Friday, January 23, 2009


Yup another ghost movie 'They Wait' this week. What's wrong with people nowadays... Chinese New Year coming still want watch ghost movie... Really 'dai kat lai si'...

In my life from born till 17 years old, I have only watched ghost movies twice in cinema. But since I came to UCSI and met some crazy fellows, I've already watched 3 ghost movies in cinema within 3 months...

Watch ghost movie nevermind... the worst thing is.. when your housemate feel scare after watch it, you might be forced to share your room with another person.. and that's what happen to me yesterday.

Somebody said:'I very scare tonight i go you guys room sleep ar.' 4 people share 2 single bed.. and you know some people sleep will kick the leg out, some put hand out, some head simply put, some sleep like starfish... I cannot sleep on that night not because of scare of ghost or imsonia.. is because no place sleep.. so kesian... Then I have to go out sleep on the sofa... Until my backbone so pain... aduh..

Okay.. back to the movie...

Storyline: 8/10
Scaryness: 8/10
Actor: 8/10

This movie is about the hungry ghost festival, yes, the chinese festival. Kinda suprising cause I thought it was another zombie-ish movie. The actors are mostly chinese. Quite nice and meaningful~ Don't do bad things if you don't want 'they' wait you... Better than 'The Coffin' and 'Histeria'. 'The Coffin's plot too messy, sometimes will don't know what happening... 'Histeria' too grossy and bloody. And only grossy, the scary scene is nothing special...
I am going back to Kuantan tomorrow~ Too bad I can't catch up today's yc session and CK birthday celebration. Can't wait for angpao, new clothes & shoes~!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip to Sg Wang & Times Square (Again!)

Yesterday we went there again to do some new year shopping. Bought some clothes and pants again. And for the 1st time in my life i watch a Malay movie in cineme, and it's a HORROR movie, which I don't like...

Firstly James Kelly Kaizhen and me want to watch this...

But then another two troublesome people Shawn and Berry ONLY want to watch this...

So we watched the 2nd 1... It's so bloody. For me, I don't like bloody horror movie... If you watched Shutter (Thai version) before, you will know why it's still very scary even without bloody scene.. But it reminds me of Kem Diraja I participated in 2007, where many people kena histeria also, and even bomoh came to the kem! The only differences is there was no any killing/bloody incident in the kem =X Not too bad la...

We went to Gasoline, I suggested that place because some of my friends went there and said nice... Then I ordered a Guave Soda... It taste like COUGH SYRUP.. REALLY! Duh. Conclusion I won't go there again.. Wonder what's so nice about it.. \(>.<)/

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Semester Starts!

I know new semester starts like few weeks ago.. But I lazy mah.. so I update now la.. Better than nothing right? xD

This sem I taking only the 3 remaining subjects, Introduction to Business, Probability & Statistic, Computing Essentials.

Let's talk about Business, the lecturer teaching us is Mr.Gilbert (I call him Ah Gil, one of Twins HAHA), we still don't know whether he is Singh, Indian or what, and that's the only interesting thing we wanna know about him LOL. Seriously he explained very well and he can teach. We all agree about that. But Business is too lengthy and boring. It reminds me of Moral Studies when I looked at the note. Dang...

Probability is more interesting, I mean the notes itself. It is more arranged and easier to understand. But the class is so big, around 300 students I guess. The first class I went to was seriously crowded and noisy, you won't believe this... EXACTLY LIKE PASAR MALAM! But I guess I can't blame the lecturer for this, she's just a young lady and what can she do? I paid attention in the class, I think she explained about the chapter quite well. Well, it's a different story if you refuse to listen at all.

I won't going to talk much about Computing Essential since Mr. Alan from last sem's Computing Studies is teaching us again. Good thing I guess, since he gave lots of tips in the test/exam. Lol.

Have you guys bought your new year clothes? I did~ I went to Sungei Wang and Times Square with James, Joseph, Shawn, Kelly, Kaizhen, MeeMay and Berry yesterday.

We walked so damn long, from 12.30pm to 8 something. I admit I don't have much (more precisely 'any') fashion sense haha. And it's a good choice to shop with lots of people cause they can give many comments. It's better to let few of them flame you rather than go back to hometown and let everyone flame you right? Haha.

I bought 3 T-shirts, 1 shirt, 2 short pants with only RM200+ Quite cheap I guess? We are going there again next week, I need to buy a new pairs of shoes, a long pants and MAYBE 1 more shirt.

When I was waiting for Shawn to come out from the toilet, a old women approaced me and asking for money. 'I came from Singapore and I need 2bucks to take taxi to bus station (blah blah blah)...' you know la. All the cock and bull stories. Then I said I don't have any money left.

YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAID?! 'You die la 2bucks also dont have ar.' WTF? I mean those who lend her money is such a DUMBASS cause you know the money anyhow won't come back. Even it's just 2bucks, it's really annoying when someone come and ask for money. Dont't tell me you will lend her ar?

KL memang KL. Beg for money also different with Kuantan. I mean nowadays people really pathetic. Last time when people come and beg for money they will ask in a polite way, and even if you refuse, they will just go away quietly. What now? Scold me to die? Oh my god... I wonder if she will do the same to the tourists who came to Malaysia. At this moment I really want to curse her, but since she's an old lady... I think I'll just forget about it. Damn..

P/S: Such a loooooong post~ I hope it doesn't remind you about Business notes. =x