Wednesday, February 24, 2010

zombies eating duck

Finally I finished my Microbiology Quiz (yesterday) and Business Statistic MidTerm Exam (today)! Hahaha.. I've become a zombie now seriously... ==

The day before yesterday, I studied microbiology until 4am something only sleep.. then woke up at 8am... Thanks god, the quiz was rather easy... I think I did okay.. haha... Then after go home and sleep, need to study for Business Stat again =.= This 1 worse, because I kept procrastinating until 10pm only I start.. So I end up whole night didn't sleep @@ The exam was quite hard, but I think should be okay... =x During the exam, I too sleepy already, there were a few questions that I did in sleepy condition. Lucky my concentration come back at the last 45 minutes, so I checked again. Yea, really alot of mistakes haha, lucky I managed to correct it. =P

After the exam, I wanna sleep so much, but still need to discuss Business Statistic Assignment, next wednesday need to pass up already.. Then next monday got MetaChemistry quiz, tuesday got FoodQualityManagement quiz again.... Oh my god~

Okay, talk about today's lunch.. Zack and Joseph fetch us (me, Kevin, Shawn, Enoch, Janice, Eva, WeiQiang and Yenchew) to 新明记SunMing Restaurant to eat DUCK RICE~! Waa... very very nice... We ordered the roast duck and charsiew!
Ok, a picture says a thousand words, I googled some pictures for you guys... have a look...
The restaurant... located beside Domino's pizza opposite UCSI~

The roask duck! The duck skin is quite crispy and very flavourful~! Mostly the duck we eat outside is very rough and dry.. But this 1 very juicy and tender! It taste so nice with the gravy! I really couldn't complain about anything haha.. Just abit too oily maybe. Overall it's very nice, best roast duck I've ate before! *Thumbs up*Waa... I am drooling now while blogging.. Haha.. The charsiew really very nice.. I think maybe even better then the duck... The meat is not too fat not too dry, very juicy! The outer membrane (result of study too much microbiology ==) layer is well roasted, sometimes the charsiew we ate at other place too hangus already, but this is just right. ARGH~ Really very delicious leh!!!!!

Ok, I am so hungry now cause I didnt eat anything for dinner~ == By the way, my family is coming to KL this weekend for my brother's convo~ yay... I am SOOOOO gonna bring them to eat this cause I wanna eat again let them try~ XD

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cammie said...

i wan i wan....
really look delicious leh!!!