Thursday, September 10, 2009

09-09-09 : My 19th Birthday!

Yesterday was really a special day for me, once in a life time! Cause it's my 19th birthday on this special date 09-09-09, cool right? All thanks to my daddy and mommy for giving me an easy-to-remember birthday! =D I've been waiting for this day to arrive for so many years, haha!

p/s: By the way, yesterday morning I heard a bad news from Ms.Lu, my UniChem2 lecturer MsRachel was quarantined because of H1N1, such a shocking news! Hope she'll be fine! =(

Alright back to the main topic. I received many sms from my friends especially my Kuantan friends, some of them were studying for their exam the next day, but they still wait until 12am to wish me.. JyoLyn too, she never forget to wish me even though she's at oversea now. Thanks a lot~! And Berry.. Lol.. She purposely drove to Puncak Banyan to gift me a Durian Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe at around 11pm~ Really damn suprise la haha. Yummy!

This morning at class so many of my classmates wished me happy birthday~ I can't list all of them out, but thanks a alot! Really appreciate it~ =) Before this Kaizhen actually called me go GreenBox after class, but after the class end, everyone disappeared! So I called everyone but none of them listen to the phone, so bad~ Then when I saw Tiffany, she asked me whether got people celebrate with me, I also don't know how to answer @@

Then I saw YongXin and Kelly waiting for the shuttle bus at Block C, so I purposely called YongXin and asked her where she is. You know what she answer? She said she's at Block D~ Then I asked her again: 'Block D got shuttle bus sit de meh?' Then she like very nervous :' Erm we going to Leisure Mall later.' So bad laa. I told her: 'You looked behind awhile.' Then she purposely don't want look at me. Hmph... Then I found Kaizhen them, so we went to Block D to eat lunch. Luckily I met Kaizhen, if not I really thought no one gonna celebrate with me and I will go back house myself @@

After the lunch, Shawn, Joseph, Xiong, Nicole, Christine, Kaizhen and me went to GreenBox, Sg. Wang.
Joseph, Nicole, me, Shawn and Xiong, on LRT~ Although it was a happy day but also must wear mask~
After reached then I saw Kelly and YongXin inside lor, I knew it! With YH muffins! Cool~
And the coolest thing was they made the muffins themselves, so touching T.T After sang the birthday song and ate the muffins, they gave me the presents~ Waoh.. So many presents! Wallet, pencil case and a belt! Wow seriously I love the wallet, so GREEN!
And it's time to change my pencil case also hehe. And I no need to wear National Service belt to college again haha. So cool cause I get 2 birthday cards! Never imagined so many people will write the cards, thanks again!

Singing time! I was so excited because the very much anticipated voice - Mr.Shawn is going to sing! Cause he promised me wanna follow us go singk since last year but never done it. Haha. Finally he accomplished his mission! Salute to you! ^^ Nice voice by the way! My new friend Mr.Xiong also~ First time singk with him~ He sang very well too~ Very happy already can listen two new voices hehe. I am not going to praise Mr.Joseph if not he'll become too proud later haha. Oh guess what? All of us made the GreenBox member card. Why? Because got promotion, it's FREE~ Kinda lucky huh? =P
Joseph, Shawn, me and Xiong.
Me, Nicole, Christine, Xiong.
YongXin, me, Kelly.
Kelly, me, Kaizhen, Shawn.
Joseph Shawn me Xiong.

Singk session ends at 4pm~ Too short for us! But since it's cheap so I'll just bear with it la =P Then someone suggested to take 大头贴 (I don't know how to translate to English but you'll know what I am talking about after you look at the photos). At first we wanna separate into 2 group, cause 9 people really alot. But then no meaning already loh, 09-09-09 must 9 people take only nice! So.. we SQUEEEEZE to fit inside the small camera, oh yeah we did it! But my head looked so big because I sat infront of the camera =.=

I put them inside my wallet! So nice right? Hehe. Around 5pm something, good boy Shawn need go back to have dinner~ So we said goodbye to him~ Pity him cause he said he slept very late the day before yesterday, but still came celebrate with me. Thanks again! So touching~ After window shopping for awhile, we walked all the way from Sg.Wang to Pavillion! Look at the fountains! So nice... And the colours will change! Must take picture la~ Joseph Kaizhen YongXin me and Xiong.
Then we went to WongKok Restaurant for dinner, I really love the comfortable decorations and lighting there, and take a look at the mesmerizing view! Can see Twin Tower somemore~ But actually the most important reason is, they got free stuff for me the birthday boy! Gigantic milk tea for FREE~ Haha.
Compare and see how big it is~
Apple juice :3
My cheese baked rice with seafood. Nice!
Everyone busy eating =D

So full~ After that we chit chat and crap for awhile~ So relax~ Lying at the soft sofa, drinking milk tea~ What a satisfying day~! We leave at 9.30pm and we need to walk back to LRT station~ Quite a long walk @@ Reached house at around 11pm. I've been out for around 15 hours~! So tired but I wanna finish this blog first before I sleep, cause I wanna keep this precious memory without losing any piece of it =) Last but not least, thanks everyone again especially the 8 friends who spent their time to celebrate with me =P


Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Lecturers

Well.. This sem is my first short sem in UCSI. But I think it's more suitable to be known as SOT sem. == I am taking Structural Biochemistry and University Chemistry 2 this sem. Argh.. chemistry again. And I hate those structural formulas in chemistry... No choice, I have to study this two subject to proceed to 1st year 3rd sem.

Yesterday I met my UniChem 2 lecturer, Ms Rachel Tan. She's young and thin and tall. When I first looked at her, I thought she is the kind, speak-softly type... But when she started, wasai... really don't judge a book by its cover.. I guess the similarity between the two lecturers is both of them like to set lots of rules.

1) No talking. The worst thing is all the lecture classes are 3hours long. How to spend without talking? -__-

2) Punctuality. Ms Rachel said anyone late for 10minutes don't bother to come in anymore cause she'll lock the door. ==

3) No mobile phone. If she heard any ringtone she will keep the handphone. If you want it, go to find her yourself.

4) No skip class. The worst part is she will gives pop quiz anytime! I hate pop quiz! ==

You know what? Yesterday I still thinking maybe she will just do some briefing and let us go earlier since its the first lecture.. Wah... mana tau she called us memorize the 1st 30 element in the periodic table within 15minutes, then she called us go out 1 by 1! I really don't know how to memorize so I just memorize deadly only. I did it~ phew. I think she's like the female version of Mr.Jayaraj. What do you think?

Today I met my Structural Biochemistry lecturer Dr.Lee. He's over 60 I think, but don't think you can bully him because he's old... He set lots of rules and scold people too. And his lectures are 3hours long too. Argh.. I am gonna die of boredom! Basically his rules are the same with rules No.1,2,4 of Ms Rachel's. But he got 1 extra rules:

Everything must be official. If you're going to any event such as wedding, don't bother to write inofficial letter and use that reason for resit of any test/quiz. He even said if any of our relatives pass away, we need to show him the death certificate.

Really zadao.. == He don't give any lecture notes and expect we all to copy down whatever he said. He speaks so slow and soft... Like lullaby.. I need to buy some candies next time. I hope they will give easier quiz/exam, unlike Mr.Ong... ==