Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love Kuantan

Yes, I skipped my 3 hours java lecture at last saturday cause I wanna go back to Kuantan~ Many of my friends went back too, so it's worth to skip java cause maybe won't much opportunities to gather like this in the future. At first I wanna sit bus with Ting and Shinn, but my mom called my bro fetch me. So good ^^ Let me refresh back what I did from last Friday to Sunday...

At first sure must eat with family 1st la~ Family most important mah XD So I went to eat at Specky Guy with my family~ Finally got some good food eat~ And I ate lots of DURIAN and mangosteen~ Walao~ Damn nice la~ I should've eat more! ShinnYonn and TingYee stayed in my house for 2 nights~ And we have a gathering at Friday night, so I drove JiHong and SinMun to TC to meet the others. Firstly we go eat the-must-eat-dessert at Kuantan JELLY ICE~ JiHong and SinMun birthday at 30th June and 3rd July, so we celebrate their birthday along, so lucky and so good~ I also hope next time my birthday got so big gang of old friends celebrate with me T^T

Guess what cake we ate? Its Cheese Choc AGAIN~ I just ate the same thing that morning during Joanne's birthday celebration at Secret Recipe. Mana tau in the next 6 hours, I eat Cheese Choc again~ Siao @@ Normally I wil sapu the remaining of the cake 1, but this time eat until very 'zai' ady~ Haha. Then we went to the beach to sit~ Walao~ I damn miss the sand and the sea breeze~ So comfortable! That's why I love Kuantan more than KL, and I'm sure I'll always do =)

And then TingYee called JiHong to perform his poem which make him a champion at KBU poem competition. He was so into it until his hand shiver and so got feel~ Great job~ Then as usual we chat alot and take lots of pictures~ Talked alot with Grace and YongQian that night cause they sat beside me. Grace said she changed, but she still speaked very soft haha. But I can see she became more humour, she laughed when I told her the tsk tsk tsk cicak joke. Haha. Sometimes I really think when you're with a group of friends, chat is way better than watching movie or singk or whatever, simple but wonderful~!

After that I drove JinJin and JiHong back, ShinnYonn and TingYee back to my house. Walao~ JinJin house quite scary, not her house scary, but the small terbiar wooden house opposite her house. That time was around 12am, after she went into her house, I want make a U turn 1, but after my car light terpancar at the house, I was so afraid then I decide not to do the U turn. Lol. Don't why but the window and door and the emptiness of the house make me feel very scary.

Then later JunJun and Gabriel came to my house~ 5 people slept in 1 room~ We slept at 2 something I guess~ Ting Yee 'Uek uek uek' joke is super funny~ Finally I mastered it haha! Originally we wanna sleep until naturally wake up.. Mana tau that saturday SABS and SMART school (Did I told you my house is located behind 2 secondary school?) got ganti kelas~ The announcement very noisy = = So we woke up at around 11pm.. then I drove them to eat breakfast 牛腩面~(I really drove alot this 3 day haha~ To improve my driving skill mah)

Then saturday afternoon, I drove them (again) and SinMun to Megamall to play bowling~ Wasai~ Don't know why my skill degraded so much.. I only get 30+ and 60+ leh.. so damn cha~ Must go midvalley practice again!! I'll rematch with u nex time, TingYee! We bought ticket for Transformer 2~ Guess what.. 12.40am starts~ = = And you can't imagine how many people wanna watch TF2, from afternoon to midnite all full! So we need to sit at the 3rd row from screen..

Then when ShinnYonn went to the SABS prom nite, I watched 金曲奖 lor~ Then when reach 11pm like that, we went to Megamall to yumcha~ Meet Chee Yuan also~ Then when wanna start watch movie that time, I already half-dead, long time no sleep ady @@ Somemore I sit so infront, my head become very dizzy lor.. keep wanna fall asleep~ Then when got loud sound 'Bang!' I keep tio shocked. Lols, finally can understand the feeling of driving when mengantuk~ The movie is nice! Yeng~~ I so sleepy also think the movie is nice, so I assume that if I am not sleepy, the movie will be super nice. Hmm.

Watched until 3.30am.. then 4am only reached home, lucky is JunJun fetch.. If I fetch sure accident @@ Then the next day before went back SY and TY eat lunch with my family and I~ After my bro sent ShinnYonn to his auntie house, we heading back to KL T^T

That's all about my Kuantan 3 days holiday~ I love it! See you soon, my friends!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some memories just won't fade, even with great distance.

Year 2003...

I met someone name ShinnYonn, studied at the class beside my class~ But nothing special cause I rarely talk to him...

Year 2004...

He went to my class and he became my best friend. Then I realised that he stayed very close with me, just a few streets away from my house. So we played together either at his or my house very often~ Every friday we went to pasar malam together, eating char kuew teow at the slide~ That's one of the happiest moment in my life, cause I don't have to complain that I have no childhood friend live around me anymore!

Year 2005...

Nothing last forever. He need to migrate to England cause his father is working there... Just when I thought I met a really good friend, he had to go~ The undescribable feeling of lost...

I still remember the day he called me when he's about to leave. It was during morning before I went to school. 'Yh... I have to go now, take care!' Simple words, but great sadness. I didn't know what to say at that time, so I said 'Ok.. you also take care at England!' I should've said something more. After that, my tears kept flowing without any reason... Then I wiped off my tears and went to school... Then when my friend asked me 'You cried ar?' then I felt very sad again~ It took really long time for me to get used to it... Haiz. No more people accompany me to pasar malam, no more house for me to go and play after school...
Top: JiHong, CheeSiang, Kim, Gabriel, JunJun.
Mid: ShinnYonn, Me, HuiYi, SookMun, JyoLyn
Bottom: YongQian, SinMun, SuMin, HuiLing.
MaeLyn, BoonHwee, ShinnYonn, Me, JyoLyn, YongQian. (At ShinnYonn's house)
Year 2006...

He came back to visit us! I am glad that he didn't change at all~ Let the pictures talk~

Year 2009...

After 3 years, he came back again so we had a gathering at Midvalley today~ ^^

People who attended: Me, ShinnYonn, JyoLyn, Kok Thong, Ting Yee, Boon Hwee, JiHong.

Me, Shinn Yonn, Boon Hwee. Taken at The Gardens, FongLye Taiwan Restaurant.

Me,Boon and Ting aka yam lou~

Ji Hong the latecomer.

Me and ShinnYonn~ Like the good old times =)

The Beasts.

The group photo! XD

Beside lunch, we also went to play bowling.. and today's bowling sucks! Not to mention the crowded place and smelly shoes, the worst part is the keep 'hang' machine! play 1 around also need 1 hour + damn~ Watch out TingYee and ShinnYonn, I'll beat you guys in Megamall bowling court at Kuantan! Be prepared~! XD

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zombie Morningmare

Wasai... yesterday night I play game until 3 something only sleep, cause today no early class mah... So I expect I will play until very shuang and sleep until very full... Mana tahu, I dream something very scary... And it's so realistic and I can still remember!

I went to a very tall building (not sure whether it's hotel or shopping mall) with Berry, Joseph, Kaizhen and Shawn (the lucky chosen one to appear in my dream). Then we're going for a movie, a movie about zombie (the movie name is dont-know-'Hawk xxx'-what, is there really a movie like that in reality?) = =

The cinema is located at 16th floor. (16 is the keep-appearing-number in this dream.. should I go and buy toto with this?) So we take lift to 16th floor, except Shawn (I dont know why he didnt watch the movie, but in real life he is the one like to watch zombie movie! Maybe we boycott him in the dream XD) After we reach, we went out from the lift, and the light is 'blinking' and there're some weird sound like someone shouting... Then KaiZhen said she saw 'something' sitting on a chair, so we all very scare and go back to the lift again, and run to other floor...

Then...OH SHIT~ I left my bag there at 16th floor! So we all take the lift back to 16th floor... Then we realise that beside the lift got a TV showing the trailer la, thats why got light blinking and weird sound~ (Lol I know its lame...but thats what you call a 'dream') So we head to the cinema~ The movie starts abit only then I can't stand the disgusting scene so I wanna call Shawn and give him the ticket (looks like the ticket can be used to reenter the cinema @@) When I walk to the 16th floor lift again, I feeling not comfortable because there's no one there. So I climb stairs to 15th floor to take the lift.. Then I can't find 15th floor lift, so I went back to 16th floor...

Oh, I saw the lift door closing~ So I quickly run and a kind woman in the lift help me to press the lift button, so I manage get in the lift. She's those Arab-ish women who wear tudung but her skin is fair and her eyes are blue. I smile at her then she also smile at me.. She smile until half... then turn into laughing... Then she start shivering her body, her face become pale... Then her zombie teeth coming out! Wasai.. So she is the real zombie! I was like so damn scare in the lift!!! I can't do anything! I thought ''I'll REALLY die this time...''

Okay, stay tune for next episode, same time, same day, at green-kiddo! ^^
I was joking. The dream continue.

Then the women wanna come and do-what-zombie-do to me and I was like o_O and my leg shivering, so helpless! And the lift move so DAmN slow! Just about she wanna bite me.....

Ok then I woke up = = yeah lucky it's just a dream. But it was so realistic and dramatic, cause the Arab women don't look like a zombie AT ALL~ What this dream trying to tell me? Hmm.. Not to judge a book by its cover? Not to simply wholeheartedly trust anyone? Then when I trying to get out from my bed, I realise that my legs 'soft' liao~ See how realistic is this nightmare morningmare @@ Maybe because yesterday I read a blog post with the title 'How Garlic Chase Vampire Away' thats why I dream horrible dream. = =

p/s: Hopefully tonight won't have episode 2.. cause got java test tomorrow = =ll

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something that's irreplaceable =)

In the midst of the night, I think of u...
cause you'll never make me feel afraid in the dark
Trapped in the vortex in my mind, I think of u...
cause you'll free me from the vortex of helplessness
When I feel so tired about my college life, I think of u...
cause you'll make me happy even though I am so tired
When I feel so worry settle down problems, I think of u...
cause you'll never make me worry about any problems
When I am laughing, I think of u...
cause you'll make me laugh always as much as I make u laugh
When I feel so sad, I think of u...
cause you'll always tap me on my shoulder w/o saying any words
When I feel so helpless, I think of u...
cause you'll always lend me a helping hand
When I feel so confuse which type of person should I be, I think of u...
cause you'll make me to become who I really am. w/o any mask to hide myself
When I feel so lonely, I think of u...
cause you'll fill up my empty soul
And I just wanna to post this, because.... I think of u.
A group of people who are irreplaceable in my deep heart core...

p/s: Although last time I told you try to adapt life in 'rumah papan', but just now I suddenly thought that 'rumah papan' really got alot of problem, in 'banglo' there's really where I can really be myself. Then 'rumah papan' different background, so many problem arise. Hm.. I guess you're right la~ So maybe u can keep on complaining about your 'rumah papan' XD Like wad u've said, I also suddenly feel like going back to live in my 'banglo', although I adapted to 'rumah papan' already, but.. sometimes will think also la..~ <-- Only someone will understand this paragraph XD

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heart Pain~~~!!!

Friday I went to Giant to buy food for weekend mah, cause weekend normally i stay at home and cook my own meal... Plan to cook chicken porridge de... So I bought RM4.90 de chicken meat and keep in fridge after I went home~

Then the next day, when I wanna cook the chicken porridge, i smell the chicken like got a bit weird weird smell like that.. But impossible lor, cause I never took it out for a long time wad.. why will smell bad? And I don't wanna waste the meat.. So I try to 'cover' the bad smell by marinate the chicken with kicap and pepper before I cooked it.

Then after my porridge done, I try to eat the chicken and see... Wasai~ got a very very weird smell.. like yoghurt+wine taste = = But I really think throw away the RM4.90 chicken very waste... So I try to ignore it and eat, but until the 5th piece I cannot tahan liao zzz @@ I threw them away~ with tears! Grrrr..

After that I think think think.. why I need so jitdoh (cantonese)? Know the chicken spoil ady still wanna eat.. How stupid I was~ Maybe because I staying outside, what also need use own money.. thats what make me so jitdoh~

Heart Pain arrrr~ RM5 fly away like that~ I want boycott Giant product ady! ARGH. Now my porridge no chicken liao. Siennn

Thursday, June 11, 2009




(根据Prof.HoSeeYee,MSN 里reply的‘oo’的数量,和他用的emoticon也能看出一个人想不想跟你聊下去) <- 不是搞笑,本人觉得很有道理



For example
‘不用紧的~还可以再考的嘛’ <- 这种话听到我就爽

总是觉得别人在背后duk你spinal cord <-好像有点破坏这篇文章的美感



By the way,我最近心情很靓,这篇绝对不是EMO的文章。我repeat,我心情很好。这篇纯粹是我个人最近的想法。如果你还是觉得我一定有什么问题才写这篇文章,neh,你就对我有偏见lor,反省一下~~


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brrrroooom to the zooooooooo~

Last saturday (lol.. I today only get photos), 4 eat kenyang nothing do de people -- me, Ah Tat, Ah Ying and Yong Xin went to the zoo, yes, Zoo Negara~ I also don't know why suddenly they say wanna go zoo. They say go visit relatives lol~ Since I saturday also nothing do and rot at home, better go zoo see animal lol.

Lol maybe you think it's childish but it's quite fun actually. Haha. I think there's a different feeling compare to when I went to zoo last time (when I was small), last time when see the animals we will shout 'waaa~ so cute' 'waaa so big~ But now we keep laughing on the animal stupid look. 'Yer, so yong sui haha.' The uglier the funnier. Haha.

TzeYing and Ah Tat came fetch me around 11am then go fetch YongXin~ We reach there around 12am I think cant remember lol. Can you imagine the hotness? The zoo entrance fee so exp liao~ Rm15~ YongXin said last time only Rm10~ Map also need Rm2. Siao~

Ok~ Here come the animals and the peeektures~

The driver.. so yeng~

On the way~ Me~

Outside the bee museum~ Nothing special lol~ Just bees and free honey to taste~ but we don't dare to taste it cause it looks dirty == Then we found something interesting.. This bee species known as scefionidae~ Have a look at the description.

See?! They born larvae on cockroach lol. Imagine the world of this bee family:

Bee A: Ahh~ So pain~! I wanna born baby liao! Cannot tahan liao!

Bee B: Omg! Emergency! All go catch cockroach!

Lol. Of course I know bee dont born babies. Take it as a lame joke =X

The cute monkeys aka YongXin's relatives! They like to climb here climb there.. And the way they walk on ground is so funny la! Cause their hand so long.. then walk on ground they need to lipat their hand. haha~

This hippo... Ah Tat said they're my relatives! Sooooo bad~ I think they look very alike with 2 lump of meat on a pot of bakuteh soup. Dont you think so? Haha. They so big size and lazy to move leh. TzeYing said they looks like Mr.BOOOO~ 100% agree!
The giraffe! Eh their tongue is super long and disgusting la wei~(See picture below) I think if the giraffe french kiss with another giraffe their tongue will 'da kek' (打结). Dont u think so? Haha. I wonder how they sleep..? Since their body so long. Hmm~

The flamingos! So elegant! Do you know how they sleep? They'll stand on 1 leg and put the other leg lipat inside their wing, then their long head lipat and put on their wing. So yeng~
The camel~ I hereby announce that camel is the most yongsui animal in Zoo Negara~ See the picture below and you'll agree with me. Really funny la Haha. We stare at it and laugh so long~ Haha. Yong sui dao~~~

Okay, 1 more shot. Give you 1 more chance.

Conclusion: Really yongsui.

The deers! A really big herd~ Then we notice 1 deer kena boycott~ Kesiannya~
And this greedy animal.. He wanna eat the pile of grass.. Then the grass stuck on its horn! Haha. So funny his stupid look trying to get rid of the grass lol~! After around 10minutes, finally he's free. xD See the deer looking at it. Lol.Two dears fighting~ Use the horn~ Eeee like very pain like that. Lucky no bleed. One of them very lansi lor! When fighting with the other deer, he pee leh. Then after he win, the loser go and drink his pee. Lol. Maybe thats their rule? @@ The black panthers fighting~ So scary~ Looks fierce~Then we go and rest and buy drinks~ So hot and tired walking~Turtles fighting for a fish! Lol.. I thought they are herbivour ==Chimpanzee~ Really looks like human lor. The way they behave. Lol you see his shaking his hand with his leg. Lol~

Then we notice this EMO chimpanzee. Looks like he's boring and sad with the zoo life. Sobsob~
Pelican~ Cool leh their big mouth. Fake lions.Real lions. When we reach there the lion just finish doing business with his wife @@ Rhino~ They say the rhino hand looks like those fat aunties hand. Lol.The tapirs. So lame lo. Keep sleeping only. But their stomach like very fat. Kinda cute.Then 3pm got show~ Of course we won't miss that. The parrot walking and turning on rings.

The money minded parrot who will fly over and pick RM10 from the audience~ I see so that's how the zoo earn other than the entrance fee @@
Seal. Their skin really good. So smooooooth~The sealion. So chubby leh~ Like the trainer! Haha. Cute~Very big Golden Dragon fish. But I think he somehow knock his backbone or spinal cord until his bone change shape. Lol.The aquarium. Swt~ This aquarium is boring and sucks. In my opinion, if you really wanna see better aquarium, you can go to seafood restaurant to see. At least got big crab, lobster and more special fish ==

Hmm. I keep back my words. At least at seafood restaurant u can't see ugly fish like this. Lol.Goodbye Zoo Negara~ That's all about my 1st trip to Zoo Negara~ ^^

After that, we went to KimGary in Tmn Maluri Jusco for dinner. Why Kim Gary? Let Bosco tell you. Because...

Yea~ Tze Ying birthday is around the corner so she can use the 50% coupon~! Btw, this is really good~ Cheese baked assorted mushroom~ After -50%, only RM3.80 xD We purposely wait all the food come 1st then only take photo~ to 'gek' those who fongfeikei~ actually still got garlic bread 1.. but we wait until to hungry so we eat it liao. LolTze Ying and my mix grill~Seafood plater for us to share~ ^^Ah Tat's set meal~Lemon Ice Blend for dessert!After that, we went to shopping. See la~ RM10 each. Thats why they behave like that. ==

Thanks for the nice trip and the super full dinner! xD

p/s: Gosh. Keep eating lately. :s