Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am a noob

Since the final examination is coming, my friends and I went to collect out examination token today. Incase that you all don't know, examination token is a proof that is needed to enter the examination hall.

Before i went to the Examination Department to take my token, the first thought in my mine about examination token is something like this...

But actually it is something like this...A piece of paper like the one we signed before our SPM examination. lols. Now I know examination token isn't really a TOKEN.

Virus cause by gaming too much. Yew Hong you better stop playing games. What a dumby day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Enjoy before Final!

Gosh. I am so tired lately. Tired cause play too much. Wahaha. Another sing K session yesterday. Muahaha.

After the Moral class finished, me, Christine, KaiZhen, Kelly, Shawn, Nicole went to UCSI North Wing by bus and then walked to Leisure Mall, about 5-10 minutes walk. After we finally reached, we were searching for Neway. We walked and walked until we reach the end of that floor, we couldn't find it. So we decided to ask the guard. We walked out of the door, and before we ask the guard, we realised a BIG Neway board infront of us. Lol, now we know, Neway is located at CHERAS MALL, not LEISURE MALL. After we booked the room, we went back to Leisure Mall. Out of boredom, we went to Gaming Centre. I still can't believe i lose to Nicole in the table-pingpong-thingy game, argh. So I better stick to my pro-est game, Street Fighter.
Then Shawn went back after he failed to hunt his Astro Talent Quest CD, he became mad since he went to the ATQ Final Competition. Haha.

Then the singing-addicted Joseph came. We booked the time slot from 1pm till 5.30pm, included lunch and drink. I ordered Curry Fried Fish Fillet Rice and Honey Lemon ( to open voice, obviously xD ). The meal was quite nice actually, and quite worth the price. About the singing skill of everyone, i can't describe much cause it was INDESCRIBABLE. Lol. But for non-professional, I think we sang quite okay, haha. At least no accident happened.
P/s: Sorry about the shaky photos, most of us were suffering from temporarily Parkinson's disease on that day because of our singing.

After around 5pm, all our drinks and water finished already, and too bad we couldn't refill it. I was so thirsty till I ate the lemon, yes, it was SO SOUR. Since that day is weekday, so we actually managed to tangguh until 7pm only go back. Haha.

Compare to the kbox (i mean really Box) I used to go with my friends in Kuantan, Neway is wayyyy cheaper. In those box, no air-conditional, maximum 3 person per room, 2 chaplang microphone with chaplang sound system , OUTdated songs, 1-song-1-buck system, no drinks, no food. 'Paria' and expensive. Here we sang like almost 100 songs, with 'okay' food, air-conditional, good sound effect, good lighting, good service, only rm16 person in weekday. For me it's really cheap, I heard that Red/Green Box are cheaper though =x .

Before we went back, Kelly and Christine bought GuiLingGao (Chinese Herbal Jelly) in KongWoTong 恭和堂, which Kelly emphasized 'very famous'. And the GuiLingGao cost Rm7 each! Perhaps it's really nutritious, but still too expensive for me. With a almost-sore throat, I went back to UCSI North Wing by walk and bought a Rm1 UCSI branded drinking water, that's good enough for me. Hehe.

I reached my room around 8pm night, I was so tired YET Kelly said she want to have dinner, so i just accompany her with FuSeng and Caglvine in Old Town. I was too tired to eat anything so i skipped my dinner. Around 11pm, i went back to my room and straight away sleep. I knew there were a lot of messages from MSN, sorry guys i couldn't reply any of them. Forgive me T_T
And that's the end of Happy Hour, gotta start my revision for Final Exam from now on!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yea.. I knew I've been pretty lifeless lately, watching baby video on Youtube. but really super damn funny marr... Seriously, life's bored after I finished all my reports and assignments. (not purposely want to be LC =x)

Yesh, final exam is coming soon. But I am not in the mood YET, perhaps I still prefer to hug Buddha's leg (you won't understand this if you didn't study chinese). I am not that type of person who study early you know.

My psp is covered in dust since I finished FFVII:Crisis Core (the ending of the game is so damn sad!). I just don't know which game to download cause most of them are too comercialised. Eg: Iron Man, HellBoy. Aww I hate those STUPID games!

The only game which I am interested in...

Woah. Street Fighter IV!!! Looks SUPER COOL!

I've wait for a LONG time for a new SF game, until my neck become so long. Ryu! Chun-Li! Ken! Cammy! And the game system is 2.5D mode, which means the characters are in 3D mode but play in 2D mode! Sounds too COOL!

........Then i noticed that it won't be released in PSP version...

Then i was like...

However, it will be released in PC version, in 2009. THANKS GOD! I will buy it no matter how much it may cost!

My lifeless life continue... Can't wait for 命中注定我爱你 Ep20 and the SingK session in next monday! MUAHAHA

Friday, July 25, 2008

MrKok's Last Lecture

Today was MrKok's last lecture in BCOM and Chemistry. During the chemistry lecture, when he came in, Kelly told me that he was looking at me and smiling, but i didn't notice. Cause i was quite nervous about my Chemistry Mid-Term's mark. Phew. I get 30/40. That's okay for me, but i will work harder for the final examination.

Then a very funny incident happened, when he was explaining about the question, he dropped his Fisherman's Friend sugar from his mouth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laughed so loud because i thought he dropped his teeth. His image ruined on his last lecture. Lol.
I will use this chinese proverb to describe him: 千年道行一朝丧。

After the discussion, MrKok said that recently a student asked him a very difficult question, which even him cannot answered it. Then, as usual, Kelly and KaiZhen keep looking at me and showing those evil smiles. But at that time i actually didn't think that MrKok was talking about me, until he showed this photo on the projector slide in the class, which i sent to him yesterday...

I remembered yesterday when i asked him in msn, whether he thinks this figure look like him, but he replied 'no', so cold =( But now, he's planning a revenge on me. Suddenly i remembered that he actually called me to send my picture (drew using paint) to him.Argh, I knew something will happen. Lols. I was really suprised when MrKok combined the figure with my drawing and named it Green Pika, included my hometown Kuantan and my hobbies:eating and blogging. And that's display on the SLIDE infront of the whole class, everyone of my friend laughed like mad.

Yea, he's creative and humorous. He said he was setting the final exam paper, he was so bored so he decided to make this stuff. Even in our last lecture he want to play and kenakan me. He made my day again =D

Frankly, I've never met a lecturer or teacher like him. Or more specifically, I've never met a lecturer who pay so much attention to me, and willing to waste so much time just to let me and my friends laugh. During my primary and secondary school, some of the teachers can't even remember my name. But now, he made me so popular that almost everyone taking Foundation In Science in this semester know who am I.

MrKok is truely a great lecturer and i am not flattering. He read his students' blog, and he teached very well too. HaHa.Congratulation MrKok, you have transformed from 'a guy who jokes in a serious way' into 'a funny and dedicative lecturer'.

All the best!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Midvalley trip~

Continue from the previous post. Okay. Then after we finish eating, we took KMT KTM (now i know it is KTM!) to midvalley. Midvalley is better than One-U for me, because it is less confusing and you no need to search for a shop for a very long time.

Then we went to buy tickets. Me Chloe Joseph Jolene watched JTTCOTE (super shortform learned by mrkok) and Joanne Shawn Kelly watched The Dark Knight. (See, everyone got english name =X i'm suffering from peer pressure now)
Comment from me:
The storyline is quite good. I mean, it proved that sometimes imagination can become reality too. About the 3D thingy, it did make me dizzy for a little, but it's a new experience for me. My advice for you guys is watch this movie in Times Square for better view. Cause the screen in Midvalley is too small, you probably won't feel any excitement because of the border of the screen. But overall, it's a nice movie. RATE: 6.5/10

The RM17 movie only last for 1 and a half hour, from 12.50pm to 2.30pm. After that me Chloe and Joseph went for window shopping, they were actually enjoying the 'TST' shopping method. Test, Syok, Throw. Suddenly, we saw someone! In fact, something. Don't you think this patung looked like MrKok? HAHAHAThen KaiZhen came. Since i am not a shopaholic like Chloe and Joseph, i followed her who lead me to a journey full of ... FOOD! lmao (this is pronounce as 'lemao' according to Joanne) Well, seriously i won't spend more than RM3 for a puff... but KaiZhen kept menggoda me with her so-called 'cold, creamy, everytime-my-dad-sure-buy CREAM PUFF'. Aihs ... so i bought it =x

Hmm now i know why even adult like KaiZhen's father like to eat this. The texture of the cream is not butter-ish at all ( you know what i meant), it's something like McD chocolate ice-cream. Yes it's cold, so shiok. And the bread is so crunchy. Most importantly, it is not very SWEET. I don't really like too sweet stuff. RATE: 7/10

Then we went to Big Apple Donuts to buy some donuts. Kai Zhen chose the cheese flavour and i chose the chococino (chocholate+cappucino) flavour. Mine was better. The cheesy one... kinda weird. @_@ After a around 4.45pm, finally The Dark Knight gang came out from the cinema. That's unfair! RM7 for a 2.30 hours movie!? X_X

ARGH i wanna watched it so badly since everyone gone crazy about it. Well, we continue to eat after they came out. At approximately 7pm, we went to Kim Gary! Yesh char-chan-teng style again. I suggested that place cause Calvin Yong told me that it is cheaper than WongKok Char Chan Teng. I ordered the Cheese Baked Salmon+Abalone Rice Combo with a soup, dessert and drink. Wow it's so damnn nice! I wish Kuantan got Kim Gary. The cheesy rice and the tasteful salmon. Hmm i think it worth the price. The green mussle! Simply delicious. RATE: 9/10

I will definately go there again! Muahaha. After that, we went back to UCSI with a very full stomach. Hehe. Yes, my wallet become thinner and i am becoming fatter. Ughh. To let you guys know, now i am eating breads and instant noodles to save money. I spend only RM1.70 for two days. Brilliant huh? Haha

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For your information, the post that i said that i will post today is postponed. Hmm because i am still in the process of collecting the photos from everyone. hehe

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's moral presentation

Finally the day has come. Today was my first presentation in UCSI. But i think our group did not very well. The major problem is our voice is too soft and the hall is actually one of the largest class in 4th Floor. The other group did the same mistake also.

During our presentation, actually got a girl who really infuriate Jolene because she didn't respect us at all and was laughing like nobody business. Ya, perhaps our presentation was not that interesting, but at least respect us. Jolene even said that if she was the lecturer, she would just scold her 'Fk you and get out of my class!' Ya that girl is kind of rude. Even during her presentation we were all paying attention to her group, but now... But, actually i don't really care. Cause after that we went to Midvalley to celebrate. HAHA. That was the bestest part!

Lesson i learned today:

Our Group

Jolene Me Joanne

Complaining Discussing about 'someone'
Me and Shawn
Kelly and Me

Me Christine Nicole

Before we went to Midvalley, Jolene actually suggested that we went to Restaurant Hup Hei to eat something first. Firstly i wanted to order spagheti, but the spagheti finish already so i change to chicken rice. Almost all of them ordered spagheti and chicken chop except me. Then after the spaghetis came, the cook actually overfried it and there was a obvious hangus smell.

Here Joseph stuffing the spagheti to let Jolene tried until she almost tercekik. lols. Luckily i didn't order that.

After finish the meal, we went to Midvalley woohoo!~ But i am tooooo tired to blog about it. I will update about it tomorrow. Stay tune to my blog. Muahaha!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trip to One Utama

Yes. The very-far-from-cheras One Utama, located somewhere around Kepong Sentral. Yesterday, FuSeng, Christine and me went to One Utama to meet two of my secondary school best friends, Calvin and JiHong. Another main reason is to take my N73 handphone from JiHong who help me to deliver my handphone from Kuantan, he's so kind =D

You are right, Christine and FuSeng just accompanied me, haha. Without them, i have to go there alone and someone may robbed me cause i look so bully-able. They are so kind! Although Christine keep bugging me about the boring journey and the expensive taxi fares.

One Utama is SOOOO BIG. We wasted almost half an hour just to find WongKok Char Chan Teng (This is the real english name, not direct translated) because i just love those char-chan-teng style food. (Note: 'Char chan teng' means HongKong style kopitiam). I ordered a Black Pepper Chop Rice. Hold your saliva~

It's really nice, especially the chunky beef and the tasteful sauce... not to mentioned the price. =x After that, we take a photo before we leave. Too bad we can't spent more time to lepak cause the two JPA genius are quite busy with their assignments. All the best!

From left to right: Calvin, JiHong, YewHong

Before Christine, FuSeng and I went back, I bought a nicer formal shirt for the coming monday presentation. so that MrKok won't kutuk me again :'Are you going to a funeral?'

Besides, i also bought a cute sushi. It looks so real like it can be eaten. Haha. At first I planned to hang it on my new hp but it seems like it does not match with my phone. So i hang it on my pencil case. Aww it's so cute.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Today's Basic Concept Of Math aka BCOM midterm test was quite hard. I did study for it until late night, yet i still can't do the proof by induction and made some careless mistakes. I did quite well for the other tests, but i don't have much confident in this test. Hopefully i can get at least 20/30.

Finally all the midterm tests are finished. But final exam is coming soon. Aiks. I guess i need to revise harder.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What's the point of being so nervous until i suffered from imsonia until 5am?

What's the point of reminding Christine to wake me up this morning?

What's the point of setting my alarm clock again and again?

What's the point of wearing the uncomfortable formal suits?


The lecturer should plan the time for each group. If they present WAYSSSSSS TOO LONG, she should actually stop them so that the other group can present their parts. Or she should told us earlier so that we don't have to wear our formal suits. Now the date of presentation is postponed to next monday. GRRR


For the very first time in my life I am bugged by imsonia today. Now is 2.21am, later i need to wake up at 7am because i have a very important presentation. I lie on the bed from 12.30am till now, i can't sleep! I want to sleep but i can't. This kind of feeling is so suffering! So i get up and blogging. I guess the main reason is the cup of coffee i drank at OldTown Kopitiam just now. Dang... I should order the white milk tea! zzz.

Dang!!!! Now is 5.22am and i am still awake! GOSHH! I better don't sleep if not i cant wake up at 7am then I'll be DEAD!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My very first presentation is coming TOMORROW!

Yea. My group is going to present about 'Sexual Orientation' in tomorrow's Moral Class. My part is about 'Christianity' and 'Types of Homosexuals Discrimination'. And we are going to wear FORMAL SUITS. Woohoo. Everyone's going to look pongpongpong pretty and handsome!

Currently mood: Excivous (excited+nervous)

Well i know my blog's layout looks really 'pongpongpong' now. Just bear with it. I am trying to do something with my blog's skin. Currently learning how to edit HTML. I gotta borrow HTML For Dummies from the library soon.

I gave up within 3 hours. I realised that HTML and XML are something beyond my understanding. Phew. I nearly ruined my blog because of my attempt to change its appearance. Luckily i save the template before i change the whole thing.
Lesson that i learn today: Appearance is nothing compare to the contents. Appearance grabs one's attention, contents grab one's HEART.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Art of Talking

Today, i am going to share with you guys what is the art of talking when you are communicating with the others. The art of talking is very important so that you won't make anyone angry. I am still learning about it by the way.

1) 'You look very suprising!'
Hidden meaning:
Don't be so happy first. 'Suprising' is something horror... you get what i mean? Means suddenly pop out that kind of feeling.

2) 'You look very unique.'
Hidden meaning:
Well... he looks very unique too.

3) 'You look very safe.'
Hidden meaning:
This word doesn't mean that you are very protective or whatever. It means... ehem... For example, when you are walking in a dark alley, if you look very safe, that means no people will want to do anything to you.

4) 'You look very challenging.'
Hidden meaning:
If someone told you that you look very challenging. It simply means that looking at you is just like one of the event of Fear Factor.

5) 'You look very familiar.'
Hidden meaning:
Actually familiar means that you look very common. Common until... hmm... I throw a stone from my window also can hit someone look like you.

6) 'You look very pongpongpong.'
Hidden meaning:
If someone said this to you, then you really need to go to celebrate, seriously. This video explains all. Must open your speaker and watch till the last part. It's the funniest video of the year! which make Joanne laugh for more than 30 times

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I can't stand it anymore!

You stupid fella. You wanna kill me ar!? Why are you so damn hot, especially in the night?! You stupid....
...UCSI Hostel water heater!
Last time i went to the UCSI website to check about the accomodation. See what is typed there. ''Shower room with hot water kononnya''. Everyday i wake up i must bath one mah.
What's the main problem bathing in the morning? COLD LAHHHHHHH.

Since it's a common sense, why the water is so COLD in the morning?! Yea, there are two nice little water tap there. But i cant feel any difference between the so-called hot water tap and cold water tap. So every morning, especially Monday and Wednesday (cause i need to attend to moral class), i need to stand and stare in front of the flowing water for a long time before i beranikan diri to step inside that stupid hella cold water!

Cold water is still acceptable jika terpaksa, but for HOT WATER... i really cant stand it. The water become damn hot in the late evening until night! I mean REAL HOT. Hot until u will feel like cooking urself. Everytime after i bath my skin will turn red, can u imagine how hot is it? You stupid fella! U think i am NESCAFE 3 IN 1 or Quaker Oat Meal or Mee Sedap ar?! Torture me like this. Got one time i bath until half way (there are still lots of foam on my hair and body), then suddenly the water turn so damn ki siao hot! Walao Eh! Then i have to wrap myself with my towel and walk to the toilet (more specific, place to shit) to use the paip water (more specific, water to wash the shit) to clean the rest of the foam.

Now i know how the so-called water heater berfungsi.

Morning= Cold water

Afternoon= Normal water (Who the hell is going to bath at this time?!)

Evening to Night= Super Damn Fire Hot (after absorb heat from the sun in the hot afternoon)

And that's what we paid for the sky-high price accomodation. Look at Inti college, even got aircon OMG! -THE END-

p/s: Sorry for some of the kampong-ish word i use in this post. I noe it is kinda different from my style. But u wil noe once u try to bath in UCSI hostel. It's definately NOT like the Ah Long Pte.Ltd quote:''Belum try belum tau, sekali try hari hari mau.''

Friday, July 11, 2008




Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Biggest Plan in 2008!!!

Yes!!!! (need to be a bit energetic before you start a plan)
My plan is to SLIM DOWN to have a healthier body before i start my carreer as a nutritionist.

Actions of my plan:
i) Go do some exercise in UCSI gym during free time (Kelly, Christine you two need to remind me!)
ii) Eat only two meals per day
iii) Drink MORE water
iv) Buy more GREEN APPLES to eat as snack when hungry ( I heard it really helps)

This plan won't works by my own for sure, well, u know why. I am seeking for my friends' help!
If you see me:
i) Eating currypuff/kayapuff/whatever during teatime (3-5pm)
ii) Eating KFC or whatever fast food
iii) Drinking carbonated drinks
iv) Eat more then 2 meals per day
v) Eating candy during any lecture class

Then you can (YES YOU REALLY CAN) :
i) Remind me
ii) Scold me
iii) Take away the food from me
iv Slap/Beat me ( ONLY IF i refuse to listen)

Well, at least today i managed to do some of the plan's action. Pray for me that i can succeed in this BIG PLAN!! YES!

An Emo Post

Although I looked like a happy-go-lucky and playful boy almost all the time, i admit sometimes that i am a kinda emo person. You know what? It's NOT EASY to be happy all the time. Sometimes it's kinda tiring.

Of course being happy is better than being sad. But why there are people who like to watch touching movies or drama which make them drop their tears? That's because they need a break from their stressed life. Some people cry when they are sad, me too. Maybe you will think that i am a mommy's boy, but seriously, I DON'T CARE at all. I live for myself, not for you.

For me, I lead my own life and i am glad i can be confident all the time. Without confident, who is going to care about you? The difference between people with confident and people without confident is one live under oneself, while another one live under the eyesight of other people.

I like to make everyone laughes, but it's not easy to do it. I don't know why but I like to see happy faces around me. I will try my very best to bring the greatest happiness to the people around me. But sadly, there are still some people out there who don't like the way i joke, they think i might hurt someone.

Yeah, i admit that sometimes i can be too exxagerating when i am talking about something funny. Perhaps my joke broke someone's heart. I am not a perfect joker. If you can't bear with me, just get the hell out of my life. I don't like serious and tense people anyway.

Haha. Thanks for reading the post until the very end. Aiks, let me be emo for one day okay?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mr Kok again!!! Duh?!

Sorry about the previous joke post cause at that time i don't have much idea to blog haha. BUT NOW, I HAVE LOTSSSS OF THING TO POST!

Seriously, i am not MrKok's stalker. But this crazy fellow lecturer... he always make fun of me in his class lor. So i must post about him and take my revenge reply him here! Firstly, i wanna introduce him in a more detail way.

Name: Kok Yik Lim aka Mr Kok
Nickname: Kok Kok, Smart Mr Me
Age: 2x perhaps 30
Characteristic: PLAYFUL, CHILDISH, EVIL, SARCASTIC Funny, kind, handsome, clever.
Interest: Sue someone, tell story, draw using paint, read someone's blog, bullying someone
Favourite Quote: 'How are you feeling today?'
Dislike food: Green stripes on UCSI sushi.

Today after I submitted my lab report to Mr.Jayaraj, i met MrKok in the office. He show me a kinda wicked smile. Something like this.

Hmm. That's weird. I feel some bad thing will happen to me today.

Then in BCOM class, MrKok teached Proof by Induction today. Seriously i dunno what he teached that time cause i was quite sleepy and bored. But then MrKok said he made a story SPECIALLY for BCOM student. So i started to pay more attention to the class.

Suddenly i saw my blog's name on the board. Student Green. Lol. The story is about Mr Me and Student Green. MrKok still emphasized that MrMe is not him. Well, that's so obvious ok? So lame . Ehem. Mr Kok even drew it with PAINT. copy me!! Something like this.

MrKok: These dialogue is a tecnique i learn from someone's blog. (LOL!)

The storyline is something like this. Student Green saw a cat on the rooftop and want to save it. But I HE was afraid of the ladder. Then the ROUND MrKok MrMe said:'' Don't worry my timid student.'' Using induction, Mr Me proof that the ladder is safe to climb, so they finally save the cat. Then, the cat said:'' I was looking at the scenery IDIOT!''

MrKok: Okay, look at the word IDIOT, it does not have 's', which means the cat only pointing at either MrMe or Student Green. So, YewHong, who do you think the cat is reffering to? Answer carefully...

Yewhong: Mr. Me!

MrKok: Then you can leave the auditorium hall now.


Well, I admit that today MrKok was damn funny, i was laughing during the whole story telling session. At night, i have a small chat with Mr Kok in MSN. Here's our conversation.

yiklim says:
you sure you want to sue me?

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
maybe not if u give me some extra marks

yiklim says:
sure, i'll give you five marks extra
yiklim says:
initial mark = 0
yiklim says:
change of mark = +5
yiklim says:
final mark = 5
yiklim says:
still fail
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
fine, then i'll sue u
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
wait to receive my letter lah

yiklim says:
at least tell me what are you suing me for
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
quote me without my permission
yiklim says:
when i did quote you?
yiklim says:
and if i quoted you, it means that i have acknowledged you, in other words, you can't sue me
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
today lor. copy me use paint
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
somemore exposed my privacy in front of the whole class
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
blog is something personal mah

yiklim says:
if it's personal, don
yiklim says:
't disclose the URL
yiklim says:
and you are not student green
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
oh really?
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
then u are not Mr.Me?

yiklim says:
you are right!

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
By the way, how long u've plan the story ar?

yiklim says:
thought about it this morning when i woke up
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
n how long u drew that with paint?

yiklim says:
half an hour
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
hm that's quite impressive

yiklim says:
i know ;)

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
but compare to mine... urs is like tadika kid drawing

yiklim says:
oh really? then you will not only fail GC and BCOM, but also C

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
U like coke isn't it?
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
Mee may told me that she saw u bought coke many time

yiklim says:
she's exaggerating

y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
dun drink so much of coke la
y e w h o n g a k a p i k a c h u says:
later u will become as round as Mr Me
yiklim says:
i will become as round as student green before i look like mr. me
yiklim says:
alright, i have to go now
yiklim says:
good bye and good night

From this conversation, you can see that how lame friendly my lecturer is. Today is really fun. Haha.

Conclusion: Do not bully your student in the class and do not underestimate the editting skill of your student.


Have a nice day MrKok.

Monday, July 7, 2008


不好意思,懒惰post,就post两个笑话让大家开开心吧~ 这两个笑话曾经让我妈妈以为我发神经了,自己在电脑前笑。


一次逛街时突然觉得肚子很痛,于是走进街角的199吃到饱火锅店,想说借个厕所用用,偏偏找遍了一楼就是找不到,于是我跑到二楼去。二楼是还在装修空荡荡的没有任何东西,但是却发现有一间厕所门贴着*故障待修,请勿使用*,我实在是忍不住了,管他三七二十一,反正四下无人,脱了裤子就朝马桶蹲下去,霹雳啪啦……好爽!! 结束后,我走下楼去却发现空无一人,奇怪了,正值晚餐时间刚才楼下还高朋满座说,怎么一下子就人去楼空呢??连服务生和接待都不见了……于是我走近吧台,并且问到:「有人在吗?怎么都没人了?」此时,只见一个男服务生从吧台下钻出来,并且开口说:「我操!……刚才大便从天花板掉下来打到电风扇的时候你不在?算你运气好...

1) Tak ingat!
2) Ingat tapi tarak mau buat!
3) Tak tau buat!
4) Tak suka buat!
5) Adik saya tak mau tolong saya buat..
6) Nenek tak ada, takda orang tolong saya buat...
7) Main PS..tarak masa buat...Cikgu boleh pass Level 9 ka??
8) Teman girlfren tengok "Titanic" tarak masa buat.
9) Anjing saya sakit..tarak mood buat..
10) Cikgu ade bagi homework meh????!
11) Saya tak mark mana mau buat.
12) Saya semalam pun tak datang!
13) Saya semalam sudah ponteng kelas u!
14) Saya semalam tidur dalam kelas tak dengar la...
15) Walao! U suruh buat saya mesti buat a?? U sangat BESAR a??
16) Saya tak syok nampak u punya muka..lain punya homework saya semua buat~
17) Saya tak suka subject ni..
18) Saya nampak cikgu terus takde mood....
19) Takde buku teks.
20) Takde buku latihan
21) Ada buat! tarak bawa..
22) Ada buat! Anjing sudah makan...
23) Ada buat! Adik lukis lukis dalam...
24) Sudah pinjam kawan...
25) Semalam rumah ada api!!
26) Semala rumah ada banjir!!
27) Semala rumah sebelah ada api!!
28) Tak buat mai tak buat lo...tak boleh meh??
29) Hari ini hantar meh?? bukan bulan depan a??
30) Pergi tuition. takde buat..
31) Saya ingat Cikgu sudah mati tak payah buat...
32) Banyak homework la...ini takde masa buat
33) Homework sikit saja...tak ade mood buat..No challenge langsung!
34) Cikgu masa kecik pun tak buat la~~ so What?
35) Ceh~~ tak buat saja ma...apa cikgu bising bising wo??
36) Jangan takut...saya tak buat pun boleh exam baik baik!
37) U tak pandai ajar la!! saya tak tau buat lo!
38) Saya homework tak buat pun datang!! apa lagi u mau wo???
39) Tunggu lawyer saya datang baru cakap...
40) Saya ingat saya anak u tak payah buat......
41) U tau tiap-tiap tahun bapa saya kasi sekolah berapa duit ka???
42) hujan loh! and then buku kena banjir...
43) lu ada cakap hari ini hantar meh? lain kali suara kuat sikit! apa lah!
44) buat u punya kerja bazir i punya masa saja....
45) kalau u pandai u sendiri buat la
46) cikgu panggil hantar, tak cakap buat habis baru hantar ,oleh itu saya hantar kosong punya la!!
47) saya dah buat kerja u kata buat salah/tak lengkap,saya tak buat tak hantar,u kata saya malas!apa yang awak mahu wor???
48) saya tak buat kerja pun ada datang tengok u punya muka,sepatutnya u nak rasa gembira u tahu tak??
49) cikgu..saya ada hantar..tapi..tak buat!!!
50) ada buat!!! ada bawa!!! tapi buat salah subject, bawa salah buku!!!
51) cikgu,homework tak paya buat lar....ada buat takade buat sama saja~~~~jangan bazir masa!!!!!!!!
52) hantar buku cikgu pun tak tanda~~nak hantar buat apa???tak paya buang masa cikgu la.....
53) bapa ku adalah guru besar,kau nak gaji ke buku saya?
54) aku ingat cuti belum habis leh...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cube Experiment

Scribble made out of boredom
Aim: Count the number of cubes successfully.
Hypothesis: The number of cubes can be count after it is coloured.

Result 1 : Cannot count.

Result 2: Cannot count.

Conclusion: Hypothesis failed. Time wasted. Go back to Moral assignment.

A random short post

Ok. Things seems to get worse. I better stop posting about MrKok, if not he will expel me from UCSI. =x

Btw i miss maple!!! It's been ages since i play maple! All thx to UCSI's connection!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Better Photo = Better Future

Hmm. Refer back to this post.

As expected, after Mr Kok read my post about him, he was not satisfied with that photo i put and he actually THREATENED ME told me that he will fail me in my BCOM and Chemistry. Such a evil and playful funny guy, isn't it? Haha

I don't want to fail! I wanna proceed to 1st year!!!! Nah, here's a better shot. (GIRLS, prepare a cup to hold your saliva!)

Reading Muthu's blog is just like watching Indiana Jones - u'll never know when is the climax. Guess what. I found something REALLY RARE.

MrKok is LAUGHING!!!

It's so easy to see MrOng laughing like this, but not for MrKok. In fact, not only me want to see MrKok laugh like mad in real life. MrKok u should laugh MORE!

It's time to rush my Moral assignment, ciao~


Yesterday i read biology until 1am then wake up at 7am. Today, again, another calculus test.Now is 12.47am. I just studied with my friends in old town kopitiam from 7.30pm till 12am. NON-STOP.

Seriously, i feel so tired and exhausted. I feel so stressed because i can't fail my course if not i'll have to retake it at the next semester. And Mr Ong said that :''I will make sure those who supposed to fail FAIL in this semester.'' It indicates that the test and exam won't be an easy one. Aww. Next monday i need to submit my chemistry report and moral assignment, next tuesday my bio report. Too much things to do.

Now i am so tired. Yet i have to wake up 7am tomorrow morning to discuss the rest of the chapter with my friends. SO MANY TEST, SO MANY EXAM, SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS!


Friday, July 4, 2008

Chloe's bad habit

This is the funniest thing I ever heard since i came to UCSI.

It happened last few weeks when Chloe met an Iraq student.
Iraq student: What's your name?
Chloe: (nervous and slow response) MY NAME ARR??
Iraq student: Mynimah? That's a NICE name!
Chloe: NOooOOo!!!!

When Joseph told me about this i laugh like MAD. And everyone laugh like mad when i told them. haha.

Yesterday, in chemistry class, Chloe did it again.

MrKok: What's your name by the way? (looking at Chloe)
Chloe: MY NAME ARR? (LOL! me, kelly and kaizhen keep laughing after that. Chloe too)

Luckily MrKok didn't said:' Mynimah? That's a nice name! '

If not.. i will laugh till i drop from the chair.. for sure!

By the way, this is Chloe and me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mr Kok Yik Lim

Yes, another post about my lecturer. He was damn funny today. I definately won't forget today Math Tutorial. Haha. Luckily i no ponteng-ed the math tutorial because of the UCSI concert in Block A.

Today 1pm when i entered the class, at first i wanna greet him good afternoon. But he suddenly said 'Hi Pika!'. I was like O_O! ('Something is wrong with Kok Kok Mr Kok today.') I thought he will forget my nickname after he asked my real name in the previous class.

Then the tutorial started. When we discussed until the last question (some kind of IQ question), nobody knew how to answer.

MrKok: Is it because u all cannot find on the internet or u all didnt find?
MrKok: Normally THOSE WHO BLOG can find the answer because they always online.
Me: (Then i was like O_o?! ME? Then i looked at MrKok, OMG he was looking at me!)
MrKok: Isn't it? MR GREEN KIDDO~
Me: (Then my fren who read my blog keep laughing, and i was like damnn SYOK SHOCK!)
MrKok: And what do u meant by ''joke in a serious way''?
Me: (Non-stop laughing. U are so pro MrKok. U even read my
4th post. That was like SOOO LONG AGO)
Kelly: MrKok~ how do u know his blog?
MrKok: Cause he wrote there on his msn.
Me: (Lol. I added MrKok in msn for fun when i saw his hotmail on his laptop. I never thought he will approve me because normally there's a barrier between student and teacher. Haha)
Kelly: Then what do you think about his blog?
MrKok: The writing skill can be improved but the content is very funny.
Me: (so damn paiseh xD )

Ya that's the main point i quoted from today conversation. MrKok pls don't sue me for quoting what you said, cause i've got no money. Better call him MrKokTM so you wont be sued. Haha. MrKok sue her. She quoted your WW.

Thanks to the handsome VERY HANDSOME MrKok to promote my blog in front of the whole class. MrKok was RIGHT. Internet can find MANY information. For example, my blog, ways to solve mathematical problems and... this.
So MrKok, how are you feeling today? Fine?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008





不知不觉 无声无息





只是这伤口需要花点时间 只是会想念

过去的一切那些人事物 会离我远去




离开中学生涯已经有两个月多,一个人到新环境念书,的确是一番新体验。我很庆幸我能认识不少新朋友,让我的思大生涯变得十分精彩。然而,偶尔回头眺望,还是会十分想念以前的朋友。我自认我是一位很幸运的人,我从来没有交朋友的困难,而且他们都对我很好。去年考spm trial的时候,我真的没心情开party,但是我的礼物还是朋友群里最大份的,真是感动呢。



奕欣: 耀慷,没有你几不习惯啊。

丽宇: 是咯,每次你都跟奕欣抢东西吃,现在你不在,tupperware里的食物都没人要吃啊。


朋友们,无论你们现在将前往什么方向,希望你们能偶尔回头望一望,不要把那难得的友谊变成回忆! 加油吧!