Wednesday, July 29, 2009

time to recharge

Seriously, there were so much tests, exams, and presentations this month. Java midterm, bio mid term, bio presentation, java quiz 2, calculus mid term, calculus quiz 2, java assignment & presentation, bio quiz 2, chemistry assignment. CAN YOU IMAGINE ALL THESE NEED TO BE FINISHED WITHIN 1 MONTH? This is completely crazy~~!

I have not update for a long time because almost every week you got 2 quiz/test and reports and presentation. Now is almost the end of July, so what left are Java assignment and presentation (tomorrow), calculus quiz 2 and chemistry assignment (friday). Then I will have 1 week to rest! Erm.. not exactly rest, because next week is actually STUDY WEEK. For the coming final exam at August. = =

Anyway, I'll summarize what i did lately.

Biology Model Presentation
Well.. my group members are Christine Nicole KaiZhen Joseph SeeYee MeiKie MayMay. The model we built is Blood Component. Let the photos talk~
Building model using newspaper and tissue~

Meikie Nicole me and Christine

Some funny thing haha.

1st slide~

During the presentation, me Joseph Christine Kz and Seeyee presenting. Then the question Mr.Vee asked is so damn difficult and 'liu lang' (Cantonese) == but I think I've tried my best anyway. I think I am so nervous but Kevin said I 'looked' calm. But I felt quite happy because I can speak louder now compare to 1st semester moral presentation. Well.. Practice makes perfect, so I hope in the future 2 years+, I can improve my presentation skills slowly before my final year project presentation =D

Christine presenting..

It's me~

It's me again.. since this is my blog. Haha~

Omg.. I don't know I looked so fierce and lansi when I don't smile @@ I was squezzing my brain juice to think how to answer the hard question la... thats why~ Hopefully no mark was deducted because of my pek chek face @@

Discussing time.. Sot de la.. ask 5 question at 1 shot.. how am I supposed to remember what you asked? -___- luckily my memory on that day not bad...

After the presentation, me Kz Christine and Nicole went to Old Town and met Xiong them. Xiong is one of my new friends in this semester, wonder why there are so few boys in Food Science class @@ But also got good point la, cause I can practice my leadership skills, since most girls are afraid to be the representative in a group. I believe it can be very useful in my future career. Hmm~
Me and my new friends - Kevin (kena blocked by me XD), Xiong and Mr.See~
The girls - Valerie, SinYee, Janice, Eva, Kz, Christine and Nicole.

By the way, today I am so happy~! Because I did well in both of my java midterm and quiz 2~ Haha. I don't want to post the marks here, cause someone will say me lansi if i do so (u know who...) But I am very confuse with Java last chapter- Array @@ Hopefully I'll understand it more after I read about it.

After class, I went to discuss Java assignment with Nicole and Christine at a Nyonya Kopitiam near Nicole's aunty house. I ordered ABC and curry mee~ Yummy~ Sorry no pictures haha.

p/s: To everyone, what's in your hometown curry mee? I realise that KL's curry mee don't have yong tao fu, they usually put charsiew and chicken with the noodles, and they eat yong tao fu with rice @@ Cause in Kuantan all curry mee/ soup mee/ 'gonlou' mee all is eat with yong tao fu 1... and we eat char siew with rice... Lols, really weird. Haha~

Now, it's time to recharge! Final exam, I am coming! Be prepared!~

Monday, July 20, 2009

What A Day!

Woah~ Long time no update~ Not I want de la, really a lot things to do. And final exam coming soon! @$#!%&#!~

Yesterday afternoon, when I was watching PPS, suddenly my computer auto restart, then when I open again, it require me to input a password?! But I never set any password?! So damn weird.. So I borrowed christine laptop to search for the solution... Finally~ I type administrator as the user name and it works! This is because every computer actually have a hidden administrator account, and you can login to it as long as you never set the admin password. Then I went to discuss the biology presentation thing with Christine lor.. Then suddenly my house jump electric, then when i trying to open my computer again, it requires password again!? But I never set also @@ and it said admin also need password this time. Wtf~!!

Then I dont know how to fix so I just go to bed at 11.30pm. I can't sleep! Until 2am then I start to got the 'sleeping feel'~ Just when I about the sleep, suddenly jump electric again, then after 15minutes ok already. So i try to sleep again... Then around 3am jump electric again! Dengggggggg~~ This time worse, until 4am only got electric.. I was like sleeping in a sauna room. So damn hot! So I end up lying on the bed for almost 5hours without a 'constant and continuous' sleep T^T

And today earliest class is 10am calculus class. That means I only can sleep till 9am. So I brought my heavy and reddish eye to class. Then I seriously don't have much mood and energy to talk during the class. Then Ho See Yee asked me 'What happened to your computer?' only I talk, then I only talk once lor, the Mr.Ong... he said:'Why you like to charm all the girls with your fancy stories?' Zzzzzzz I also lazy choi him la. Other people blah blah blah so long he didn't say them. I only talk once KENA. What the duck @#%*&$!

Then later he suddenly called my name. 'Choong Yew Hong can you do this question?' Since the 1st class till now he also never call my name before = = Wonder why he will suddenly call me. Luckily I got listen lecture this time (which is very rare to happen) and know how to do the question. Then when he wanna ask us whether want to teach something anot, then I shake head lor. Then he said :'Ouwh, Yew Hong said no need so that means no need right? Since he shakes his head.' What the~ Dont know when terpijak his tail = =

Ok basically this post is to talk about the calculus class. And FYI, if my computer cannot use, I won't be blogging right? Haha. Thanks fooktao for dunno-use-what-method-ly fix my computer ^^ And thanks Cathryn aka Shiao Ni for her yee mee, that's my dinner today~ Ciao~

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sorry 好久没 update 了~

做完了Bio model assignment,考完了Calculus MidTerm,现在又到下星期一的Chemistry MidTerm~ Kanasai~ 算了,明天才开始读吧~

耶~ 周末来了~ 周末做什么?
爽到~~~ XD

刚刚我看‘我猜我猜我猜猜猜’,笑到晕啦~ 废话不多说,现看我所谓的[笑点]! 必看! 有4 Parts.

经典啊~~~ 谢谢这位慧慈让我的周末好好笑~ Sen Q veri machi~

对于这位慧慈,你又有什么看法呢? 你会觉得她很不要脸? 为了钱当别人笑柄?




yes ok~~ 最后让大家笑一下~ 看到4分钟那里就可以了~ 其实这集overall都很好笑 XD

Monday, July 6, 2009

Free Ice Cream~~~

Today we went to Block D eat again~ Then we saw King's Ice Cream come do promotion mah~ Got free icecream to eat~ At first I ate 1 before I ate my mixed rice~ Then after eat mixed rice ate 1 more... Then when doing chemistry tutorial homework I ate another 1.. Then when Xiong Kevin them come le.. I ate 1 more. Wasai~ Now see ice cream 1 vomit le~ I ate 4 cup of these~ got peektures~

Contributed by: Me(4),Christine(3), Nicole(3), Xiong(3) [but after that he ate 1 more lol], Kevin(2), Mr.See(1), Leslie(1), Jesse(1), MayMay(1) and 3 more from Kelly's table.

See Kelly de table.. eat so many cups still 1 tap until so high~ tak tau malu~ Haha.. Eh. Like indirectly saying myself also XD

Many people keep looking at us lor~ Quite malu~ But actually we're helping the promoter~ Cause he said must clear all. Actually their time is 12-1pm. But until 2pm only they can finish giving all the icecream. So I eat so much actually is to help them de~ See I so kind~



個 人 題 - 10 題。。。。
01 你叫什么:钟耀慷
02 你的綽號:Pikachu, Pika, Chao Pika, Want Soup, 中药行, Tebak, Bakuteh.. = =
03 你的血型:不懂~
04 你的星座:处女座
05 你是男還是女:Watashiwa NAN desuka!
06 你幾歲:18+
07 你住哪裡:关丹
08 你現在的學校 :UCSI
09 你有沒有手機 :没有就惨罗
10 承上,那是多少:数量? 一个罗

朋 友 題 - 10 題。。。。
11 你最要好的朋友(限1個):很难选~
12 你最討厭的人(限1個): 不爽就有啦,讨厌倒是还好~

情 題 - 10 題。。。。
21 你有沒有喜歡的人:暂时没有让我陷入很深的人~ 随便kap kap罢了
23 如果没有,你希望什麼時候有另一半: 随缘吧,现况也不错啦
24 到目前為止,你跟多少人告白過:今天天气不错~
25 到目前為止,你被多少人告白過:昨天天气也很好hor?
26 到目前為止,你交過多少個男/女朋友: 希望明天也有好天气!
27 你現在有另一半嗎: 黄金单身汉 哈哈
28 你最好的同性朋友跟你告白你會怎樣: 我有酱大魅力咩?哈哈
29 你初戀情人突然跟你告白你會接受嗎 : 什么意思? 吃回头草?
30 你為什麼會喜歡你現在喜歡的人:喜欢是没有理由的~
31 你和另一半牽手過嗎:谁是林依板? (装傻中)
32 你的另一半抱或親過嗎: 谁是林依板? (装傻中)
33 你跟異性牽手過嗎: 幼稚园有罗 哈哈
34 是誰,你們什麼關係: 差人查排咩~
35 現在有人在追你嗎: 不懂也~有要讲喔 哈哈

混 合 題 - 10 題。。。。
36 如果有天,好朋友離你而去,你會怎樣:看是什么原因吧~ 可是应该不会好过~
37 如果有天,好朋友背叛你,你會: 打他一wok~
38 如果有天,好朋友對你喜新厭舊了,你會 : 习惯就好啦~ 世界那么大~ 人都会喜新厌旧的啦~
39 如果你很受不了你的父母,你會離家出走嗎: 不会啦~傻咩~走了我要住哪里喔~
40 你上課認真嗎 :不错啦~只是偶尔讲下话,画下图画罗~
41 你功課好不好:还要更加努力~
42 你开电腦都在幹麻:听歌,msn,youtube,pps 等等~
43 你的即时通有多少个同性: 你酱得空算咩 ==
44 你的即時通裡有多少個異性: 你酱得空算咩 ==
45 傳給你這份問卷的人是誰:芝麻妹 & Kelly
46 这個人對你好不好:很不错~ 芝麻妹有载我出去玩~ Kelly有褒过洋参须水给我喝~
47 這個人是你的誰:同学+朋友
48 你有喜歡過這個人嗎:很高难度。。。
49 你們認識多久了:一年多~
50 這個人是怎樣的人:好人罗
51 這個人正/帥嗎:emmm。。。很。。正。。一下。。。啦。。
52 這個人跟你有沒有在一起过:在班的时候罗
53 萬一你喜歡這個人,你會怎麼办:去精神医院check下 哈哈

聯 想 題 - 10 題。。。。
56 說到正妹你會想到誰:梁文音,梁文音,还有梁文音
57 說到帥哥你會想到誰:我自己,还有和我很像的人(路人:不知廉耻!)
58 說到憨你會想到誰:熊
59 說到痴你會想到誰:自己~我傻的mah
60 說到暗戀你會想到誰:一个时常暗恋人家的人(不能讲~)
61 說到出去玩你會想到誰:我很随便的~只要相处得来就可以出去玩了~
62 說到聰明鬼你會想到誰:Ho See Yee aka 荷仙姑~
63 說到傻子你會想到誰: Nicole 哈哈
64 說到笑點低你會想到誰:芝麻妹
65 說到愛笑你會想到誰 : Nicole & Kelly

學 校 題 - 11 題。。。。
66 你的班導是誰:勉强来说是Mandeep
67 你的座位是第幾排第幾個:随便的wor
68 你最喜歡的老師是誰:小学的梁老师,中学的Pn.Angie & Cikgu Normaziah,UCSI的Ms Lai
69 你的班級在幾樓: 四楼~
70 你的英文好嗎:还不错~
71 你的體育好嗎:还好~
72 你的数学好么:还好~
73 你喜不喜歡你的校長: 我识拒老鼠~
74 你的學校好看嗎 : 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全
75 你的班級是: 还小咩~大学了OK?

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday I went to KLCC (so damn far) to meet TingYee, Gabriel, ShinnYonn, JunJun, SinMun and SookMun for ... i also don't know for what actually. Maybe because SinMun forced me to go and celebrate her birthday again.

I went out from house at 10.45am, going to the taxi station which I hate the most. Luckily, on the way (beside Giant) I saw a taxi dropping a passenger so I fast fast go take the taxi to LRT station. Then after reach LRT station, the train came after I bought the ticket, so lucky~ Then after change LRT at Masjid Jamek, I reached KLCC at 11.30am. Much faster than I expected, I thought it will take at least an hour. I brought my mask along cause H1N1 is getting more serious, but really no one wear in LRT. If I wear then everyone will think I got infected = =

At the time I reached, only SinMun and SookMun there. They came from Starbuck, very near. Oh I mean Setapak. Then I went to eat cheesy wedges~! Queue damn long just for that cheesy wedges! So nice xD When Gab Jun SY and Ting reached we went to buy movie ticket. At first SinMun said wanna watch The Last House On The Left, but then I remembered Mr.Ong said its violent and he love it, I told them not to watch. (Mr.Ong is weird so I assume his taste is weird also~) So at last we watch Ice Age 3~ Not too bad, quite relax and funny. Especially the squirrel (is it squirrel?), Sid the sloth, and the new wiesel character Buck. Then we went to Mdm.Kwan's for lunner(lunch+dinner). I ordered something called Nasi Bojari. Take note that you must use fork and spoon because it mentioned 'bo jari'(no finger) lol. Just crapping. Its a tri-colour rice (red yellow white) with assam prawn (2 pcs only! grr), beef rendang (abit only ==) and fried chicken(ok, this is big). Quite nice and filling. Long time no eat so big and juicy de fried chicken liao haha. I searched the picture and there you go. After that, we chat for awhile before we went back. Then I take LRT back to Bandar Tasik Selatan. Quite blur when taking the LRT from Masjid Jamek to B.T.Selatan. Cause got 2 train, need to take the Sri Petaling 1. Thanks Shawn for helping me anyway (I called him for help lol). Then I reached Puncak Banyan safely. =D

Today... basically I did nothing. Just woke up and surf the net~ Then fry bihun for lunch... Then msn surf net youtube msn surf net youtube. When reach nite I cooked hamdan peidan gaidan gaiyok lobak zok. Which means salty egg, skin egg, egg, chicken, carrot porridge in direct translation. Haha.

Then I play video call with my parents~ Very geng lor my dad, when my mum asked me i cook what porridge, before I told them, my dad said 'er, hamdan peidan gaidan zok izzit?' Wa~ I was damn amazed by him haha. Father-son telepati? XD Everytime I wanna take a screenshot but always forget. This time I remember~
Then my mum said she wanna go eat durian dy, she said house got many durian eat. Make me so envy T^T Last time went back eat until not too shiok. Should've eat more!

Mana tau.. Kz mum called her brought durian and rambutan back, then we got durian eat. Lol. Such a coincidence~ Thanks anyway ^^

Thursday, July 2, 2009





就像chemistry里的atom bonding
别人有了stable的octet configuration



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rest In Peace Ah Shu...

Although I am deeply saddened, I wanna post this post, because Ah Shu was very important to me... i wanna record down everything in my life, and the memory between me and Ah Shu... Ah Shu passed away last Thursday... I know it's late now, sorry...
I'll shall continue...

Actually at the same day Ah Wah also passed away.. but I don't care much la~ Cause I memang don't like Ah Wah from the beginning one... So... Just let it be la. Ah Wah~ You take care down there la~ Be a better person next time bah!

Poor Ah Shu... Sad sad.

Neh... You see that Ah Wah lar. Die until so not elegant geh~ Leg open so big~ Aiyoyo~ Learn abit from Ah Shu la~

I chose to 'tong' Ah Shu because Ms Lai said Ah Wah 'sap lap lap' (wet wet) geh~ And I have froggyphobia last time~ (Now I think I not so scare frog liao, cause I go and touched Ah Wah pumping heart @@) Other group got people don't dare cut Ah Shu lor, but don't know why my group member (Me, Kaizhen, May and Joseph) all so desperate 1 tong Ah Shu~ That's why need take turn~

Firstly Kz and Jo pinned the 4 leg of Ah Shu~ So cruel ar u two!

Then MeeMay and I cut the fur and skin and pinned it to aside.. Then can see Ah Shu's membrane~

After that.. Kz cut the membrane of Ah Shu so we can see Ah Shu's organ~ And what Ah Shu ate before he passed away~ sobsob.

Finally I know why in HK drama, the assistant need help the doctor to wipe sweat~ Don't know why I sweat although the room is cold. @@ Then we take turns to cut Ah Shu~ At 1st I really shivering like hell, but after awhile we all became so excited and what also dare to cut already~ The only thing we all very scare is the caecum. Where Ah Shu store its poo poo. Ms Lai said if anyone ter-poke the caecum, the lab will become so smelly that everyone will kill you. Lol.

Can you see from my eyes HOW SAD AM I?! HaizzzzAh Shu's body~ He die very peacefully.. Everyone no need be too sad~ T^TI am crying over Ah Shu's liver! Ahh~~ Poor Ah Shu~

After playing studying finish all Ah Shu's body organ, we started to do something insane... For example, I pulled Ah Shu's testis out from his scrotum. Hehehe....

Wa~ See Ah Shu so got MAN power~nice testes you got there! Haha

Then I cut the intestine and try to squeeze see got anything out.. Wasai~ Got 'sai' inside~ yellowish green one~ Yiks~ Then we cut the liver into pieces to take photo~ And when the photo not bloody enough, we use Ah Shu bloody organ to make our hand bloody~ Wahaha.. eh, I am not supposed to laugh!! Poor Ah Shu~~~~

We also found Ah Bit geh body there~ So cute leh~ How can they dare to tong a so cute geh rabbit~?! If me I sure tak sampai hati~

Sometimes thing tends to become complicated if you're too popular~~~ Hais~

Don't fight liao~ Take together la~ Haha~ Kelly Ying and Me.

Kz, Ms Lai, Me and Shao Ni. Lol I looked stupid in this pic~ but got Ms Lai in it, so must post XDThe Heroes.

Ms Lai and us~ Left to right: YongXin, Kelly, Joseph, MsLai, Me, Ying, ShaoNi, Adeleen~

Yer~~~ i bushuang liao~ All say act yeng anc cool style.. Then when take photo that time only I do that pose ==

Wa~ See Ms Lai so yeng~~~

Don't know why... Since I tong Ah Shu last thursday, I feel so excited when my hand is soaked with fresh blood... Wahahahaha...

Next target... How will her blood taste like? Better becareful.. Waahehehee

Will you be the next?