Monday, June 30, 2008

Ms Dayangku Norasyikin

She is my Moral Studies lecturer. She is a Malay + Chinese and she actually looks quite modern and preety.

We have our moral class during Monday and Wednesday morning 8.00am. That's damn early. Meaning i have to wake up at 7am. Aww.

Today, i felt very sorry for her. She looked quite sad today, and that's because of our class. Sometimes i felt that she is very 'geng' because even in the sleepy morning, she always show her bright smile to us even though we all look so dull.
Today when she was teaching, some student chatting themselves. One of them is me. Argh i am so damn sleepy so i chat with See Yee aka Si Fat who sit beside me. Then after i realize her dissapointed face i stop talking but the other student still make noise.Then she suddenly stop teaching and said: ' Ok. Since u all got no mood this morning, so i got no mood to teach also. Class dismiss.'
Then we all very quiet. After she saw our guilty face, again, she show her bright smile and said:' Really. Class dismiss. You all can go now. =) '
However, i can spot the sadness in her eyes. I rather to let her scold us. At least that will make her feel better. Sorry Ms Dayangku, we will pay 100% attention in the next class.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Argh my brother said he will give me my phone today, but now he said its either saturday or sunday!
Currently mood: BORED and ANNOYED

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Nuts . Crazy Wednesday

Every Wednesday, there will be a pasar malam near UCSI. The so-called largest pasar malam in KL. But actually the things sell there is quite common and repeating. For example, there are around 4 fried chicken chop shop there.

Today, i went there with mee may, caglvine, fuseng, jolly, christine, berry, wen chian, kai zhen and kelly. I ate quite alot of food there today hahaha.

Food of the Day is... tadang!

After that Mee May and others go back first. Then suddenly christine complained she's not full. So we go McD. Christine ordered Fillet-O-Fish meal and i ordered 1 banana pie~ Some crazy pictures...

Phew. After a tiring eating session, we went back to the hostel. The journey back to our hostel was damn tiring because it is a long slope. Like this.

After we reach our hostel, we sit at the TV hall to enjoy some cool fresh air and eat the tabao-ed food. Then we wasted almost 1 hour doing meaningless yet fun activities with my imagenery handphone. For example...

KaiZhen teaching me how to use the new handphone...

Taking photos... Even got flash, can u see it?


Conclusion: UCSI students are mostly nuts.

Goodbye and Hello

After using my nokia 3120 for almost 4 years, finally i can change to a better one! Rest in piece, Nokia 3210. Sobs

Bye bye! Hope i won't see u again~

Hello! Nokia N73! Woohoo

Will get it on Friday, that's tomorrow! yipee! Cant wait to try to 3.15 megapixel camera. More posts with PHOTOs coming soon!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Better bungkus dan balik kampung with this type of service and attitude

Today, after i finish my chemistry discussion, Jolene called me.

Jolene: Eh, pikachu.
Me: Yea. What?
Jolene: You wana go lunch anot?
Me: Now ar? Where? Go Silver River lar (my favourite restaurant).
Jolene: Ya. U walk first then later i decide already i call u.

Argh at last we went to another restaurant call Happy Family, not silver river, sobs. Today very special because many people ate lunch together. Me, Jolene, Joanne, Joseph, Nicole, Christine, Han Han, Shawn, Caglvine, Berry, Kelly, KaiZhen. Wow 12 people! By the way we really dunno why we go there eat lunch. The whole big restaurant only got 12 people leh, so i assume the food is bad. Hypothesis accepted. The food was bad very bad.

Jolene, Joseph, Nicole, Shawn, Caglvine ordered the YangZhou Fried Rice + Iced Lemon Tea Combo which cost them RM4.90 each. Sorry no picture. I drew it.

Rm4.90 for some mix beans and a piece of sotong (what i observed in joseph's fried rice). The worst part is the tasteless rice. I tried some of it. The rice HARD and DRY like sands on the Saharan Dessert. I think now my stomach still working very hard to grind and digest it. And it's really tasteless.

Rate: 1/10

Me and Christine ordered Mushroom Chicken Rice + Iced Lemon Tea Combo for RM5.90 each.

Actually mine is not that bad. But the rice again, spoilt the whole meal. My 1 even worse. The rice got abit yellowish brown in colour and very hard. I think it's from the bottom of the rice cooker, so got a lil lil bit hangus. Aiya duno how to cook rice still 1 open restaurant -__- Very hard to swallow lar.

Rate: 4/10

Kelly and Han Han ordered WaTanHor while KaiZhen, Berry and Joanne ordered Claypot LouShuFun. I duno how to describe the taste cause i did not taste it. But all of them complain except kelly and hanhan. Perhaps the watanhor is ok? @_@

Forget about the tasteless food. It's time to pay. The auntie's attitude... I'll describe it in dialogue.

Auntie: Wan pay ar?
We: Yes.
Auntie: Who want to pay go counter there.

*I tout u were suppose to show us the bill? Why we have to follow ur order? And why your face looked so unfriendly? *

After i paid, guess wad she said.

Auntie: Eh, call your fren that haven pay come here.
Me: ...
Auntie: 1 more loushufun haven pay, 1 more fried rice haven pay. Who ordered one?

*Seriously the auntie remind me of my primary school teacher. ''Who haven pass up their homework come find me'' ''Call your fren who haven pass up their homework come see me'' Cant believe i am in a restaurant. I tout i went to National Service. So scare we run meh. What type of attitude is that. Customers is always right!*

Auntie's attitude Rate: -10/10


Change another auntie. This auntie go sweep floor or wash toilet better. Boycott Happy Family! Silver River ROX! Silver River's aunties ROX!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My heart will JUMP on...

Recently, my room mate started to mix with his new friend. He become more happy and not so emo alredy. I am glad he made some real friends. But he dun talked to me, as usual. That's fine with me. =x

But got 1 thing... i cant tahan. Everyone knows i am timid, and my timidness increase to infinity especially in the middle of the night. He make a type of weird sound using his throat almost every night. The sound is like 'dok dok dok' lik that one, then his throat expanding a lil like a frog. If dun believe ask Caglvine. We saw it MANY times. Firstly i also felt very weird, but now i kinda used to it alredy. BUT WORST OF ALL, HE DREAM TALK LARRR....! Last time onli once in two weeks, now is like 2-3 times a week... Yesterday even TWICE in a day!

For example this week.

Wednesday midnite, around 2am.
I was bloggin and listening songs.Suddenly, he 'Hah...!' lik that. Then he suddenly jump up, looked like he had a really bad dream. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW I FELT AT THAT TIME?! I was really shocked u noe. It was the first JUMP of my little cuddly heart. Then i looked at him, his face looked very fierce. Maybe that's a horrible dream. Then he looked at me. Then i duwan looked at him anymore. Then he slept again.

Friday midnite 12.20 am.
I was bloggin and listening songs. He was asleep. Then he suddenly said :'' Eh... you dun so fast take that thing down lar...'' WTH take wad down lar!? Everytime speak half half. Dun play play lar wei. Got thing to talk talk in daytime lar. Everytime scare me lik tat. It was the 2nd JUMP of my little cuddly heart.

Friday midnite 5am (Yes 2nd time of that day)
I was sleeping that time. Then i woke up because i heard some sounds. Then i saw my room mate said :'' Faster lar.. fast la! fast! fast! '' This time even more special. WITH ACTION. His hand was like.. dunno how to say. Maybe he is riding a horse so he want to use a whip to whip the hourse butt. Ya his hand was like that. I HOPE HE WON'T WHIP ME WHEN I AM SLEEPING IN THE FUTURE 2 MONTH +


Dun say i am mean lor. I noe i cant blame him because it is not his intention to dream talk. But, i reli scare lar. Try to sleep in my room 1 nite then u will noe.

Next time i will follow Joanne and Joseph's opinion. Reply him when he dream talk.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Night of Sweet Cakesss

Today, Nicole who usually stays in her house, decided to come over to stay in our hostel for one day to play and eat with us discuss about the assignments and reports. After sent KaiZhen back, me, mei mei, caglvine, nicole, christine, kelly went to eat dinner together~

After that, we went to Giant to walk walk because we were quite full~ and guess what?! I SAW PIKACHUUUUUU~ so christine say wana take photo for me haha.
Because we all are crazy cake fans wanna welcome Nicole to come to UCSI hostel, we all went to SECRET RECIPE woohooooooo ehem.

All the cakes look so dammmnn nice lor. But we choose very slow because dunno wana choose wad flavour we want to choose the biggest piece and cheapest cake. I want strawberry cheese and chocolate indulgence. Kelly want mango delight. Christine want chocolate indulgence and newyork cheese. Lastly we decided to choose this. TA DANG!

After that we sitting on the table and started to worry about the price... @_@

YEAH the cakess arrived, then as usual, we started to snap photos with the cakes. haha. And we were so freaking NOISY until the aunty and uncle beside us keep staring at us. lol.

The picture above shows how desperate kelly can be, just for the last piece of mango delight. haha.

(Theme song of shark)... RM21.75! That means RM3.60 per person. Not very expensive lar, happy mah can lor hehe.

p/s: If u think we are rich boys and rich girls who splurge money like rubbish, go get urself a life. We know how to enjoy life once in a while. Stop bugging with your so-called USE MONEY WISELY.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Teardrops on my guitar =

Jyo Lyn was right. Now i know wad u mean 'the lack of perasaan in chinese song'.

Joanne was right. This is a very emo song. Even the music video.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Bianca Jolene!

The day before yesterday, 13th of June was Jolene's birthday~ I only knew her for around 1 and a half month and she invite al of us go her house already, she is such a friendly girl. It was so sudden, that time we were listening to the Math's lecture, then she suddenly passed a note and called everybody go her house play and stay lol. So me, joseph, caglvine, christine, kaizhen, berry and nicole followed jolene to her house. Too bad Joanne and Munnie cant go to the party. Jolene even belanja us the kmt and lrt tickets. Then when we reach selayang, we went to her house by taxi.

When we just reached Jolene's house.

Me and birthday girl Jolene

Before the party started, we go bath 1st, of coz NOT TOGETHER. Then we start eating alredy haha. Got shandy, peanuts, rendang and curry chicken, bihun and satay (everyone's favourite!).

Me, Kaizhen and Berry eating xD

After eating then we played some games lor, 'Dare or Dare' hahas, means u've got no choice.

Poor Christine lost her 1st kiss to a dog =x But the dog really very cute xD

And Nicole need to drink a mixture of whiskey and shandy.

After that we sang song for Jolene and ate the delicious chocolate cake~ Yummy! Then the craziest part start. Jolene and her friends started dancing and we all dunno how to dance lor. So we just looked lik tat lor. Jolene's dance really nice, can compare with taiwan Jolin Tsai. I wondered where she learned all those stuff. Her sister and mum also dance together, wow, so cool la wei. Then Jolene keep dragged us to dance together lor, so funny. But we all dance like marching. Lol

Now u know what i meant by marching...

After around 1 am, most of Jolene's friends went back already, except 7 of us, the UCSI gang, cause we goin to stay there overnite mah. While Jolene was busy talking on phone with her boyfriend, we chat and took lots of cool photos.

This is my favourite shot! But caglvine's head senget abit =x sayang betul

Pure friendship only =P

Around 3am, started to feel tired. @.@

KaiZhen even slept lik tat.

Then Berry told us ghost stories lor.. Damn scary u noe, especially at that time... and especially told by Berry... become even more scary! But we were too tired, so we went to sleep at 5am. Boys 1 room, girls 1 room lar of coz. The air con damn shiok la wei. Thx Jolene and her family for everything!

The girls woke up so early, around 10am, dunno how they sleep 1 lor. So they came to spot check us! Argh. And they snapped our ugly sleeping pose! =x Luckily they didn't do anything bad to us lor. If not i dunno how to tell my parents. Haha

By the way, thanks Christine for lend us the camera and took so many nice photos! Especially with the dog one, so cute lor!

Really a great party! Happy Birthday Jolene!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am dying~!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


我发现许多人看了我和我room mate 相处的事之后,都会有几种反应。这些反应可以分成三大型:
1) 共鸣认同型
‘做么他酱的喔。。 好彩我没有酱的room mate。’

2) 可怜同情型
‘你很惨喔。Feel sorry for u. ’

3) 开解安慰型

想了很久,其实我觉得有一点对不起他。对,我是跟他相处得不是很愉快,而且我也觉得他真的很奇怪。但是,因为我写的blog,很多人看了都会有以上的这种反应,对我的room mate产生一种偏见,反感。每个人的想法都不一样,我顶不顺他,不代表大家都不喜欢他。所以,借由这篇post,我想要说那只是我的想法,我发泄的管道。我希望大家,尤其是我的classmate,都能带着一颗平常心去对待他,或许他对你们很好呢? 你们自己去衡量吧。


如果你看到的话 :
我看得出你想改过,可是我已经在我心中建立了一道心墙,或许我对你的心态已经不一样了。当上次caglvine跟我讲,你说你不喜欢参我是因为我很贪玩很多话讲的时候,我真的很shock。我之前看到你酱静和自卑,还故意跟你说话,没想到这样反而会造成你的反感。你的这番话,就像钉在木板上的钉子,就算硬硬的把它拔起,还是会留下难以磨灭的痕迹。一个人的生活并不好受,我想你也很清楚。难道你要在这四年都一个人吃东西,一个人读书,一个人开心吗? 希望你会把你直接的性格改掉,更希望你能找到你自己的朋友。

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I bet everyone's wondering what's my hostel room look like. Since i dun have a camera, i cant upload it, so sad =(

However i drew it on PAINT just now. HAHA. Cant believe i can draw art like dis =P

Tell me whether its nice? BUT DON'T HURT ME.. if not it will turn out to be like this :

Hahax.. joking. I wont be like him ok? =x

The Formation of AERO !

Inspired by Mr.Caglvine's post... I've got something to anounce. Since both of us share the same 'interest', i decided to form the Anti Eccentric RoomMate Organisation ( Thx to JyoLyn about the word 'eccentric' xD ), in short AERO. Anyone face the same problem? Wanna join me? xD lol

Well, i am not trying to be mean. He started it all anyway. =x

Sunday, June 8, 2008



想不到这'一下',他就把手中的报纸丢下,大大力的用手拍我的stereng:‘你刚刚是不是看右边?! 你做么看右边!我不是叫你看左边的咩?’
‘做么我教你的你不要听! 现在你是觉得你厉害过我啦,不用听我讲的啦! 人家学车不是酱的,人家什么都听我的,因为人家知道我比他们厉害,所以不会自作聪明的!你这种人,要找律师才讲得过你!’
[ p/s:不要以为我加盐加醋,他真的是酱骂我。]


厉害咧?酱都是我的错?! 酱老还酱够火,鬼晤望你早日骂到爆血管,提早去西方极乐,投胎做窗口啦--每天给人抹(骂)!

嗯。。。 本来不想做到酱绝的。不过想到昨晚赶REPORT赶到酱惨,不跟大家分享就太对不起自己和他了,既然他都酱做了,本少爷就奉陪到底吧。大不了一拍三散,呵呵。

想起第一天去宿舍登记的时候,是一个美丽的早晨,很期待认识新朋友! 过后看到我的roomate了,他的样子很普通,不像是个坏人。之后跟他讲一些老套话后,就搞的整个场很冷。晚上,他的哥哥很好人,还带我去吃东西。一开始的我,觉得自己蛮幸运的,至少没遇到什么坏人。可是过后发现他的人越来越怪了,又很静。

有一次,我把钱包放在床上,只是视线离开了钱包一下子,他就以很严肃的样子讲:‘你的钱包最好不要乱乱放,等下不见了,大家伤感情就不好。’ 虽然他讲得很对,但是酱讲话会让人感到很压力,用不用酱喔。

过后,我们认识了caglvine,joseph,和chloe。有一次我带chloe和joseph去吃一个rm8的羊扒+spagheti,真的很值得。然后我的roomate就一直讲我们很有钱。叫他去吃东西,他讲:‘我要ngai面包啊,那里像你们酱有钱。’ 过后我们有讨论到要不要一起出去condo住,他当着我跟caglvine讲:‘改次我们出去住啦,他们三个(我,joseph, chloe) 住hostel啦,他们酱有钱。’ 当时有一点顶不顺他了。

有一次,我和caglvine在聊天,问他有没有开心的事。他就微笑地讲:‘我都没有童年的。那里像你们酱开心。’ 超怪的! 之后,我问他有没有会家庆祝母亲节,他就冷冷地对我说:‘我们家没有庆祝这些东西的,家人也没有庆祝生日,过年时也很少拜年的。’ 真的无法想象他的生活。

Caglvine 是住我们的宿舍的,时常来找我们聊。过后,caglvine跟我的roomate越来越熟了,就时常跟他讲话。可是,有一次caglvine跟他讲话时,他竟然当面告诉caglvine,‘你不要一直讲话可以吗?你知不知道你很烦?’ 当时我也在场,我就整个人呆住了,‘天啊! caglvine一定很难受。’

过后caglvine比较多跟我讲话了。有一次caglvine跟他讲话,他竟然当这我和joseph的面跟caglvine讲:‘你去参他们啦,我跟你已经不一样channel了。’ 我真的不明白他,他好像要弄到自己一个朋友也没有酱。我们要去pasar malam,就想顺便叫他去咯。‘你们要去pasar malam 啊? 你们去我就不要去了,我有一点东西要做。’ 他的人真的超怪的。

有一次我和caglvine在房间聊天,他回来了,看到我们,就讲:‘我有没有打扰你们啊?’ 酱子讲是什么意思噢... 好像一直要跟我们划清界限酱... 除此之外,他还super kiamsiap的! 每天讲自己没钱,问他要不要看戏,‘你给钱我就看啦!’ 问他要不要吃东西 ‘你给钱我就吃啦’。 做人做到酱,用不用哦。。。

在一个美好的夜晚,我被吓得半死--他梦游啊! 我看到他突然起身,走了几圈,又回去睡。我盯这他桌子上的水果刀,真的很怕他突然拿刀捅我啊! 阿弥陀佛! 除此之外,他还说梦话咧! 一开始caglvine来我房间玩到半夜他听到的,告诉我他在梦里骂粗口,我不是很信。前几天我我终于听到了! 他在梦里骂:‘c'bai! c'bai! 我家有double啊,single啊... ’ 吓倒我一跳,两跳,三百跳啊!

重点来了! 之前我们还不懂他是酱的人,看他酱惨就跟他一group咯。想不到他不只怪,也不会合作的。我们前几天没有做那个report先,他就一直在那边讲我们。‘人家的group全部要做完了啦,哪里像你们每天拖到最后,没有时间观念。’ 好,我们开始做了,他讲他打字慢,画画烂,写字丑,就给他做intro咯。他就再那边写写写,不懂写什么屁,全部没有关系的,后来还是要我们自己做。过后我和caglvine就跟他讲,他说:‘我就是酱废的啦,我改次也会酱废下去的。’ 拜托,酱子我们add你进group做什么?什么都不要做。那时他做那个cell observation 的 intro,他写什么‘cell is a very funny thing, its can carry out respiration...’。如果我真的酱写进report真的很funny一下咯。

下个礼拜要交report了,他之前一直emphasize他做完chemistry的了,还叫我给他pendrive录给我,自己回家吃bak chang。昨天我和caglvine开来看的时候,里面只有短短的烂臭intro和refrences。过后我们用那段intro来search internet,发现全部是抄internet的! 如果被发现了, 我们就会被lecturer讲是plagiarism,直接0分啊! 好才我有check!

结果我和caglvine赶到三点半夜都还没做完,今天还要再做啊! 我想遇到这种人真的是我人生的disaster啊!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aiks too much nicknames

Although i tink my name is quite nice and special, dunno why so manny pple like to gimme nicknames =x Too much to remember.. I'll just list out some of the more popular 1.

1) Te-bak
Inventor: Jyo Lyn or Ji Hong, sorry i forgot =P
Meaning: Yes, if u r a hokkien, u noe wad it means.
It simply means this:

Hidden meaning: Look at the picture... so delicious. The hidden meaning of this nickname means i am delicious! LOL =x No lar.. i tink it means my body size kakaka

2) 小熊 (little bear)

Inventor: Taiwan Trip frens

Meaning: Not much meaning. They gimme this name after i wear dis stuff on my head for fun. =x Then our team ldr suddenly say i look lik bear... tat's all =.=

3) Bakuteh (Yes, the bakuteh that can be eaten)

Inventor: Jia Li
Meaning: Just because she like to eat bakuteh very much, then after she become my good fren, she started to call me bakuteh, then her fren also call me dis name. swt
Hidden meaning: Well my friend like to relate me with piggy..u noe why... == just the same case they like to relate junjun with chicken =P

4) Want Soup (Yes, this is the new one)

Inventor: Nicole
Meaning: Because it sounds like my name. Confused?

Nicole: 你叫什么名喔?
Me: 耀慷。
Nicole: Har, 要汤?? HAHAhahaa. Want soup ar?

Now u noe why...

5) Pikachu (This 1 is latest 1, hotter than pizzahut's hot pouch)

Inventor: Bianca Jolene Not dis 1 lar =x

Yes, dis cute cute one haha.

Meaning: Not much meaning oso. lol. Because all my frens like to crap kaka.

Jolene: Eh u look like pikachu la. We call u pikachu la!

Me: ... (Sweating)

After that i told sohchinhui tat my fren cal me pikachu, u noe wad he reply?

Soh: It was such a disgracement to pikachu.

Lol! I guess u r rite. =xx

Wao i am proud i have so many nicknames haha. Call me wadever u like. I dun mind xD

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trips to tingyee house!

Thx tingyee for letting me go and stay at his house for 2 nights xD and let me lost my 'first time' there. =p

1st time learn how to ride LRT and monorail lar. Yes, u can call me a dumb. But now I've mastered it. Call me a PRO! From taman Melati station to Kelana Jaya really a loooong journey. But i was alone in the LRT and it was the last train of the day (11.30pm), so i dun dare to sleep, later kena rompak then kanasai. I am glad that i become so aware to the surroundings since i came to KL. hehe. A warm welcome was given to me when i reach Kelana Jaya hohoho. And FINALLY i can enjoy AIR-CON room! yay~ and the MAGNIFICENT roti tissue (almost 1/2 of my height), woohoo.

Then the next day me n junjun went for a walk in times square. LRT again zzz. But it was so crowded lar! Beh tahan. And those kids jumping and squeezing around and making noise were seriously annoying. Then we went for a window shopping session in times square, sungai wang and Low Yat. Too bad we cant found where is Pavillion. Although I've been there for 2 times, Jun Jun said he wana go there. After a tiring search, we decided to give up =_=

Then junjun go to the KMT dinner, left me alone in the times square. I've watch 2 movies, Narnia and Indiana Jones. Both movies were so nice! I expected Narnia will be very nice and Indiana Jones will be just okay. But it turned out totally out of my expectation. Narnia was quite interesting and the mouse inside is VERY CUTE! ''Yes, I am a mouse.'' LOL. Indiana Jones was superb lar! I never expect the old man can be so funny and active haha. His wife also very funny lol.

Then me and junjun meet up again at 11pm and RUSH the monorail and LRT. So scary lor. If we cant make it, then we will have to sleep under the overhead bridge @_@ Thx tingyee's mum for preparing fried rice and chicken for us hehe. Actually me and junjun want buy some donuts or bao for tingyee's family de, but we cant make it cause the shops were all close at tat time =x Next time u come to kuantan and if i am in kuantan oso, feel free to come and find me! [I will try to explain it in a 'set' way that i learned last few week] like dis:

Let T = TingYee come to Kuantan

Let Y = YewHong is in Kuantan

Understand? Haha. Ciao~

Monday, June 2, 2008

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Well.. 8 is really a big number @_@ but nvm since i've got lots of time. Feel free to tagged me anytime muahaha.

8 things I'm passionate about:
1- 命中注定我爱你 (Fated to love you), dis drama is really funny+touching+sweet lar... addicted liao haha. Youtube i am coming~
2- Music~~!! But i prefer chinese or cantonese song. Not really a fan of english song hehe. Sogou and Baidu i am coming~
3- Blogging~! Started to realise why so many people like blogging =) Its meaningful, interesting, and most important.... I'VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO!
4- Eating~! Well... food is essential for everyone de mar... Especially i taking food science wor.. u cant reli blame me for oways eating ok?
5- Lab sessions! Lab sessions in college really different from what u hv experience in ur secondary school (eg: crapping, playing with chemicals, copying report), here i can wear the cooool lab coat and conduct experiment in a SERIOUS way.
6- Singing~ Just sing along the song in my comp, not in those red box green box. U tout i so rich meh?
7- Movies!!! I saw 3 movie in 1 month las month... Pro leh. But i guess i goin to be busy when the exam coming soon.
8- No more i guess... I wonder who create this... 8 wor.. Need think very long leh uncle/aunty.

8 things I say or do too often:
1- 'So?' When someone tells me really COLD joke or something i duno...
2- 'Shhh' Really hate it when i am trying to concentrate in class then somebody make noise.
3- 'I reli beh tahan le!!' When i trying to tell my fren about my problem. =x
4- I tink i eat too often HAHAHA. Thats why i am who i am. xD
5- Talk. Seriously, i like to talk lar. Call me shut my mouth for one hour is an impossible mission for me =P
6- Drink water. The worst thing during lab session is NO DRINK IS ALLOWED. Omg 3 hours without water!!! I am going to dehydrate! X(
7- Sleep. A comfortable and relaxing sleep after a tired day, WONDERFUL!
8- Listen to music. I even turn on my computer mp3 when i sleeping until the next morning. Can u imagine?

8 things I've read recently:
1- Basic concept of Maths notes
2- General Bio notes
3- Hui Fern's blog
4- Calvin's blog
5- Ting Yee's blog
6- Yeah magazine
7- Shin Chan comic Ep47
8- Horror Ghost Stories Collection (In tingyee's house, LOL not scary at all n the drawing is so cute)

8 songs I could listen over and over again:
1- From the bottom of my broken heart (Britney Spears)
2- 遥远的他(张学友)
3- 漂浮地铁(李宇春)
4- Pop star (Ken Hirai)
5- 爱我的资格 (S.H.E)
6- Voyage (Ayumi Hamasaki)
7- 医生与我 (郑秀文)
8- 你喜欢的会有几个(周华建)

8 things I learned last year:
1- Make my own pattaya fried rice! It's not easy to make the omelet cover the rice u know. haha
2- Play MapleStory wont affect one's result so much =P
3- How to blog and what is 'tagged'
4- How to act like a housefly (scrubbing its hand and leg)
5- How to make comfortable pillow using plastic beg
6- How to ponteng without kena caught
7- How to use my computer without anything on the desktop (kena virus, all my icon and even start menu GONE)
8- How to forget something very important to myself

Sunday, June 1, 2008


一个人到外地读书,凡是都要很小心,不要随便相信人,这是我一直坚守的信念。第一次到全KL最大的pasar malam逛,没想到也没什么好逛的,东西又贵,只是打发时间而已啦。不过,却让我看到很多很可悲的事情。

3)一位身体还大只过我的年轻男子,用桶盖着头,穿着校服和短裤,手中还握着一个桶和一本chemistry书 (应该是弱智/扮弱智)



报章上刊登的诈骗手法层出不穷,甚至老人和小孩也变成了我们提防的对象。这种现象真的太可悲了,小学时学到要扶老人过马路,现在可能变成一种打抢的手法。在你扶他的时候,那出一把刀威胁你,你又能怎么样? 只好怪自己太好心了。更惨的是,你给了他钱他也不一定会放过你。真是不明白,人命怎么会变得如此脆弱。爱心社会的消失,又能怪谁呢?

今天早上我独自搭LRT,等哥哥来载我的时候,就有一个样子很恐怖的人一直瞪我和跟着我,可能是我多心,但我总觉得他好像要对我不利。好彩我快速走去人群里,才没有事。KL真是太恐怖了啦,处处都是陷阱。还是我的老家关丹好。到底要不要做好人呢? 我想还是时时小心和别多管闲事好了。在外地读书的朋友记得要小心啊。


上次和哥哥到Times Square GSC 看了一场戏,是古天乐和刘若英演的‘一个好爸爸’。这套戏里面除了一些搞笑的情节之外,还令我感受到为人父母的伟大。看了之后,会有一种想回家看看家人的感觉。。。



听了这句话,眼眶就红起来了。记得我ns的朋友讲过:‘如果想念家人,就为他们哭吧。不要等到他们不在了才为他们哭。’ 没什么比家人更重要了。