Sunday, June 27, 2010

Food Fair [Behind the scene]

Sorry for the late update... As I've just finished my Waste Management Midterm and Food Chemistry MidTerm... How was it? Erm... My message is in the following song...

Anyway, I really tried my best to study for both subjects especially the bloody Waste Management... But the questions were tough! So... just let it be @@

Food Fair is coming soon.. 13th and 14th of July! Woohoo... This semester is really hectic.. I don't have time to rest at all... Every week also got test and need to prepare for the Food Fair thing... That's why I haven't sing k for even ONCE in this semester! Walao... really busy.

For the food fair product development, our group actually came out with 2 ideas... 1 is Pumpkin Pasta, another 1 is Dragonfruit Yoghurt Bread... The one I making is the bread... This is my first time making bread.. Such an unforgetable experience! And I am so madly in love with the Food Science Lab! Haha... Why? Because there's LOTS and LOTS of equipments inside that I wanted to buy them all so muchieeee... Bread maker, oven, noodle maker, *and whatever u name it* They make me feel like I am a master chef! Hahaha.

And its super fun, everyone cooking in the lab... wearing APRON.. so funny. Haha.. Anyway, lastly our group decide to make the pumpkin pasta because its flavour is nicer and easier to make... the bread need to 'rest' very long before baking, and the texture not good enough. Soft but not 'airy' enough.. get what i mean? Haha..

Anyway, a picture says a thousand word...

My groupmates making the pumpkin pasta: Joseph, Jason, Cammie, Monica, Sabrina, VernMein and Huanting...

First bread in my life... Dragonfruit yoghurt bread! Looks good with the icing sugar (but actually didn't taste very good) haha!

Having fun cooking in the lab!

People, people and people....

Cooking or doing surgery? Haha

What's so funny Joanne Jun?! (u know i know.. hehe)

Ok, enough of pictures. I'll update again after the food fair.. Oh ya.. Next week I got another class presentation, for the Food Chemistry Assignment.. I can't wait! I love presentation! Haha... It's a good training for me! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


*cough cough* (blog的灰尘太多)

这个semester真的超级忙碌。。。而且那些courses很难 @@ (Principle of Nutrition, Waste Management, Food Chemistry, Food Processing & Preservation) 前天有presentation, 昨天有两个test(晕) 现在总算有时间喘喘气了。Principle of Nutrition 的 presentation我还蛮满意的,至少有进步,不会紧张和怕在人前说话了。都是MsRachel罗,每天在班叫我的名字 XD 希望还有更多Presentation让我好好磨练自己!(路人:神经病!) Tests我没话说了,两天睡少过6小时,我尽力了。Food Chemistry还好,Principle of Nutrition难到~~~~~~~~~~(拉很长〕Ms Satvinder 真是有你的~ =_= 刚刚从五点多睡到晚上12点多,你知道我有几累了罗~

我的wisdom tooth回来找我了!(泪) 去年年底,它折腾了我一个礼拜,吃不下睡不好~ 好不容易熬过了~现在又痛回=.= 不过现在有经验了,还好。OralB漱口水使用量快要大到可以当水喝了@@ 现在只能吃软的面,粥,麦片,蛋etc~ 肉不能吃T.T 大家想象以下,用门牙压自己的舌头。。。那就是我现在吃东西的方法 >_< 好了过后我要大爆发去吃buffet!!!

接下来要忙的是Food Chem Presentation 和 Food Fair... 加油! 现在的我目标很正面,就是尽力做好每一件事,挑战每天遇到的问题!眼看当学生的日子还剩不久了,不能让自己松懈下来!要变得更独立,更强,因为未来的日子一定会更辛苦!现在在KL驾车,有好有坏罗。。好的是可以训练我的Driving Skill,坏的是每天要早起身和打油很贵 @@

身为音乐达人,当然要介绍新歌给大家啦 XD 这首歌是郭静的《每一天都不同》歌词写得太好啦,看了让人更有冲劲!完全符合我的心情! "不喜歡別人說我幸運,他們不懂我有多麼努力", "偶爾失去什麼偶爾學到什麼,慢慢能翻越沙洲走出日落,每一天的我要比昨天遼闊"。

最討厭 要下不下的雨
可惜未來總是 撲朔迷離
如果摔的越痛 才越會飛行
快把我 丟向最高的天空裡

不喜歡 別人說我幸運
他們不懂我有 多麼努力
雖然衝動永遠 比堅持容易

碰到的事 每一天都不同
有的給我眼淚 有的給我笑容
走過的曲折 就全變成彩虹

遇見的人 每一天都不同
偶爾失去什麼 偶爾學到什麼
每一天的我 要比 昨天遼闊