all about it. By the way, my dear classmates, tomorrow got algebra and account test, are you ready?

Monday, September 22, 2008


All thanks to Edwinson's childish yet fun Pokemon Pearl, I was seriously addicted these few days until I draaaagged my Physics Lab Report till the day before the submit date.

I played till 3am in the morning then started to do my report. HAHA. Unbelievablely, I managed to finish everything before 5am. Perhaps I am those type of students that can hugs the buddha leg effectively lol. If she knew this, she will most probably shout at me :' YOU GIVE ME YOUR LIFE!' HAHA.

Yes, she is my Algebra lecturer.Today, I only slept from 5am-7am. I am super tired that time, and my eye bags can actually fit two 50cent coins inside. Then me, James, Kelly and Kaizhen were argueing whether to ponteng the algebra class or not. I am the one that actually convinced everyone to go leh. Kudos to myself!

She's very weird today. Maybe because we're too noisy, she refuse to talk and just used her stick to 'tuk tuk tuk' the slide. And then she wrote 'I call you all come out one by one to solve the question, I MEAN IT!' on the transparency slide. Seriously, it's kinda pathetic. This is an university, please don't act like a secondary school wantan teacher. Then she shouted at us about the attendance list. Ahhh. She should meditates more to calm herself up.

Frankly speaking, this semester lecturers are not as good as the last semester. Computing Studies lecturer is kinda boring. He pronounced 101101 as 'wang jiro wang wang jiro wang' when he explained about the base 2 number system. Physics lecturer... hmm.. not bad but too boring during the lecture class. And if you notice, she likes to use the word 'OK' very much. Not much comment on Malaysian Studies.. just 'so so'... The only lecturer I like is the accounting lecturer. At least she got teaching skills.

Now only I know how good Mr.Kok and Mr.Raj were... Sobs. I mean it.

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Sorry for the delay. But as long as I do your tag, it doesn't matter right? xD

1. What is the relationship of you and her?

She was my schoolmate and friend. I knew her since secondary school form 2 or 3 if not mistaken =x Paiseh my memory skill sucks.

2. Your 5 impressions towards her.

Hmm. She is a cute and short girl haha. She was an active PBSM member like me and I won't forget the days we went to that haunted kem diraja lols. She looks as if she is a happy-go-lucky girl but she often get emo too (from her blog). She is a friendly girl that everyone can makes friend with her easily. She is kinda small size but her voice is very loud.

3. The most memorable things she had done for you.

Hmm... she comfort me after both of us failed in the PBSM Coperal test. Lol. Fool around together in the Kem Diraja.

4. The most memorable things she have said to you?

I haven't see her for a long time already since last jungle trekking event in Kuantan. Again, my memory skill sucks.

5. If she become your lover, you will... ~

Her fans will beat me up. AHHH.

6. If she become your enemy, you will... ~

I will put a cockroach in her bag. HAHA

7. If she become your lover, she has to improve on...~

Hmm... height. Lol joking only. xD

8. If she become your enemy, the reason is...~

She looks fierce. haha.

9. The most desirable thing to do on her is?

Hmm.. debate with her I guess.

10. The overall impression of her is...

A nice and cute girl.

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?


12. The character of you for yourself is?

Friendly, high EQ i guess. I've changed my bad temper since I went to UCSI.. at least better than a lecturer in this sem...

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?

I love myself~!

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?

Of course a person that is perfect and good in every aspect.

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.

Thanks~ I love you too.

Ten people to tag : [ I don't wanna tag anyone, it's just for the question xD ]

1. Nicole 2. James 3. Shawn 4. Kelly 5. Edwinson

6. Joanne 7. Jyolyn 8. Jun Jun 9. Calvin 10. Berry

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

Not sure... I think he is single but most probably got something with Ke... ehem..

Is no. 3 a male or a female?~

Male.. -___-

If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing~

No gua... Lol. Berry got tsunami in Perlis. Haha. JyoLyn working hard for her JPA studies in INTI.

How about no. 5 and 8?~

LOL. They don't know each other. And it will be very weird I can't imagine. The only similarity is they are both very skinny.

What is no. 1 studying about?~

Foundation in Science and will further to F&N aka food science and nutrition. Same like me!

Is no. 4 single?~

Not sure... I think she is single but most probably got something with Ja... ehem..

Say something about no. 6~

She just took off her braces and I bet she's gonna smiles even broader. Lol


Well, if you want me to use a picture to describe my blog, nah.

Dusty, hollow...

BUT this is going to END!! CHEERIO!~ We just received a sms yesterday, informed us about the streamyx. THEY GOING TO OUR HOUSE TO SETUP STREAMYX TODAY!

Still don't know whether the sweet dream will come true or not... you know la.. Malaysia Boleh mah...
Maybe will postponed again.

In these few weeks, there were many big days and events such as my birthday celebration and the CCS (chinese culture society) Mid-Autumn Celebration event, which I was arranged under the Venue commitee group. The event was a great success, tired but fun. Too bad I couldn't update very detail about it. Sobbing.. T___T

After letting spider webs, dust and mosses to grow on my blog for a few weeks, I bet I've lost maybe 70% of my readers. Aiks... Well, life's like that -___- I'll just wanna let you guys know that i ain't quitting or stop blogging. Remember to visit my blog again. Stay tune! I'll post video about my 18th birthday celebration in my new house soon! VERY SOON!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's not that i dont want to update, but no streamyx for my new house now. Wait patiently for 5days.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Anyway, anyone knows tomorrow is National Day? Lol.
This year is just so PLAIN.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crappie Day

Well, the reason I am not updating lately is because of MapleStory private server. Seriously, I am SERIOUSLY ADDICTED. All thanks to my cousin who intro me a maple story private server, SpinMS. Well, compare to MapleSEA, the exp rate is so high that you can turn 4th job in hours. Simply WOW.

After awhile, I started to find more private server such as AncientMS. Then I intro this to Shawn, mana tahu he become addicted too and sent me other private server. We play till 5am in the morning for 3days until his parent scold him So sorry bout that, haha. But I guess I make your holiday more interesting right?

Today night, the server was down. So I on msn and chat with my friends. Story begins when Shawn added everyone from UCSI into a conversation, he told us that the Moral result is OUT!
*by the way, it is really OUT, go check your e-advantage my dear classmates*

We were so happy since all of us get the same grade, happy not equal to very good btw. Well, better than I expected, cause the exam was tough. Then the craps started. We talked about Maple. Then me and Shawn keep dragging everyone into the addictive Maple private server.

Haha. Then we talked about chicken aka bakchamkai, siewkeong aka kachatt/ka zat, 'science', apple, pineapple, durian, camwhoring, msn replying late issues, beckham, beckham's shit, constipation, conversation never fails, shit never falls, and lots lots lots more. Seriously crappie but funny, I LOL and LMAO a few times infront of my computer. HAHAHA.

A LOL to end this post.






btw, laughing is good for health.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another example of stupidity.

I did something very stupid yesterday. I planned to call out my friends to go to Teluk Chempedak Beach aka TC tonight. So I messaged everyone. As expected, only few of them reply. I hope they really read the sms, duh. That's why I hate contacting everyone!

Then HuiLing replied. HuiLing is my primary school to secondary school friend. I seldom text her except emergency, like yesterday lol. The dialogues below are in message form.

HuiLing: Who are you?
YewHong: Gosh. Tebak. (You dont even know my hp number?!)
HuiLing: Sry who?
YewHong: YewHong arrrrhhh. (Dang!)
HuiLing: Who? chinese name or nickname?
YewHong: ChoongYewHong Bakuteh Tebak Pikachu 钟耀慷 (I wonder how many 'yewhong' you got)
HuiLing: ...Who am I?
YewHong: (wth...) Khoo Hui Ling.
HuiLing: Sorry u wrong number.

Argh. Waste my money!

Great Dining Experience

Yesterday, I went to one of the best steakhouse in Kuantan, BayLeaf Steak House to have dinner with my daddy, cause my mum went to her friend's birthday dinner. Firstly my dad asked me want to go where to have dinner.

Me: Eat near near lo.
Dad: Ohh... then Medan Selera (Food court in Kuantan)?
Me: Errr.... you like la.. (NOOooooOoO!)
Dad: Or you want go eat steak?
Me: Anything la, you decide... ( YES!!!)

Yeah! Finally we went there. I like that place because of the environment and decorations there. Great lighting, comfortable temperature, and of course, nice food. I ordered Broccoli Soup and Mix Grilled.

Broccoli creamy soup. Quite nice. RM5.

Rating: 6/10

Mix Grilled.

Crispy Potato wedges with sour cream sauce, coleslaw, boiled sweet corn, crispy papadam, grilled mushroom sausage, grilled chicken fillet, fish fillet and tasteful lamb chop, served with garlic sauce. RM18. Kinda reasonable right? xD

Rating: 8/10

Drooling? Lol.

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Lol. This is gonna be a very short post. Because the tag is here. HAHA.

p/s: This prove that Etsu is a blur and outdated girl. =x

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well. You guys will realise all the chinese word and title in my blog are gone. Not because I dislike it, it's because I've made a new blog in chinese! Hehe, cause I don't want to suffer from dilema to choose whether to post in chinese or english. So I better make a new blog in chinese. Here's the address, boy-in-green. Haha. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A bunch of activities

After being a slacker for around 2 weeks, finally I got something to blog about. Haha. Relax-ing in Kuantan, so I will not update that often. Hehe. Plus I am addicted to many games, RichmanSEA, MapleSEA, CounterStrike.

20th of August I went to Kuantan Old Town Kopitiam for a gathering with my friends, as well as ShiLing's birthday celebration. Firstly, I thought it will be a small gathering. But it turned out to be a really 'massive gathering', I can't list out everyone, around 20 of us. Let the pictures talk.
Shiling the birthday girl and her sweet heart.

The CROWD and the cake.
The REAL crowd. We actually combined 5 or 6 tables together and produced terrifying noise pollution in old town. Haha
Mrs JinJin aka Mrs LoudSpeaker and me.Me and Liyu.
The boysss. Top from left: Gabriel, me and ThongYang. Bottom from left: CheeSiang ChangYi and JunJun.
The cake was bought in Golden Gemini, a quite famous cake shop in Kuantan. Let me tell you, it taste 90% like Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. Really alike. However it's not cheap also, around RM60. It was so funny when they can't lit the candles, then HuiLing shouted:' You just blow the lighter la!.' Haha.

After that, JunJun, MengJun, Gabriel and ThongYang went to my house at night. They intro me to play CounterStrike lol and I intro them to play Richman. We played until midnight 4am only sleep, then we need to wake up at 6.30am to go to Teo Badminton Court with JyoLyn, Shiling, ChangYi, Yuanting and CheeSiang at 7am. Obviously we couldn't reach there on time. Because we woke up at 7am. Haha. All thanks to JunJun alarm clock music, so soft like lullaby. Lol. After the tiring badminton session, I reached home at 11am. After bath I straight away sleeeeeep. Guess what, I sleep till 7pm. 8 hours of nap. LOL.

What a happy day! I was kinda suprised to see so many of my old friends. Stay tuned! I'll go to TC aka Teluk Chempedak (most famous beach in Kuantan) this saturday!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am Impressed!! WOW

Wow. He can really imitate Sammi Cheng very well!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Tomorrow is the last day of my final examination! Yippeeee! Finally I can rest for 2 weeks in my home sweet home after this!

Firstly I planned to go back on 17th, but just now my mum called me. She said most probably my daddy together with her will come to fetch me tomorrow after examination! Yahooo! Really a suprise for me!

My new house and house mate in Cheras waiting for me on 1st of September!

My new semester starting on 2nd of September!

I can sense... College life is getting better and more excitements await me!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Duren Duren

Duren Duren is the cake I ate in Secret Recipe with MeeMay and her room mate Guang Shi. Both of them are so close. Compare with mine... 1 word. Kanasai. Okay, stop the bad thing.

It's Duren Duren, not Durian Durian. I have not eat durian for ages. So I was so desperate to try this cake, but I don't want to eat it alone, cause of the sky-high price. Luckily today I found someone interested in this cake too, she's MeeMay's room mate, Guang Shi. So 3 of us bought 2 cakes to share, Duren Duren and Chocolate Chip Walnut.
Chocolate Chip Walnut was okay, I like the texture of the cream cheese and the walnuts. Eating the cream cheese was like diving under the ocean, so comfortable and nice. Eating the walnuts was like you found treasure at the bottom of the sea. So eating the whole piece of cake was like DIVING....OMG TREASURE!! DIVING.... OMG TREASURE AGAIN! (these steps repeat until the cake was finished)

Now it's the main character of the day. DUREN DUREN! As expected, it's really berry cherry very DELICIOUS! The soft cake with the ice-cream-like durian cream... It blends with each other perfectly! If I would like to describe about the flavour... it's just like you're MELTING together with the cake, and travel an exciting journey from the tip of your tongue till your intestines. Get what I mean? HAHA. When I ate the last piece of Duren Duren, with the cake, almond pieces, and cream together, I felt so touched, the happiness... the flavour... Awww I nearly dropped my tears. And that was TEARS OF HAPPINESS!

Finishing the remaining pieces of cake and cream.

Nothing left =(

This cake is seasonal. For the sake of your desperate-for-durian tummy, faster run to the nearest Secret Recipe and buy one whole TON Duren Duren cake! This is an ORDER!