Friday, November 28, 2008

Animals are cute.

After a tongue war with my friends about whether to watch Quarantine and Madagascar 2, finally we decided to watch the cute animals, not the horrible-terrible-vegetable-zombie/undead/wadeva u call it. On wednesday, Shawn, Berry, Kaizhen, Christine, Nicole and I went to Midvalley to watch this movie.

If you watched episode 1 before, maybe some of you will said that it's BORING and seriously not that funny... Well, at least I am one of those people.

WARNING: I will talk abit about the story so if you don't want to know the story before you watch it, simply click the small 'x' top right of your screen. (Simply because me myself don't like to know the story and ending before I watch a movie too)

This is one of the funniest animation I've ever seen, as funny as Open Season. Seriously if you're emo-ing, sad-ing, crestfallen-ing, a great movie like this can simply brighten your day~! Compare to episode 1, this episode is a lot more funnier. The opening is so stupidly and creatively funny, when the 4 penguins beat up the DreamWork's boy. HAHA.

Something I notice in the movie, FAT=BEAUTY in the world of Hippo. When Gloria asked Moto Moto why he loves her, his answers were 'You're big~' 'You're huge~' LOL. For those who are desperate to slim down like me, don't worry cause you're still an eyecandy ---- for hippos.

The little animals (not the four main character) are cuter and funnier especially the 4 penguins, King Julian and Mort. Mort have a freaking cute look but he's a weirdo. Still remember when he was running away from the shark, he said 'Ahahaha! Why am I laughing? Haha' King Julian's voice is very funny and his whistling skill... Haha. The 4 penguins are the cutest animals! They are very cooperative and clever too. 'How do we fix the aeroplane?' 'Use lots of tape.' HAHA. They're really... bad until very cute =D
This is definately a must-watch movie! Go to your nearest cinema now~!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Everyone, Physics midterm's marks is out! Can't imagine how she mark so fast lol. But my result still ok haha, 13/20. I expected 10/20 or less. Cheh waste my mood for being emo for that whole day. Check your marks classmates. ^^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Malaysian Studies Presentation

Today is my group, F.I.S (Foundation in Science) 's turn to present. Hmm we prepared this sketch since last week, kinda well prepared haha. I am glad that everything turned out well. This is the my most successful presentation since I came to UCSI. But still, a lot more to learn ~

Actually I was very nervous today even though I am just the narrator, because I am the one writing the script and lead everyone in the rehearsals... Luckily, the sketch was funny and most of the audience laughed. Hehe. Here's the video, enjoy! Please give me some comments about it. Thanks Berry for recording!

Turn your speaker louder if you can't hear, sorry for the poor quality xP

The character list (Arranged according to the scene):

Narrator: Choong Yew Hong & Kelly Chan

Japanese: Shawn Tan, Caglvine Koh & KaiZhen

Communist: James Wong, TzeYing & Adelene

Malay Women: YongXin & MeeMay

Sir Henry Gurney: YongXin

Bodyguard: MeeMay

British Guard: Caglvine Koh

Citizens: Kaizhen, Shawn Tan & MeeMay

Helicopter: YongXin

Yay~! Some of my friends told me very sayang I didn't act. Hmm since I am in such high demand.. next time i maybe will act. HAHA (perasannya)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

People do change

When you thought that dramatic situations in Moonlight Resonance can only appear in drama, YOU ARE WRONG! In this sem, there's a lecturer which reminds me of Sa Yi, and a lecturer which reminds me of Hong Yi.

Sa Yi

Hong Yi

From the beginning, frankly speaking, I don't like Sa Yi at all at the beginning. Especially all her class are morning class, duhs. Like the drama, Sa Yi used to shout at everyone and cause troubles. I still remembered.. that day, everyone looked moody and tired (because of morning class i guess), then she suddenly scold everyone and dismiss the class. What the.. Another time, she refused to talk and can you imagine how she teached? She used a stick to tuk tuk tuk the slide.

But lately, I can see that she changed a lot. Like the drama, she became more humourous and did not scold people without reason anymore. At least I listened to part of her lecture this morning. And I understand about it. Because of this, I need to write a blog about her. I hope she can continue like this till the end of the semester.
Let's talk about HongYi now. Firstly I tried to listen to her lecture, but seriously it's too freaking boring. The only lecture that's more boring then her's is the driving theory class. You can ask all my coursemate, I bet everyone of them will agree, and even will give me a round of applause, duhx. What she did is just talk talk talk explain explain explain teach teach teach. She did not care whether we understand anot. She teaches at the speed of light.
Lately, she's becoming more and more fierce like HongYi. She threw tantrums to us. For example, last week she threw the whiteboard brush to the whiteboard because she realize no one was actually paying attention and said what we did in the previous test is RUBBISH! Then like HongYi in the drama, she's too strict! She gave us 3 assignment question to be done in approximately 20minutes. You know la, her questions was like so damn hard. Almost the whole class cannot finish in time, so when she said pass up, just a few of us actually passed up the paper. Then she shouted at us, 'Okay, if you all don't pass up now, then you will not get any marks.' something like that. Phew, I just hope she can make the exam question easier... Sorry to say that but... seriously I don't want to see her again in the next sem!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Art of Talking (2)

Just a short post. =x

I was chatting with Lo Zai just now. Yesterday i told him I dreamt about him kena shoot by terrorist, then today he told me he dreamt about me too.

This is what the dream about:
He told me Tuesday is Secret Recipe 11th Anniversary, buy 1 free 1. (omg terpengaruh oleh Lo Lou, in dream also want LO.) Then i replied:'So what...' lol really like me in real life leh. Haha.

But this is not the main point... the main point is.. after that, he said:'YOU LOOKED FATTER IN MY DREAM..'

Now let us discuss about what's wrong with this sentence. Let's say somebody tell you this sentence, of course you will feel annoyed right? Me too! =x

But then, if Lo Zai said:'Eh, YOU LOOKED THINNER IN REAL LIFE!' then it's a completely different case. I will be overjoyed! =D

Get the concept of Art of Talking? Think again before you talk to please someone rather than infuriate him/her. Haha.

Class dismiss~

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Menu of the day

Well, today I cooked again due to extreme lazyness to walk out from my condo. Shall I introduce the ingredients? HAHA *act like a pro chef lol*

I am not going to teach you guys how to cook JiBaoKai (Paper Wrapped Chicken) like Mrs.Mak lol.

Menu of the day:
Braised Vermicilli Chicken Wings & Ice Lemon Tea

Thick vermicilli (something like the laksa noodle), chicken wings, black pepper sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce pekat, salt, sugar, white pepper.

Instant 3 in 1 lemon tea, ice cubes, water. HAHA.

Procedure: (aftermath of doing too much reports X_X)
1) Boil the vermicilli in water until it becomes soft. Put the chicken wings into the boiling water for awhile so that the bloody smell can be removed.

2) Marinate the chicken wings with all the flavouring ingredients.

3) Heat some oil in a pan. Put in the chicken wings and fry for awhile.

4) Put all the marinate sauce and vermicilli into the pan.

5) Add around half cup of water and braised it for about 10minutes, until the water dry up and the vermicilli turn to brown colour.

6) Pour it into a bowl. Done! =D

7) Oops.. for the ice lemon tea. Just pour the instant lemon tea pack into a cup. Add some water and ice cubes. Stir and enjoy!

*Step 7 is definitely a sarcastic one for those who cannot even make ice lemon tea*

Here's what it should looks like. And seriously it taste good. That's why i am sharing the recipe here. Haha.

Some of you must be thinking, 'OH i wish i am living with yewhong!' HAHA *perasannya~*

I must use this malay phrase to describe this dish: 'Ini bukan main-main ni!' HAHA

Cheap and Shameless

I was surfing in Innit Nuffnang just now. And I was attracted by a post titled 'The Most Sickening Blog I've Ever Read!' Well thanks to BL (thread starter) I managed to view this SHAMELESS AND PERVERTED GUY's blog. You can click the link because there's nothing 18sx in the blog, it's just that... He's so cheap. Becareful when hanging out with friends especially you guys in Kelantan. He's such a pervert. Taking the other's picture without their notice and post it on blog.

Last but not least, congratulation to myself reaching 1ooth post! I know I shouldn't post this on my 100th post, but, I BEH TAHAN this pervert. Do you guys think he can be jailed or what?

Hey, the link is not functioning anymore due to this reason. This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service. Hmm.. I guess it's a good thing, but at the same time I feel quite disappointing as you guys cannot see how cheap is him already. =x

Friday, November 7, 2008

About Cooking and OO7

Yesterday, Shawn and Berry went to my house to study play i guess... And we cooked a damn nice dinner. Shall we let the pictures talk? =D

Seriously, the curry chicken taste as good as it looks like. We even remove the fats and the skins, because that's what a healthy nutritionist will do xD
The cheap fried tauges.. This whole plate of taugeh only cost us RM1.70. And this was fried by KaiZhen~The fishball and mushroom soup. The mushrooms sink to the bottom already. And this time we didn't use any tomyam cube, ayam cube, wadevaaa cube, WE USE IKAN BILIS to flavour the soup! Haha :D

What I want to tell you guys who wanna try out cooking at home are:
1) It's really a good way to save money
2) Make sure you have enough time, like around 1 and a half hours
3) Make sure you got the patience to clean the kitchen after the cooking session
4) Gosh. It's really tiring. I slept everytime after I cooked =x

I should introduce Berry and Shawn btw...

Shawn the terrorist aka LoZai.

Berry the PatLiongKam's wife aka Lo Po.

Well, that's all about yesterday. Let's talk about today.

I went to Midvalley with Shawn Berry KaiZhen just now, to watch OO7. Before I watch the movie, I thought the movie will be a boring and commercial film. Wah.. after I watched the movie, now I know IT'S REALLY BORING. I yawned several times in the cinema and I even listen to my mp3 for awhile due to extreme boredom. Perhaps I didn't watch the previous episode, that's why.

By the way, Munnie and Joanne, the 'hamsup' scene you two desperate for... for me, it's abit disappointing lol. He only hamsup with a kelefeh girl, not the main actress leh. Then i guess you two won't go and watch the movie already? =D

Before the movie, we actually went to play bowling. Since it's still early, we play the 'early bird promotion' 3 games for 10 bucks. Today's bowling was so fun. You know why?

See my marks!~ (Btw I am Lo Lou. Erm, I am not really Lo Lou actually, only in this game I am Lo Lou) 99! Dang... 1 mark to 100. sobs. Btw i am still happy cause it's my 1st time to get to 99. And this is my 99th post =D2nd round wasn't that good, 99 drop to 66. But Shawn did well, 97. Lol. Don't miss out Berry the Lo Po's marks. 12! JOANNE remember last time you get 21? She just broke your record! =D Third round. Everyone scored low marks due to fatigue. Haha. But Berry the Lo Po improved a lot after Kaizhen the Lo Nui give some tips to her.

After that, I went back to Bandar Tasik Selatan and the others went back to their home. And guess what I saw in Midvalley Station?

Rakyat Malaysia sedang beratur! Saw that big-size guy in blue unifrom? He told us how to queue according to the stickers. Although firstly everyone queue, but as expected, when the KTM reached, some of them still rush to the front. Let's see when the stickers will be remove. Lol. I know what I said is discouraging, but KL people are so you-know-lah.

Phew, what a long post. I gotta get some drinks. Byeeeeee

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joseph said something funny but true thing today.

A dog no matter it is male or female, it gives you a man feeling.

A cat no matter it is male or female, it gives you a woman feeling.

A rabbit no matter how it is, it gives you a children feeling.

An iguana no matter how it looks like, it gives you a devil feeling.

A turtle... Joseph said it gives people a 'fly' feeling, I seriously don't know why. For me, a turtle looks like a old maid/driver. o.O

New Formula: Dog+Cat --> Rabbit

What do you think? It's crap obviously, but it did make sense right?

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Coffin

I went Midvalley to watch a horror movie 'The Coffin' the day before yesterday. I am not really having an affinity to horror movies, especially in the cinema. What I previously thought was, WHY PAY MONEY TO SCARE YOURSELF?! Somemore not worth cause you gonna close your eyes most of the time. Lol. But because everyone wants to watch it, I don't have much choices.

Although some of my friends said it's not that nice, but somehow... I like it. Trust me, it's not as scary as it looks like. But there's a lot of messages in this movie. At first it was scary, yeah i admit i'm timid =x Wadevaaaa~
But it's actually quite sad too. This movie shows how human want to change their lifes, but end up in vain, and you lost more. Life is a FIXED variable. I can't believed it, this horror movie actually makes me emo for awhile. Lol.

p/s: wow i post twice in a day. =D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Smoking For?

Look here and here. Kuantan citizens are really nice and concern to the environment. HAHA. Well, TingYee just told me to post an antismoking post, not sure about the reason, but, i think it's a good thing to do.

Ok, let's start. Seriously, I don't know why people smoke. For the smell? For the price? For health? For fun? I guess people smoke because they WANT TO TRY and because THEIR FRIENDS SMOKE TOO. And because of curiousity, they need to sacrifice a lot of valuable things in their life.

They lost some of their good friends, who wanna stick to a smoker? They waste tons of money, cigarettes aren't cheap. They lost their healthy body, this is what you get after you smoke for a long time.

Left: Healthy Lung Right: Smoker's lung

Scary huh? I know what you smokers want to say. It's not easy to stop it. EXCUSES! For the sake of your beloved family and friends, STOP smoking. For teens who wanna try smoking,PLEASE THINK USING YOUR BRAIN. Smoking aren't as cool as you thought, and no girls want you if you're a smoker.

Personally, I am not a smoker and I believe I won't smoke in the future. Frankly speaking, I dislike smokers especially when they are smoking infront of me. However, I don't hate smokers because I believe they CAN CHANGE. And I believe you can, too. =D

SPREAD THE ANTI-SMOKING POST CAMPAIGN~ Bloggers reading this post, you can post something about anti smoking too! Remember, with a short post you might help many teens and smokers!

Off topic:
If you really can't resist the smoky feeling like I do...

Start a fire/poison mage in MapleSEA and get youself POISON MIST! HAHAHAHAHA.