Sunday, June 27, 2010

Food Fair [Behind the scene]

Sorry for the late update... As I've just finished my Waste Management Midterm and Food Chemistry MidTerm... How was it? Erm... My message is in the following song...

Anyway, I really tried my best to study for both subjects especially the bloody Waste Management... But the questions were tough! So... just let it be @@

Food Fair is coming soon.. 13th and 14th of July! Woohoo... This semester is really hectic.. I don't have time to rest at all... Every week also got test and need to prepare for the Food Fair thing... That's why I haven't sing k for even ONCE in this semester! Walao... really busy.

For the food fair product development, our group actually came out with 2 ideas... 1 is Pumpkin Pasta, another 1 is Dragonfruit Yoghurt Bread... The one I making is the bread... This is my first time making bread.. Such an unforgetable experience! And I am so madly in love with the Food Science Lab! Haha... Why? Because there's LOTS and LOTS of equipments inside that I wanted to buy them all so muchieeee... Bread maker, oven, noodle maker, *and whatever u name it* They make me feel like I am a master chef! Hahaha.

And its super fun, everyone cooking in the lab... wearing APRON.. so funny. Haha.. Anyway, lastly our group decide to make the pumpkin pasta because its flavour is nicer and easier to make... the bread need to 'rest' very long before baking, and the texture not good enough. Soft but not 'airy' enough.. get what i mean? Haha..

Anyway, a picture says a thousand word...

My groupmates making the pumpkin pasta: Joseph, Jason, Cammie, Monica, Sabrina, VernMein and Huanting...

First bread in my life... Dragonfruit yoghurt bread! Looks good with the icing sugar (but actually didn't taste very good) haha!

Having fun cooking in the lab!

People, people and people....

Cooking or doing surgery? Haha

What's so funny Joanne Jun?! (u know i know.. hehe)

Ok, enough of pictures. I'll update again after the food fair.. Oh ya.. Next week I got another class presentation, for the Food Chemistry Assignment.. I can't wait! I love presentation! Haha... It's a good training for me! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


*cough cough* (blog的灰尘太多)

这个semester真的超级忙碌。。。而且那些courses很难 @@ (Principle of Nutrition, Waste Management, Food Chemistry, Food Processing & Preservation) 前天有presentation, 昨天有两个test(晕) 现在总算有时间喘喘气了。Principle of Nutrition 的 presentation我还蛮满意的,至少有进步,不会紧张和怕在人前说话了。都是MsRachel罗,每天在班叫我的名字 XD 希望还有更多Presentation让我好好磨练自己!(路人:神经病!) Tests我没话说了,两天睡少过6小时,我尽力了。Food Chemistry还好,Principle of Nutrition难到~~~~~~~~~~(拉很长〕Ms Satvinder 真是有你的~ =_= 刚刚从五点多睡到晚上12点多,你知道我有几累了罗~

我的wisdom tooth回来找我了!(泪) 去年年底,它折腾了我一个礼拜,吃不下睡不好~ 好不容易熬过了~现在又痛回=.= 不过现在有经验了,还好。OralB漱口水使用量快要大到可以当水喝了@@ 现在只能吃软的面,粥,麦片,蛋etc~ 肉不能吃T.T 大家想象以下,用门牙压自己的舌头。。。那就是我现在吃东西的方法 >_< 好了过后我要大爆发去吃buffet!!!

接下来要忙的是Food Chem Presentation 和 Food Fair... 加油! 现在的我目标很正面,就是尽力做好每一件事,挑战每天遇到的问题!眼看当学生的日子还剩不久了,不能让自己松懈下来!要变得更独立,更强,因为未来的日子一定会更辛苦!现在在KL驾车,有好有坏罗。。好的是可以训练我的Driving Skill,坏的是每天要早起身和打油很贵 @@

身为音乐达人,当然要介绍新歌给大家啦 XD 这首歌是郭静的《每一天都不同》歌词写得太好啦,看了让人更有冲劲!完全符合我的心情! "不喜歡別人說我幸運,他們不懂我有多麼努力", "偶爾失去什麼偶爾學到什麼,慢慢能翻越沙洲走出日落,每一天的我要比昨天遼闊"。

最討厭 要下不下的雨
可惜未來總是 撲朔迷離
如果摔的越痛 才越會飛行
快把我 丟向最高的天空裡

不喜歡 別人說我幸運
他們不懂我有 多麼努力
雖然衝動永遠 比堅持容易

碰到的事 每一天都不同
有的給我眼淚 有的給我笑容
走過的曲折 就全變成彩虹

遇見的人 每一天都不同
偶爾失去什麼 偶爾學到什麼
每一天的我 要比 昨天遼闊


Sunday, March 14, 2010



Monday, March 8, 2010


今天早上的FQM lecture我差一点迟到,不过还是赶到了。罪魁祸首就是它!

臭蚊子!本来我想当个乖学生,十二点睡觉(对我来讲算很早了〕,早上八点起床,九点去上课~ 怎知道... 我半夜三点给蚊子叮到醒,好烦啊!然后我想继续睡,可是真的睡不着 == 结果我上网上到六点早上,然后睡到九点才醒 ._. 好累啊~

到了college后,熊以一种淫笑的眼神看着我。。。惨!平时我很早到,所以爬上桌子按slide projector 开关这种玩命的工作通常都是他负责 (对,我们学校就是酱差水,projector 的 remote control 都买不起〕,今天轮到我按了=_= 还好很顺利,毫发无伤。 FQM继上次教的colour attribute,今天教food texture~ 还不错啦,蛮有趣的。。。

今天的AhPek class我竟然可以100%专心的听。。。(放烟花庆祝~〕不但做了很多short notes,重点是,当AhPek说课完了,我还有一种''作么时间过到酱快?'' 的feel~ 我觉得应该是上次的test太难了,不知不觉激发了我的奋斗力,让我身体研发出 AhPek-lecture-desleepygenase 的enzyme,不会眼睡了~ 太好了~我要继续这份斗志!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

zombies eating duck

Finally I finished my Microbiology Quiz (yesterday) and Business Statistic MidTerm Exam (today)! Hahaha.. I've become a zombie now seriously... ==

The day before yesterday, I studied microbiology until 4am something only sleep.. then woke up at 8am... Thanks god, the quiz was rather easy... I think I did okay.. haha... Then after go home and sleep, need to study for Business Stat again =.= This 1 worse, because I kept procrastinating until 10pm only I start.. So I end up whole night didn't sleep @@ The exam was quite hard, but I think should be okay... =x During the exam, I too sleepy already, there were a few questions that I did in sleepy condition. Lucky my concentration come back at the last 45 minutes, so I checked again. Yea, really alot of mistakes haha, lucky I managed to correct it. =P

After the exam, I wanna sleep so much, but still need to discuss Business Statistic Assignment, next wednesday need to pass up already.. Then next monday got MetaChemistry quiz, tuesday got FoodQualityManagement quiz again.... Oh my god~

Okay, talk about today's lunch.. Zack and Joseph fetch us (me, Kevin, Shawn, Enoch, Janice, Eva, WeiQiang and Yenchew) to 新明记SunMing Restaurant to eat DUCK RICE~! Waa... very very nice... We ordered the roast duck and charsiew!
Ok, a picture says a thousand words, I googled some pictures for you guys... have a look...
The restaurant... located beside Domino's pizza opposite UCSI~

The roask duck! The duck skin is quite crispy and very flavourful~! Mostly the duck we eat outside is very rough and dry.. But this 1 very juicy and tender! It taste so nice with the gravy! I really couldn't complain about anything haha.. Just abit too oily maybe. Overall it's very nice, best roast duck I've ate before! *Thumbs up*Waa... I am drooling now while blogging.. Haha.. The charsiew really very nice.. I think maybe even better then the duck... The meat is not too fat not too dry, very juicy! The outer membrane (result of study too much microbiology ==) layer is well roasted, sometimes the charsiew we ate at other place too hangus already, but this is just right. ARGH~ Really very delicious leh!!!!!

Ok, I am so hungry now cause I didnt eat anything for dinner~ == By the way, my family is coming to KL this weekend for my brother's convo~ yay... I am SOOOOO gonna bring them to eat this cause I wanna eat again let them try~ XD

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lou Sang! Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

Today after Business Statistic tutorial ended, Zack called me, Kevin and Enoch to go to 118 Food Court to eat.. I wanted to go at the first place, because i wanna order the roast chicken + roast pork rice, cause I saw Joseph ate last week and it looked nice!

But things always don't go the way which you've planned =P Munnie, Joanne and BeeLay came to grab our people, Joseph, to go Sakae Sushi to 'lou sang' with them... I was trapped in a dilemma @@ I wanted to go to 118 to save some money, since the food is cheaper... but Sakae Sushi Lou Sang seems very attractive... XD And the three girls kept 'aiyo.. go lah, once in a year!' etc etc...

So, at last, me, Joseph, Shawn, Kevin, Joanne, Munnie and Beelay went to Leisure Mall Sakae Sushi. Haha. Zack, Leslie and Enoch went to 118, they called us to shout their name when lou sang, and WE ACTUALLY DID THAT!

Food time! I ordered some sushi, a beef ramen, and the MOST IMPORTANT ---- LOU SANG! For the first time I lou sang with friends, and for the first time I tried Japanese style lou sang. It's very nice!! Not too sweet! Quite reasonable as well for the big portion..

Let the pictures talk!

Shawn yawning, Joseph eating, and Beelay ordering~ Have you notice that Sakae sushi's way to order food? Use mouse and computer to order one, damn IN lol

Kevin and Shawn (again)

Munnie showing her rabbit teeth and Joanne playing with her camera~

The Lou Sang... VERY VERY NICE! RM38.80.. Approximately RM5.50 per person... Consists of Salmon, egg, mushroom, seasoned seaweed, cucumber, fried crab stick slices, sesame, pickled ginger, fried tempura batter (in small bits, very crunchy!)... As you can see, it's different with the chinese lou sang... But actually I prefer this =P

FINALLY finish lou-ing.. HAHA... Eating~

Nice yummy! =D

By the way, there was a very funny incident.. After we add all the ingredients.. then we started to lou... lou lou lou till half.. Suddenly...

Beelay asked :'' Why so dry 1 ar??''
Everyone:''.................'' *Look at the sauce*

Hhaahaha... We forget to pour the sweet sauce! XD So we have to lou again.. But it's fun haha!

My beef ramen! Seriously this taste great! RM14.90... Still okay, because there's alot of beef as you can see~ Content: Very thin beef pieces, fish cakes, mushroom, vege, egg. The ramen is very chewy.. the soup is not too salty... I love it! The egg is very special... The egg white is completely cooked and hard, but the egg yolk still soft.. I wonder how they cooked it? Haha..

Aiyo.. after try Sakae Sushi today, I don't know whether Zanmai nicer or Sakae nicer, haha.. But both better than Sushi King~ I will give Sakae Sushi a rating of 8/10! Thumbs up!

After that, we went to watch [72家租客], a chinese new year comedy... I wanted to go the Ah Pek class at the first place.. really.. but most of them don't wanna go.. so it's abit 扫兴 if I strongly insist that I wanna go to class... =x Sorry Ah Pek~ Alright, excuses! I admit =.= But I never skip class before (for this semester), so one time is ok =P

Ok, talk about the movie.

At first I thought this movie won't be really funny, because for the last few years, the hongkong new year movies weren't that impressive.. But this is an exceptional case! Hahah.. really funny la... we laughed so loud! And there were a few scenes where some of the audiences actually clap their hand because it's too 经典! Undoubtedly, the funniest part is when XiuTouHong met SekKin in the charchanteng, and they use the chili sauce, kicap, and sugar to make up! HAHAHAH!!! I can't stop laughing when I saw XiuTouHong used sugar as her eye shadow! XD

Today I really enjoyed myself a lot! And I am going back to Kuantan tomorrow! Yay, I am ready for Chinese New Year!

Gong Hei Fatt Choi everyone~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I always wanted to blog, but lately the workloads are getting more and more.. Assignments, lab reports and midterm quizes started to pile up... @@ Ok let's talk about what I did this week... XD

This wednesday I went to Times Square and Sungei Wang with Dunkin, Enoch, Zack and Kevin. Haha.. Zack fetch us~ Save the trouble from 'sardine-ing' in the KTM and LRT~ We were so hungry after we reached Times Square.. So.. It's time for FOOD! haha..
I've been craving for BBQ Plaza since the last time I went there~ The price is cheap, big portion and delicious!
A picture says a thousand words... =D
The fat pork pieces... To oil the hot plate...Beefs, muttons, porks, bacons, veges, taufupoks, fish cakes! Fishes, prawns, jellyfish, mushrooms, fishcakes, veges!Cooking in process... =PLol at the red 唐装.. XD so cute!

After that we went to buy clothes... I bought 1 pants only because we only got like... 2 hours+ to shop~ Got another pants I like, but it costs RM80! Short pants only leh.. So expensive.. I think very long at last I decided don't buy first.. wait next week... After Zack sent Dunkin back, me and Kevin went to Zack and Enoch's house, cause its still too early to go to pasar malam~ They play DotA~ I wanted to learn how they play but it's too complicated to me haha.

Zack said he wanna sleep for AWHILE 1st.. See his blanket.. So wild! HAHA.. Ok so he end up sleeping from 7 until 9 something @@ Then we went to pasar malam.. walk walk eat eat.. takoyaki all those lor... And before we walked back, I saw a pants.. 90% same like the RM80 pants I saw in Times Square! RM45 only! So I bought it~ 赚到~ lucky I didn't buy the RM80 1.. if not... I sure vomit blood! Need 汤鸡还神 liao... =D

Seriously I don't wanna go pasar malam anymore in the next 2 months! Sucks! Human-traffic jam until don't know like what... So crowded! I was sweating as if I am in a sauna room! =.= We went to Lesley's house at 11 something... Jesse was there too haha.. And I met a new friend, LengJie. She is Lesley's roomate. Very easy-going and friendly :D We chat until 12-1AM like that @@ Then Zack fetch me back to Puncak Banyan... Kevin wait for his mum at my house.. So damn tired! After Kevin back and I finished my bath, its already 2.30AM! I can't imagine I went out for 15 hours! I repeat, 15 hours! From 9am till 1am! And the next day I need to wake up at 8.20AM~ Pengsan liao ~~~~


Oh ya.. I wanna blog about today's Food Quality Management replacement class.. Finally~~ Food Module starts! Meaning that we'll start to study about Food (finally!) For those who didn't come to today's lecture, you sure will regret :P because today we had SOOOOOOOOOOO much FUN!

We learned about sensory evaluation today, which means evaluate food using the 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, sound, touch). So Ms.Carolyn firstly gave us some flavoured paper strip dipped in difference type of essence and asked us to guess what's the flavours~ The flavours are rose, mango, banana and vanilla~ Haha... I managed to get 3/4 correct~ So pro my nose! XD

Then Ms.Carolyn took out 2 cups of drink and ask volunteers to guess what's the flavour~ Enoch and Corliss went out... Corliss guess her cup of drink correctly, it was peach tea.. Then Enoch drink drink drink... drink very long also cannot guess HAHA. Then after Ms. Carolyn said it was Lychee, everyone boo him (in a joking way la) hahaha~ Lesley's gang kutuk him 'So obvious, like that also dont know!' Poor Enoch XD

Think thats all? No~! The best part going to start now! Ms.Carolyn took out potato chips, cadbury chocolates and mentos! Eating at the lecture 光明正大 for the first time.. LOL! She called us to write down the attritube of the food in terms of the 5 senses. I did wrote them on a paper, but i notice most of us just eat only! HAHA! Very fun lecture~! I like FQM because Ms.Carolyn really put effort (and money too!) to make the class interesting... We were eating and laughing most of the time~

A great day indeed!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

today is a good day

Today is a good day...
because I paid 99% attention during the microbiology class~

Today is a good day...
because I met the-long-time-no-see-Maymay~

Today is a good day...
because I went to eat snowy ice~ yummy~

Today is a good day...
because I didn't fall asleep during Ah Pek's class~

Today is a good day...
because I sat Kevin's car back, no need walk the tiring shortcut~

Today is a good day...
because I get free taufufah from Kevin's mum lol (thankyou and paiseh)~

Today is a good day...
because I didn't take any nap~

Tomorrow will be a good day...
because I am going back to my home sweet home! =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


本来我上个星期已经约了Berry,Kevin,Joseph和Dunkin要一起去看梁文音的~怎么知道,竟然全部都不是临时有事就是来不及,没有车etc etc etc~ 4 架飞机leh!真是有给他够力到。。。 本来调埋心水一个人去的,突然想到宅男阿熊~!本来以为他要去Church所以没有叫他的,可是他讲他睡迟了~所以我们决定今天不要做宅男,一起去看美女~


熊的red bean island+特色板面。。。
吃到一半yiyi(fans club的head)打给我。。。她说有多一张的通行证~太感谢他了~可以签名了 XD 我在吃面的时候还跟熊讲:“其实我没有他们酱迷啦。。只是刚好文音来cheras所以我才去看她~好像他们有买club的衣服,我就一定不会买的~”

怎么知道我一去到跟yiyi拿通行证的时候,她看到我没有club衣服,就问:“你要买团服吗?没有强迫性的~RM18”我想到上次我去my astro演唱会的时候大家都有团服只有自己没有。。还有不好意思拒绝的情况下。。买了。还换mai tim。换了衣后,有人拿加油扇子给我。。LOL还有其他人跟我聊天。。看来团服真的很有用。。。可怜的熊~陪我在那里站。。哈哈。还要装high和我们一起喊~lol (我感觉到熊觉得很o_O haha)

人好多啊~ @@ 我和熊拍的照片。。
到我了~紧张啊~握手的时候更紧张 @@ 和上次在演唱会不同。。这次是近距离~我们一共讲了4个字。。我:“加油!”她:“谢谢!”LOL

过后有记者拍照,穿团服的人可以站比较前。。 哈哈~ 不懂有没有拍到我leh? 我妈妈看到一定讲我傻了~
要走罗~ 临走时,我努力伸出手~ 哈哈,她又握我的手耶!Lucky! 哈哈~ 再见罗~
没有想到我竟然变成了以前我所谓的“痴线geh fan屎”=.= 其实我没有酱颠的~一切都是巧合~不信问熊啦~不过还蛮好玩的啦。。哈哈哈哈