Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No doubt, Zanmai for sure!

Today I went to Midvalley for my lunch due to Xiong's birthday. Actually I didn't want to go at the beginning, since so many H1N1 cases lately. *ehem* But since it was Xiong's birthday, I went even though I already had my lunch - large tomyam fried bihun at Block D cafeteria. And due to the reason I afraid that Zanmai Sushi might be my last Japanese meal, cause maybe I'll infected by H1N1 who knows so I ate 1 more time lunch again. Excuses I know =P

There was quite a lot of customer today. So need queue about 20minutes. Good food worth the wait~

Firstly I only wanna drink O-cha and keep refill until I full haha... But the menu looks so damn tempting.. So I ordered something to eat, not actually 'something'.. is 'quite a lot of thing' =P I ordered ebidon, ikura temaki, black cavier sushi. Some photos I grabbed from the net for you to see~

Black caviar sushi is the right side one... I was attracted by the name 'caviar' actually. Cause from what I thought, caviar is a very expensive food... but this only Rm3.80. And it taste so-so, just exactly like the red colour one, with an extra smoky flavour. But I think this caviar is not the french cuisine caviar la. Imposible that cheap @@

Ikura temaki! First time try the big salmon roe~! So excited before I try it. And... it's so nice! The roe burst in your mouth when you bite it! Rm6 for this.. Not too cheap but definately worth the price!

Ebidon, which means prawn rice with egg! This is definately cheaper and nicer than Sushi King's one. As you can see, they are so generous because they put lots of egg. Oh my the egg is not fully cooked yet, somemore can see the egg yolk burst into the rice~Wasai~ Sushi King's don only put like a thin layer of egg and it's the dry type. I prefer Zanmai's! And the PRAWN is soooooo fresh. I don't know which type of prawn they use, but the texture is so special. The normal prawn we ate is like soft and abit chewy.. but this is so crunchy and juicy! This bowl of don cost Rm8.80, quite reasonable for a lunch at The Gardens rite? I think so~

Oh ya. I wanna let you guys who are confused to know, Zanmai is really cheaper than Sushi King. For example, tamago (egg) sushi at Sushi King cost Rm2, but it's only Rm1.60 at Zanmai! And no way Sushi King can beat Zanmai in terms of food and service~ Although they are lots of customers, but the service is very good. For example, Nicole knock two, is TWO, o-cha and they dry the table quite fast =P there's no need to wait for a long time for the o-cha refill. And because of the prawn, really very fresh~! The ebidon is a must!

Oops. Looks like I should focus more on Xiong, not Sushi Zanmai haha. After the super satisfying meal, we went to Romp and call Xiong choose a shirt for his present~ Before going back, I went to MPH to buy something to read when going back to Kuantan later, by bus =_= Too bad novel or other 'meaningful' reading materials are really not my type. So... I bought an online game book =x

Spend quite alot of money today.. But I guess it's ok since I've been cooking and eating the same thing during the exam weekends. 4 exactly same meal in 2 days - ikan bilis soup yeemee/meesua. And the weekdays which I have to cook my own meal I ate spagheti or fried rice only T_T So.. let me have some good food today =D

And whoohoo the stressful final is over! Really stress until pimples all come out, day day no sleep @@ And just now after I went back I slept from 5pm till 1am. Ate lunch twice and skipped dinner and slept for 8 hours and now blogging at midnite 3am. Soooooo 'healthy' rite? =X Ok that's all~ Going back to Kuantan later afternoon maybe. Bye!~

[p/s] My mum told me that she read my blog due to my cousin who told her last few weeks. And I was complained that my English sucks. Haha. But I somehow think that some expression can only be expressed in pasar english~ Ehm.. So now I am trying to blog in proper english again. XD