Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LOL tagged by huifern

What was I doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago...hmm.. oh ya. i was studying like a nerd in peichai 2A class, fighting for the 1st place with maelyn n lily... and playing pokemon red.. eating i guess. haha

5 things on my to-do list today~
1-Going to the new indian restaurant call 'The Indian Heroes' in 4pm with some frens. The name sounds lame but the food is realy cheap n quite nice... rm3 for a fried rice in kl @_@
2-Going to math class later in 5pm-6pm. The lecturer is a very young guy, he likes to joke in a serious way lol.
3-Going to listen a talk about 'sexual orientation' at 6pm. My group members for the moral assignment choose this topic and suddenly got this talk haha. I tink we are quite lucky.
4-Going to eat dinner later at night, but duno go wher eat. Maybe i'll stick to Mrs. Maggi.
5-Going to rush my math tutorial assignment!!! arghhh

5 snacks I enjoy~
1-Oreo! I prefer the chocolate one. Vannila one not so nice.
2-Roller coaster! Not those u ride in genting lar! Go find it at ur nearby 7-11.
3-Donuts! Especially J.Co donuts~
4-Dried Guava! I just love guava ^^
5-Secret Recipe's cheese cake! Too bad i cant afford to eat it every week. =x

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire~
1-Seriouly, i will help those victims in SzeChuan and Myanmar... I cant imagine what will i do if i am one of them...
2-Buy a banglo for my family and sport car for my dad! I hope i can do it soon haha.
3-Travel to many countries such as Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, New Zealand and many more!
4-Open my own restaurant or cafe WOOhoo! Sounds fun haha.
5-Eat the most expensive food in the world! rm3000 mango... hmm wonder how it taste like..

5 of my bad habits~
1-Like to gossip with joseph in the pantry in UCSI hahahaha
2-Like to sleep and eat
3-Like to turn on the music even if i am sleeping
4-Too talkative and playful even in front of serious pple=x
5-No more lar! I wher got so many bad habits o =.=

5 places I have lived n still living~
1-Mummy's tummy~
2-My grandpa house in Jalan Wong Ah Jang, Kuantan
3-My house in Lorong Seri Kuantan
4-Lake Chini Resort.. sounds nice huh? Actualy is National Service campsite... Duno how to describe... but not really comfortable =x
5-UCSI south wing hostel... Not bad lar... Used to it alredy =)

5 jobs I've had~
Oops sorry! Seriously, I never work before hahahahaha.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SHhhhhh! I am using the computer lab's computer!

Sorry for not update it for around a week haha.. because i dun hv my personal computer yet.. but most probably will get it end of this week or next week. So u will see my name on msn very often, soon... Well, the computer lab's aim is to help those student without computer (like me) to search info on the net... but i use it for friendster blogging blah blah blah.. Muahahaha

The enviroment is nice here... got saloon, cyber cafe, restaurant, oldtown kopitiam, secret recipe, and even Giant. Although its not really giant... Lately i discover a karaoke centre around here, so perhaps i wil go with my fren dis weekend muahahaa...

I met a few good friends here, but they are definately more guai zai then me =x so i can bully them oso.. muahaha... overally the life here is quite good, the pillow here is even beter than my home one... lol. And the toilet is very clean, like megamall toilet lol.

For those who are afraid of going college alone, no need worry because u will mix well with ur new fren very soon like me. muahaha.. paiseh la here dun hv chinese star, so forgive my pasar-ized english.

Ehem.. i am afraid i will be caught soon for using this computer for chatting n blogging.. so i beter zhao~