Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today, I bought 1 tong of 1kg Quaker oatmeal. The reason is, I wanna save money and eat more healthy. Obviously the Quaker old man looks not appetising at all. I know to eat this everyday for breakfast, and maybe dinner as well, is definately a challenge for myself. I've heard rumors of how terrible this oatmeal is, but also how good is its nutritional values.

I've just tried some of it, actually not that bad la. Maybe one day you will see me in advertisement like this.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Physics is sickening...

I just had my Physic test 1 today, seriously it was tough, both objective and subjective questions. Well, I think i can't blame anyone, cause I did not prepare very much before the test :P All thanks to Berry's 'dan yat dan' and 'tin si kuang' jokes, Joanne transformed to Soanne. It's so damn funny seriously, i can't type it out here, cause it's in cantonese. Ask me, Berry or Soanne personally.

Today at college, everyone's discussing where to go during Raya holidays. At first I thought I'll be sticking with Si Wong in my Cheras house... BUT my dad called me just now, he asked whether I really wanna go back, if yes, he's coming to fetch me tomorrow morning! Yippee~ I am super high now! HAHAHAHAHA.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Friday~!

I bought my black bunny for 3 days already. At first I have no idea what to name it.. But after these days, I've realised something. It really shits a lot, duhh. So I decided to name it Si Wong, which means King Of Shit in cantonese. Not bad right, haha.

I don't know why but it seems he like to pee in the corner of his cage, which cause great trouble to me. I need to mop the floor and clean the whole cage everytime he did that. But anyway, I still will take good care of him, really, keeping a pet can train your patience and responsiblity.

Today, I went to Neway with Joseph, Edwinson, Munnie, Berry, Kelly, Kaizhen, and 3 Edwinson's friends. Me, Joseph, Berry and Munnie and Kaizhen in 1 room where another 5 of them in another room. Today singk session was very nice! Perhaps because there was less people in a room, so we can sing more song and no need to rebut the mike like football. We went there at about 1.30pm, supposed to end at 5.30, but we managed to drag until 7pm. Haha. And I felt that I sang better already, but still, Joseph is pro-er. Haha. Practices make perfect! xD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My birthday celebration

Here's a video about my birthday 9/9/08 to let you guys in Kuantan or studying somewhere else know how I celebrate with my new friends this year. Thanks for the warm wishes! For my new friends, thanks for everything!


Today Shawn, Edwinson and me joined the 'Pet Lovers Club' at block A before we went home Except the kiamsiap Berry who refuse to join simply because the annual fee Rm10 -___-

When we filling the form, there was a 'Pet' blank there. After me, Shawn, Berry and Edwinson discussed for a long time, we decided to went to shops near Giant to buy a pet. At last we decided to buy a 2 months old bunny! It is black and white in colour. It's triangular pink nose is so cute! Haha.

Yea that's all about it. By the way, my dear classmates, tomorrow got algebra and account test, are you ready?

Monday, September 22, 2008


All thanks to Edwinson's childish yet fun Pokemon Pearl, I was seriously addicted these few days until I draaaagged my Physics Lab Report till the day before the submit date.

I played till 3am in the morning then started to do my report. HAHA. Unbelievablely, I managed to finish everything before 5am. Perhaps I am those type of students that can hugs the buddha leg effectively lol. If she knew this, she will most probably shout at me :' YOU GIVE ME YOUR LIFE!' HAHA.

Yes, she is my Algebra lecturer.Today, I only slept from 5am-7am. I am super tired that time, and my eye bags can actually fit two 50cent coins inside. Then me, James, Kelly and Kaizhen were argueing whether to ponteng the algebra class or not. I am the one that actually convinced everyone to go leh. Kudos to myself!

She's very weird today. Maybe because we're too noisy, she refuse to talk and just used her stick to 'tuk tuk tuk' the slide. And then she wrote 'I call you all come out one by one to solve the question, I MEAN IT!' on the transparency slide. Seriously, it's kinda pathetic. This is an university, please don't act like a secondary school wantan teacher. Then she shouted at us about the attendance list. Ahhh. She should meditates more to calm herself up.

Frankly speaking, this semester lecturers are not as good as the last semester. Computing Studies lecturer is kinda boring. He pronounced 101101 as 'wang jiro wang wang jiro wang' when he explained about the base 2 number system. Physics lecturer... hmm.. not bad but too boring during the lecture class. And if you notice, she likes to use the word 'OK' very much. Not much comment on Malaysian Studies.. just 'so so'... The only lecturer I like is the accounting lecturer. At least she got teaching skills.

Now only I know how good Mr.Kok and Mr.Raj were... Sobs. I mean it.

Tagged by Fern

Sorry for the delay. But as long as I do your tag, it doesn't matter right? xD

1. What is the relationship of you and her?

She was my schoolmate and friend. I knew her since secondary school form 2 or 3 if not mistaken =x Paiseh my memory skill sucks.

2. Your 5 impressions towards her.

Hmm. She is a cute and short girl haha. She was an active PBSM member like me and I won't forget the days we went to that haunted kem diraja lols. She looks as if she is a happy-go-lucky girl but she often get emo too (from her blog). She is a friendly girl that everyone can makes friend with her easily. She is kinda small size but her voice is very loud.

3. The most memorable things she had done for you.

Hmm... she comfort me after both of us failed in the PBSM Coperal test. Lol. Fool around together in the Kem Diraja.

4. The most memorable things she have said to you?

I haven't see her for a long time already since last jungle trekking event in Kuantan. Again, my memory skill sucks.

5. If she become your lover, you will... ~

Her fans will beat me up. AHHH.

6. If she become your enemy, you will... ~

I will put a cockroach in her bag. HAHA

7. If she become your lover, she has to improve on...~

Hmm... height. Lol joking only. xD

8. If she become your enemy, the reason is...~

She looks fierce. haha.

9. The most desirable thing to do on her is?

Hmm.. debate with her I guess.

10. The overall impression of her is...

A nice and cute girl.

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?


12. The character of you for yourself is?

Friendly, high EQ i guess. I've changed my bad temper since I went to UCSI.. at least better than a lecturer in this sem...

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?

I love myself~!

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?

Of course a person that is perfect and good in every aspect.

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.

Thanks~ I love you too.

Ten people to tag : [ I don't wanna tag anyone, it's just for the question xD ]

1. Nicole 2. James 3. Shawn 4. Kelly 5. Edwinson

6. Joanne 7. Jyolyn 8. Jun Jun 9. Calvin 10. Berry

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

Not sure... I think he is single but most probably got something with Ke... ehem..

Is no. 3 a male or a female?~

Male.. -___-

If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing~

No gua... Lol. Berry got tsunami in Perlis. Haha. JyoLyn working hard for her JPA studies in INTI.

How about no. 5 and 8?~

LOL. They don't know each other. And it will be very weird I can't imagine. The only similarity is they are both very skinny.

What is no. 1 studying about?~

Foundation in Science and will further to F&N aka food science and nutrition. Same like me!

Is no. 4 single?~

Not sure... I think she is single but most probably got something with Ja... ehem..

Say something about no. 6~

She just took off her braces and I bet she's gonna smiles even broader. Lol


Well, if you want me to use a picture to describe my blog, nah.

Dusty, hollow...

BUT this is going to END!! CHEERIO!~ We just received a sms yesterday, informed us about the streamyx. THEY GOING TO OUR HOUSE TO SETUP STREAMYX TODAY!

Still don't know whether the sweet dream will come true or not... you know la.. Malaysia Boleh mah...
Maybe will postponed again.

In these few weeks, there were many big days and events such as my birthday celebration and the CCS (chinese culture society) Mid-Autumn Celebration event, which I was arranged under the Venue commitee group. The event was a great success, tired but fun. Too bad I couldn't update very detail about it. Sobbing.. T___T

After letting spider webs, dust and mosses to grow on my blog for a few weeks, I bet I've lost maybe 70% of my readers. Aiks... Well, life's like that -___- I'll just wanna let you guys know that i ain't quitting or stop blogging. Remember to visit my blog again. Stay tune! I'll post video about my 18th birthday celebration in my new house soon! VERY SOON!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's not that i dont want to update, but no streamyx for my new house now. Wait patiently for 5days.